HBFPV NVTX100: Finger nail size 100mW VTX


The HBFPV NVTX100 is a super small 5.8G VTX suitable for FPV drones. Measuring about 14 x 15mm and weighting just 1.4 grams (including antenna) can be installed on micro-size race quads.

Thanks to the SmartAudio feature, broadcast power and transition band/channel can be changed even remotely. According to your needs you can toggle between 25 and 100mW power, pit-mode can be selected as well.

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HBFPV NVTX100 features & specs

  • Compact size, PCB has only 14 x 15 mm;
  • Lightweight, only 1.4 grams with antenna;
  • Adjustable broadcast power (Pitmode/ 25mW / 100mW);
  • Working Current: 190mA (25mW)/ 270mA (100mW);
  • SmartAudio OSD control;
  • Strong anti-interference;
  • Status LED indicators;
  • 5V power input.

HBFPV NVTX100 pin-out (from left to right):

  • FC Vout;
  • FC Vin;
  • Camera video signal;
  • Camera +5V
  • Camera GND;
  • FC +5V (DC IN);
  • FC GND;
  • FC TX (SmartAudio control signal).

HBFPV NVTX100 wiring


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