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Eachine E56 with innovative gyro control

Eachine E56 drone
Eachine E56 brings new waves in the word of toy drones. Instead of the usual two stick transmitter, it adopts a "magic" remote controller with gyro sensor - similar with the one is used with VR glasses. As you can see in the image bellow, the remote controller can be used with one hand. It has only one control stick,...

OBTAIN F803 drone: Cheaper alternative to Mavic Pro?

OBTAIN F803 quadcopter
At first look, the OBTAIN F803 looks like a great alternative to the popular Mavic Pro. It has not just similar foldable design but also comparable features. The OBTAIN F803 drone comes in 2 Colors, white and black. My biggest concern regarding these new gadgets from unknown manufactures are the after sale support through spare parts availability. Famous brands like DJI are...

GoolRC T32 review: Nice learn to fly drone

GoolRC T32 drone review
Era of flying selfies is right around the corner, cheap drones like the GoolRC T32 are announced weekly. Maybe these toys are not perfect like the expensive DJI products yet, but technology is rapidly developing in this area and I'm sure that soon every one will afford his personal flying camera. GoolRC T32 follows the basic concept of the JJRC H37...

TKKJ TK111W Foldable drone with WiFi FPV

TKKJ TK111W foldable quadcopter
It looks that cloning popular drones becomes a general rule. Even clones are cloned :D. The TKKJ TK111W seems to be a cheap copy of the VISUO XS809HW. Both quad-copters adopt similar folding mechanism and features. Yesterday, one of my friends asked me "how can drones keep stable their flight altitude". Toy grade drones use barometric air-pressure sensor to determinate their relative...

Eachine E53 drone: Brings innovative foldable design for newbies

Eachine E53 quadcopter
No rest for Eachine! They just announced another selfie drone with even more innovative design. Featuring unique fold-able arms, the Eachine E53 can be packed as small as 5.8 x 6.5 x 14.5 cm. They could promote it as "Drone in a can" :) Like many other similar "selfie" drones, the E53 has multiple control options. U can use the...

DHD D5 mini foldable sElfie drone under 25$

DHD D5 quadcopter
Following the success of the JJRC's Elfie, lately the drone market has been invaded by many similar "selfie" quad-copters like this DHD D5. Like the original, the DHD D5 adopts the same fold-able design with two frontal LED lights. Camera is also 0.3MP (480p video resolution) with WiFi real-time image transmission. Frankly, excepting the top logo there are not too...