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Eachine E013 combo: First step in the world of FPV

Eachine E013 mini FPV drone
Surely, for only $66, there is no other FPV combo like this Eachine E013. The manufacturer prepared an offer hard to refus. The package contains a nice ducted mini drone with VTX camera, transmitter and 3" FPV goggles. Yes, all you need for your first FPV flight experience. Eachine continuously improved the E01x family. E010 Mini was the first model of the...

Turbowing CYCLOPS 3: DVR Camera for FPV

Turbowing CYCLOPS 3 camera with DVR
Recording the journey of your FPV flights without a DVR camera like this Turbowing CYCLOPS 3 can be pain in the ass. Firstly, I used an external mini DVR which I connected to the output of my FPV display. Quality was nice but complicated to wire everything together. Later I purchased another monitor with built-in DVR, wiring problem solved...

BoldClash Bwhoop B05: 32g brushless FPV quad

BoldClash Bwhoop B05 drone
Featuring skinny carbon fiber frame, the BoldClash Bwhoop B05 is one of the lightest brushless FPV quadcopter. It weights only 32g including propeller protector, flight battery and FPV camera. The BoldClash Bwhoop B05 drone is equipped with 703 15000KV brush-less motors, BoldClash Fish 4A 4 in 1 ESC and SP Racing F3 flight controller. TinyFish FC comes with integrated FrSky SBUS radio receiver...

BAYANGTOYS X20 sElfie drone with voice control

BAYANGTOYS X20 selfie drone
Frankly, I got bored from this "Selfie drone" madness, there is no week without a new model. Like this BAYANGTOYS X20, all want to pose as the perfect personal flying camera. The truths is that without spending few hundred of dollars you can't expect a truly selfie drone. Additional to the usual features (Alt-Hold and Headless flight mode), the X20 foldable quadcopter...

TKKJ TK111W Foldable drone with WiFi FPV

TKKJ TK111W foldable quadcopter
It looks that cloning popular drones becomes a general rule. Even clones are cloned :D. The TKKJ TK111W seems to be a cheap copy of the VISUO XS809HW. Both quad-copters adopt similar folding mechanism and features. Yesterday, one of my friends asked me "how can drones keep stable their flight altitude". Toy grade drones use barometric air-pressure sensor to determinate their relative...

Flytec T18D cheap drone with sporty design

Flytec T18D drone quadcopter
T18D is a new HD drone that was recently announced by Chinese manufacturer Flytec Technology. The Flytec T18D quad-copter will be available in four colors: blue, red, yellow, green. Here are our first thoughts. Pricing is important: Flytec T18D offers for only $55 all the latest possible features (headless mode, alt-hold and WiFi FPV). Thanks to the integrated air-pressure sensor, the drone is...

FEILUN FX176C1: First brushed GPS drone under $100

FEILUN FX176C1 GPS drone
Equipped with GPS positioning system, the FEILUN FX176C1 is the first drone under 100 bugs with truly intelligent flight modes like: Follow me and Waypoint mission. At first look, the weak point of this cheap GPS drone are the brushed motors. They have much shorter life span compared to brush-less ones. In my opinion, in order to extend the life of...

Eachine E53 drone: Brings innovative foldable design for newbies

Eachine E53 quadcopter
No rest for Eachine! They just announced another selfie drone with even more innovative design. Featuring unique fold-able arms, the Eachine E53 can be packed as small as 5.8 x 6.5 x 14.5 cm. They could promote it as "Drone in a can" :) Like many other similar "selfie" drones, the E53 has multiple control options. U can use the...

DHD D5 mini foldable sElfie drone under 25$

DHD D5 quadcopter
Following the success of the JJRC's Elfie, lately the drone market has been invaded by many similar "selfie" quad-copters like this DHD D5. Like the original, the DHD D5 adopts the same fold-able design with two frontal LED lights. Camera is also 0.3MP (480p video resolution) with WiFi real-time image transmission. Frankly, excepting the top logo there are not too...

AWESOME MINI F100 brushless racing quadcopter

AWESOME MINI F100 brushless racing drone
Today we take a look at another mini racing quadcopter by Awesome. It seems the manufacturer has found another of its core-niches besides drone frames and propellers - the brushless micro racer market. The AWESOME MINI F100 is build on a 100mm carbon fiber frame and adopts the versatile Omnibus F3 flight controller with built-in OSD. On top of the frame...

Flight controller repair or buy a new one?

Flight controller repair of Eachine QX110 V-Tail quadcopter drone
Few months ago I received the Eachine QX110 V-Tail mini racer for review. First flights went smoothly, even after minor crashes it was flying like a new one. Courageously, I tried to do some flips in "Acro" mode and I landed upside down. Lots of smoke and fun was gone. Arrived home, I powered up the drone - one motor started...