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Instruction guides for quadcoptes and drones.

Biggest collection of quadcopter user manuals

In order to have a safe and pleasant flight I recommend to every new pilot to read the quadcopter’s user manual.

Eachine LCD5802D user manual

Eachine LCD5802D pdf instruction guide download page

Eachine DVR03 user manual

Eachine DVR03 user manual download in PDF format.

Eachine Fatbee FB90 user manual

Eachine FB90 user manual download page

Walkera Rodeo 150 user manual

Walkera Rodeo 150 user manual pdf download page

NVP2040 datasheet

NVP 2040 datasheet download NVP2040E is an image signal processor(ISP) which outputs CVBS or S-Video data format after receiving color filter array(CFA) patterns from color-interlaced CCD sensor(510H/760H).

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced user manual

Download page of the Phantom 3 Advanced user manual (pdf) Phantom 3 Advanced instruction manual.

Walkera QR X350PRO Quick Start Guide

Download Walkera QR X350PRO Quick Start Guide - English

F450 my first DIY Quadcopter

F450 my first DIY Quadcopter
F450 quadcopter with ArduCopter flight controller My son is always willing to help me in building or disassembling of any kind of stuff, so he was very enthusiast when I told him about the plan to build a quadcotper from scratch (OK, almost from scratch). His only complain was why we didn't build an octa-copter or at least a hexacopter. I...

UPair Chase user manual

UPair Chase PDF User guide
UPair Chase instruction guide download page GPS quadcopters like this UPair Chase are chosen especially for aerial filming. This model is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal which allows smooth - vibration free - videos. The tilt angle of the gimbal can be easily adjusted through a dial knob. The Up Air Chase can be purchased together with a FULL HD camera or, for more demanding aerial videos,...

X380 Firmware and driver

XK Detect X380 Downloads
XK Detect X380 Firmware, driver and ground station As I'm a XK Detect X380 owner I thought it would be very useful to gather all the important files related to this quadcopter (like:firmware, drivers and tools). I'm also planning to add to this post gimbal and FPV connection diagrams and other useful details, guides and tutorials related to the X380. I promise that I will try to...

Syma X8C user manual

SYMA-X8C User Manual
Syma X8C user manual download page This Syma X8C Quad became very popular after several owners successfully installed their GoPro alike cameras and made few awesome aerial videos. Although nothing is mentioned about this possibility in the X8C's user manual, they proved that the quadcopter has enough power to lift any small action camera. Regarding the size and weight, it’s much bigger than other drones under $100, so probably it has a better wind resistance...