Stardrone Octopus on Diatone GTB33-SD frame

Stardrone Octopus 130mm FPV drone

Honestly, excepting the hand-painted canopy (which can’t improve flight performance, for sure), I don’t see why this Stardrone Octopus FPV drone is priced so high. For US$349.00, there are many other quads with better specs.

The 130mm size Diatone GTB33-SD frame is equipped with GEPRC 1105 5000KV motors and Gemfan 3016 propellers. According to the specs, with a 3S/550 mAh battery, you can have up to 14 minutes of flight time.

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Its Runcam Nano 2 FPV camera is paired with a high-power TBS PRO32 nano 5.8G video transmitter (VTX). According to your needs, you can toggle between 25, 100, and 400mW transmission power.


Stardrone Octopus quadcopter features and specs


  • Diatone GTB33-SD 130mm frame;
  • Unkown flight controller;
  • GEPRC 20A x4 BLS 96Khz ESC board;
  • Runcam Nano 2 FPV camera (2.1mm Lens, NTSC )
  • TBS PRO32 nano 5.8G VTX (adjustable 25/100/400mW power);
  • GEPRC 1105 5000KV with Gemfan 3016 propellers;
  • Hand-painted cartoon figure canopy (4 color options);
  • Optional Frsky R-XSR or Nano RX (SE) radio receiver;
  • 3S LIPO compatible, 550mAh HV recommended;
  • 5-14 minutes of battery life.


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