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XK Innovations is the deluxe department of WLToys brand. Certainly one of the best XK quadcopter is the X380 with GPS positioning system. This model was my first "professional" drone.

XK quadcopters and drones

Like many other quadcopter brands, XK Innovations continuously working to came up with new and more interesting remote controlled drones.

XK X252 brushless quad with 5.8 FPV

XK X252 quadcopter
XK X252 cheap brushless quadcopter with 7CH transmitter It seems that the Chines quadcopter manufacturers were put to work after their longest holiday. They announce almost every week some new models. Together with the XK X252 where also announced two cheaper brushless models, the XK X251 and X251-A. This XK X252 quadcopter comes with brushless motors and complete 5.8GHz first person view system. The...

XK X300 quadcopter with attractive design

XK X300F and XK X300W drones
XK X300F and XK X300W - two new quadcopters from XK Innovations Following the success of the XK X380 and XK X252, XK Innovations announces two new drones. The XK X300F comes with 5.8G FPV and the XK X300W with Wi-Fi FPV. As you can see on the image above, the design of the XK X300 is very similar with its...