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Promo videos with quadcopters. YouTube videos with quadcopters and drones made by the manufacturers.

Drone film festival ANZ 2017

Drone Film Festival by SanDisk 2017: Best 12 aerial footage

Usually, I refuse to publish this kind of announcements, but checking the winner aerial films, I decided to make an exception this time. Frankly, these...
FUAV Smargle quad

FUAV Smargle complete fpv quadcopter

FUAV Smargle - the next Phantom killer? I already introduced an interesting multi-rotor model from FUAV, the Seraphi-GPS. This new FUAV Smargle 1 is something totally different...

Syma X5sC-1 test flight video

Syma X5sC-1 maiden flight video My first flight with the Syma X5sC-1 was very smooth without any issues. As shown in the video, this quadcopter is...
Syma X8w test flightvideo

Syma X8W test flight and impressions

Syma X8W quadcopter maiden flight I received this quadcopter about a month a go. Over this period I have flown it many times and I can tell that...

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet promo video

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet flying above the seashore Short promo video with the Scarlet Minivet quadcopter from Wingsland.https://youtu.be/Hwgnfanud5A

First CX-22 product video

Cheerson CX-22 YouTube video Short indoor flight test video with 2D gimbal and GoPro action camera.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUDRAN6-x1YUnfortunately, this is the only video with the new Cheerson CX-22 GPS quadcopter. I hope more...

Galaxy Visitor 6 Promo Video

The first and only video (yet) with the Galaxy Visitor 6 quadcopter Some of the features that will help you for a spectacular and easy flight with the Galaxy Visitor...

UDI U839 Nano outdoors flight video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSFWULHQEQYThe U839 from UDI RC Toys is a super mini size quadcopter, having the smallest volume and the lightest weight and featuring strong stability and...