DJI Mavic Air 2: Expectations, Leaks & Final specs

Mavic Air 2

While we all are worried about the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, DJI is preparing to surprise us with a new product on April 27th, 2020. From the “Up Your Game” slogan we could just guess that will be a new drone, camera gimbal, action cam or just another educational robot. After the leaked quick start manual it was no more wonder that the new mysteries drone will be the Mavic Air 2.

The first generation Mavic Air was a giant step forward when it was released in January 2018. In many aspects, it was far behind the Mavic Pro series. The only thing stand for it, was its friendly price tag. At that time, you could’t find a better drone for $799.

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Due to the lack of intelligent features (like active tracking) and lots of crash reports, the Mavic Mini also disappointed many drone enthusiasts. was between the first independent drone blogs which had the chance to review it. We rated it with 4.2 stars from the maxim of 5. We liked its portability, decent image quality and of course that does not require FAA registration.

Mavic Air 2: What we know so far

As design, the new Mavic Air looks more like a Mavic Pro than its older brother. To be more packable it adopts foldable propellers. 

Just like the original Air, the 2020 edition also comes with 3-axis mechanical image stabilisation and intelligent automated video modes. Both ActiveTrack and Point of Interest features were upgraded from version 2.0 to 3.0.

In terms of obstacle avoidance sensors, the second generation Air seems to have similar configuration (on the front, rear, and underside) like its predecessor.

The close-up shot of what appears to be the Mavic Air2’s battery shows a capacity of 3500  mAh, which is a nice increase from the 2375 mAh LIPO pack in the original Air. The leaked user manual says that the maximum flying time is 34 minutes, yes 13 extra fun time compared to its predecessor. Featuring such high capacity power source we can’t expect from the Air2 to be too light, for sure it will need FAA registration.

Mavic Air 2 design

The manual also shows images of the re-designed remote controller. The mobile device holder is moved from bottom to top, like in case of the Phantom series remote controller. Featuring Ocusync 2.0 video transmission, the range was doubled from 4 Km to 8 Km (5 miles). Like most DJI drones, probably the Air2 will also have two versions (FCC and CE).

Expectations vs What we know vs reality

Shortly after a new drone comes out on the market, we start to think what features are missing from it and how the next edition could be better. Same thing happened with the Mavic Air 2. Since its first rumours, many DJI fans started to create and share their own wish lists. Some of them were realistic, but few impossible as well. For example why should DJI equip with 8K their Mavic Air 2 while the two time more expensive Pro series has only a 4K camera. In the table bellow I collected some of the top expectations and rumoured specs as well. As every day new leaked details become available, the table will be progressively updated till April 27 – Mavic Air II launch event, when third column will be populated with the real product specs.

Mavic Air2ExpectationsLeaksFinal specs
Size (mm)Smallest as possible Folded: 180×97×84mm
Unfolded: 183×253×77mm
WeightLightest as possible 570 grams
Camera8K@60fps4K@60fps or 1080p@240fps4K/60fps Video
48MP Photo
Image sensor size1 inchSony IMX586 1/2 inch1/2-Inch
Optical zoom10xNoNo
Max bit rate200Mbps120Mbps120 Mbps
Video transmissionOcusync 3.0Ocusync 2.0Ocusync 2.0
Range16+ KM8Km10KM
Intelligent flight modesMany as possiblePoint of interest and QuickShot Point of interest and QuickShot
Active trackingYesYes, 3.0Yes, 3.0
Obstacle avoidance360 degreeYesAdvanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) 3.0
Optical flow / Vision positioningYesYesYes
Geo fenceNoYesYes
Max flight speed100+ kph68.4 kph68.4 kph
Wind resistance≤100 kph 8.5-10.5 m/s (Level 5)
RC FPV screenYesNoNo
Battery5s/4000 mAh3s/3500 Ah3S/3500 mAh
Flight time50+ minutes34 minutes34 minutes
FAA registrationNoYesYes
PriceLow as possible$700-999$799 Order from DJI

Price and availability: Will it be cheaper than the previews Mavic Air ?

For now, only the release day is sure. Like in case of other DJI drones, probably will take at least one month (or even more due to the COVID-19 outbreak) till will be globally available for orders. We have not seen any leaks indicating the price of the Mavic Air 2, we just can hope that will be priced lower than its predecessor.

You have new details about DJI Mavic Air 2? Are you planning to purchase one? Let us know by drooping a comment below.

Last update on April 28, 2020


  1. Just received mine. First issue noticed: Mavic Air 2 does not have the ability to change exposure and sensitivity in the DJI Fly app! My old Mavic Pro does this trick in GO4 App. This feature is A MUST for me pro work…

  2. Ocusync 2.0 is great upgrade but I’m a little bit disappointed on the boring and uninspiring design of the Mavic Air 2 to be honest….

  3. I just saw some Mavic Air 2 images. Combo pack will have two batteries and few spare props.
    Price is 6699 CNY (946,73 US dolar).

  4. Mavic Air 2 comes with Sony IMX58 image sensor with 48 MP (8000 x 6000)
    Theoretically max video res will be 8000×6000@30fps!!!!


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