FPV Quadcopters

For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV quadcopters.In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV Quadcopters and drones

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (TX).

Eachine E013 review: More bang for your bucks

Eachine E013 quadcopter review
Maybe the Eachine E013 doesn't features versatile flight controller as the TW, but with the included FPV monitor the fun is guaranteed. At a glance, biggest improvement of the E013 compared to its predecessors is the 5.8G FPV camera.While WiFi FPV is used on most of the toy grade drones, 5.8G FPV is highly adopted by professional racing quadcopters. 5.8G...

Holybro Kopis 1 FPV quad: Durable 5 mm carbon fiber frame

Holybro Kopis 1 FPV drone
Kopis 1 is a high-performance and ultra-durable FPV racing quadcopter from Holybro. Its low-profile design allows centralized weight which means excellent stability. Holybro Kopis 1 features "Stretched-X" motor layout, highly adopted by professional racing drones. This approach eliminates the influence ("dirty air") of the rear propellers over the front blades.Build around the Holybro Kakute F4 all-in-on flight controller, the Kopis...

GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90: Durable FPV drone for beginners

GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90 FPV quadcopter
Advertised for about 150 bucks, the GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90 is certainly not the cheapest mini brushless drone - especially that it comes in PNP package. But lets see what you get for your money.When it comes to racing quadcopters, crashes are inevitable. In order to reduce the possible damages, the frame is made from carbon fiber and the electronic parts...

Eachine E013 combo: First step in the world of FPV

Eachine E013 mini FPV drone
Surely, for only $66, there is no other FPV combo like this Eachine E013. The manufacturer prepared an offer hard to refus. The package contains a nice ducted mini drone with VTX camera, transmitter and 3" FPV goggles. Yes, all you need for your first FPV flight experience.Eachine continuously improved the E01x family. E010 Mini was the first model of the...

BoldClash Bwhoop B05: 32g brushless FPV quad

BoldClash Bwhoop B05 drone
Featuring skinny carbon fiber frame, the BoldClash Bwhoop B05 is one of the lightest brushless FPV quadcopter. It weights only 32g including propeller protector, flight battery and FPV camera.The BoldClash Bwhoop B05 drone is equipped with 703 15000KV brush-less motors, BoldClash Fish 4A 4 in 1 ESC and SP Racing F3 flight controller. TinyFish FC comes with integrated FrSky SBUS radio receiver...

AWESOME MINI F100 brushless racing quadcopter

AWESOME MINI F100 brushless racing drone
Today we take a look at another mini racing quadcopter by Awesome. It seems the manufacturer has found another of its core-niches besides drone frames and propellers - the brushless micro racer market.The AWESOME MINI F100 is build on a 100mm carbon fiber frame and adopts the versatile Omnibus F3 flight controller with built-in OSD.On top of the frame...

Kingkong FLYEGG 100 FPV racer

KingKong FlyEgg drone
When it comes about indoor flights with brushless quads, even if they are small as this Kingkong FLYEGG 100, I always recommend to use propeller protectors. I know that they don't offer 100% protection but are still more than nothing in case you bump into something or someone.In case of the KaiDeng K130, it was obvious why they call it...

Diatone GT200 professional racing quad

Diatone GT200 drone
At the beginning of 2017, Diatone rumored their new GT2 racing drone series. Now, after about 5 months, it is ready for the tests the Diatone GT200 V2, which is the largest model of the series.The manufacturer announced the GT200 in two variants, GT200N "Normal" and GT200S "Stretch". The only difference between these two models is the shape of the frame....

Eachine Revenger55 tiny brushless FPV drone

Eachine Revenger55 drone
When I firstly read about the Eachine Revenger55 I was totally enthusiast to test one. Checking the manufacturer specs I found out that smaller does not necessarily mean better. In my opinion, its 3 minutes of flight time is too short for an enjoyable flight time.The Eachine Revenger 55 is build on a 55mm sized carbon fiber frame. In order...

Awesome Q95 micro FPV racing quad for newbies

Awesome q95 drone
As you can see on the video below, thanks to its small size and included propeller protectors the Awesome Q95 drone is suitable for indoor flights. In my opinion, if the manufacturer would've included altitude-hold feature, the UAV Q95 should have been a perfect learn to fly FPV quad.In front of the aircraft is located a 600TVL camera with integrated 5.8G...

LANCHI MONSTER ultra compact brushless FPV racer

Thanks to its small size, the LANCHI MONSTER drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Anyway, due to the powerful brushless motors I recommend this mini FPV racer for indoor practice only for experienced pilots.Like many recent racing drones, the LANCHI MONSTER is also based on the versatile F4 flight controller. By default it comes with the popular...