Blackview Hero 1 review

Blackview Hero 1 camera
Blackview Hero 1 2K quadcopter camera These kind of action cameras like the Blackview Hero 1 are very useful also for every day activities as well as for outdoor sports. As they are very light weight, they can be suitable for installing on a quad copter for capturing amazing aerial videos and photos. Everything started with GoPro cameras which were the first ones...

Syma X5C Hot Rod

X5C Hot Rod Mod
Hot Rod your quadcopter - Transform your X5C or one of the many clones into a Hot Rod!!! In a series of articles I will be taking a brand new Syma X5 clone from a beginner level flier, that anyone can fly, to a High Performance screamer that will still be very stable and inexpensive to modify. First of all you...

Eachine H8 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8 Mini
Eachine H8 Mini - Best quadcopter for every beginner As I remember, I paid $60 for my first multi-rotor. I never thought that a quadcopter can be much cheaper until I found out about this Eachine H8 Mini that costs only $13.99. Yes, I didn't mistyped the price and yes, the prices includes free shipping. If you don't believe me you can check by...

Request for flying testimonials

First quadcopter-testinonial
TO: Site Monitor I would like to post some still pictures along with my comments. Can I do this? If so, how would I do it? If not I certainly understand. I don’t want to start my own web site and I think this site may grow with more content. I really love messing with these inexpensive Quads. I have...

Summer’s quadcopter reviews

Summer's quadcopter reviews
Summer's quadcopter reviews on Being a Syma fan, I could not skip to test at least one model of the latest X8 series. Banggood already sent it to me and probably will arrive within two weeks. As soon as I get it and test it few times I will write my review. I want to compare it side by side with the Tarantula X6, that I...

New images with the CX-22

Images with CX-22
Cheerson CX-22 FPV quad images Just found some new images with the latest Cheerson FPV quad. You can read more about this quadcopter here: Cheerson CX-22 Image credits to: cxHobby

PiPo QW 350 GPS FPV quadcopter

QW GPS FPV quadcopter
QW GPS first person view quadcopter Chinese guys are pretty good to clone quad-copters and other electronic devices, but they have a big issue in naming the products. For example, this new quadcopter looks very good and it has some decent features, but frankly what chances they have to make a successful promotion for a product with names like: "QW quadcopter" or "PiPo QW quadcopter"? The design of...

MJX X101 big quadcopter

MJX X101 quadcopter
MJX X101 first person view quadcopter Initially I started my journey with small and mid sized quad copters because they was affordable and bigger doesn't necessary means better. As the price of full sized (350mm) quadcopters is decreasing, they become popular and accessible to everyone. This new MJX X101 quadcopter looks like a direct competitor to the Tarantula X6 (the flying spider) which was my first big sized quad and I...

Tarantula X6 quadcopter review

Tarantula X6
YiZhan Tarantula X6 - big toy for big boys I got this new quadcopter last Friday but only today I had the time and the proper mood to write about it and make my Tarantula X6 review. On hearing the word "Tarantula" my thoughts go immediately to a spooky hairy spider. The engineers from JJRC tried to imitate the face of a spider in...

FQ777-124 Pocket quadcopter

FQ777-124 Pocket quadcopter
FQ777-124 the ultimate micro quadcopter Micro quadcopters like this FQ777-124 are appreciated because they are affordable and very portable. For newbies I always recommend to buy something not expensive and easy to fly. Crashes always happen and it's not a good idea to hit the ground with a $999 DJI Phantom 3. There are many small quadcopters on the market that are sold very well because they are accesible to every one, they...