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WLtoys Q383 safe drone for beginners

WLtoys Q383 drone Hexacopter
WL Toys Q383A hexa-copter with protective frame and 5.8G FPV camera Recently WLToys announced two new hexa-copters, the Q383 with WiFi FPV and the Q383A with WiFi FPV. Basically these two models are identical excepting the onboard camera and the remote controller. While the WLtoys Q383A comes with a nice combo FPV transmitter, the Q383 comes with a cheap plastic "toy-ish" radio. Thanks to the...

Eachine Vtail QX110 micro FPV quad

Eachine Vtail QX110 drone
Eachine Vtail QX110 - brushed drone with OSD and 600TVL Over the time Eachine became one of the most active player on the brushed drone market. They announce new modes like this Eachine Vtail QX110 almost every week. It seems they have abandoned the ducted propeller design and now they want to try something new. The QX110 comes with an unique "V" shaped tail design. Thanks to the...

JJPRO X2 brushless quad for newbies

JJPRO JJRC X2 quadcopter drone
JJPRO JJRC X2 - cheap drone with brushless motors Following the success of their first brushless quadcopter, JJRC announced this weekend a new model called JJPRO X2. Compared to its predecessor, this X2 drone comes with headless flight mode but still doesn't feature altitude hold. The JJRC X1 was the first brushless quadcopter under $100. I reviewed that model by myself and I...

Star Wars Jedi training drone

Star Wars Jedi training quadcopter
Mixed reality Star Wars Jedi training quadcopter Michael Moon and Stephen Dodds at Juuk Inc., are making the first real-life Star Wars Jedi Training Drone. Their smart quadcopter uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to locate, track, and decide when to shoot the player. The drone even knows when you blocked the light beam with the light saber! They removed the remote...

ASUAV RS220 Awesome FPV Racer

ASUAV RS220 FPV racing drone
Permeants ASUAV RS220 racing quadcopter with FPV camera As we are in late winter, it is time to switch from indoor drones to outdoor FPV racing drones like this Awesome ASUAV RS220. When it comes to first-time pilots, speed is not everything, they need durable drones. Based on my experience, carbon-fiber frames has better chance to survive nasty crashes than nylon ones. Thanks...

Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 FPV quadcopter

Eachine Q90 quadcopter
Eachine Q90 drone with F3 flight controller and 1000TVL FPV camera After the invasion of ducted drones, Eachine returned to the classic propeller protectors. The Eachine FlyingFrog Q90 adopts a nice frog alike design. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between 3 RX/TX protocols (FrSky, Flysky or DSM2). The RX module is advertised with small size, so it is not integrated...

Yuneec H920 Plus professional hexa-copter

Yuneec H920 Plus drone
Yuneec Tornad o H920 Plus drone for unmatched aerial filming After the HT520, Yuneec announced a more professional hexa-copter called Tornado H920 Plus. This new drone is suitable for industrial applications and professional aerial filming. In order to allow easy transportation, the Yuneec H920 Plus features foldable arms. The landing gears are retractable, which is a must have for professional aerial videos. The...

Cheerson TINY CX-95S and CX-95W FPV quads

Cheerson TINY CX-95S and CX95W quadcopters
Cheerson CX-95S & CX-95W, micro FPV quadcopters with ducted propellers Honestly I like the idea that Cheerson's new micro FPV series comes in parts and you have to assemble it. While the Cheerson CX-95S comes with F3 flight controller and DSM receiver (no TX included), the cheaper Cheerson CX-95W comes with their own flight controller and a toyish remote controller. Definitely, if I would request to review one of these two drones, I will...

Syma X19W 2-in-1 car drone

Syma X19W car quadcopter
Syma X19W quadcopter car for double fun After the success of the of the X9, Syma came up with a new 2in1 car-drone concept called X19W. Compared to its predecessor, the Syma X19W has a much nicer design and it comes with all the latest features like altitude hold and headless flight mode. Without any conversion, this car-drone can fly like any...

X73S super mini brushless FPV racer

X37S ultra compact FPV quadcopter
Jumper X73S aka Eachine X73S Probably, this X73S is currently the smallest brushless FPV quadcopter. Actually it is smaller then most of the similar brushed models. Anyway, even if is so small I recommend it only for outdoor flights. Brushless motors are much powerful than brushed ones. Like many racing drones, this X73S is also based on the versatile Naze 32 flight controller. This...

Syma X20 mini quadcopter with altitude hold

Syma X20 drone
Syma X20 small sized drone for indoor flights Following the nice design of the X8SW, Syma rumored a much smaller quadcopter called X20. The biggest advantage of this new mini drone over larger models is that can be used for outdoor as well as for indoor flights. SymaToys announced this drone in two colors, black and white. Both version come with white propellers and blade protectors. At...