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Promo videos with quadcopters. YouTube videos with quadcopters and drones made by the manufacturers.

Drone Film Festival by SanDisk 2017: Best 12 aerial footage

Drone film festival ANZ 2017
Usually, I refuse to publish this kind of announcements, but checking the winner aerial films, I decided to make an exception this time. Frankly, these guys did a really great job. They show us that drones can do more than spy our neighbors, they can create Truly Art! Drone Film Festival Australia & New Zealand presented by SanDisk 2017 winning films...

FUAV Smargle complete fpv quadcopter

FUAV Smargle quad
FUAV Smargle - the next Phantom killer? I already introduced an interesting multi-rotor model from FUAV, the Seraphi-GPS. This new FUAV Smargle 1 is something totally different in a positive way. It has a very stylish design with retractable landing skids that are absolutely necessary for aerial filming.The FUAV Smargle's remote controller is designed to be used for first person view flights. On the...

Syma X5sC-1 test flight video

Syma X5sC-1 maiden flight video My first flight with the Syma X5sC-1 was very smooth without any issues. As shown in the video, this quadcopter is very stable and easy to fly.The still photos have a disappointing image quality but the videos are pretty good and acceptable for "home" use. Syma X5sC-1 test video https://youtu.be/UZx04RIi5EEI own this Syma quadcopter for about one month and I have not noticed (yet)...

Syma X8W test flight and impressions

Syma X8w test flightvideo
Syma X8W quadcopter maiden flight I received this quadcopter about a month a go. Over this period I have flown it many times and I can tell that it is a nice and stable flyer.During one of my test flights with the Syma X8W I lost my control over the aircraft and crash landed. The quadcopter almost hit deadly a wild rabbit that probably came from the nearest forest right into my...

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet promo video

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet flying above the seashore Short promo video with the Scarlet Minivet quadcopter from Wingsland.https://youtu.be/Hwgnfanud5A

First CX-22 product video

Cheerson CX-22 YouTube video Short indoor flight test video with 2D gimbal and GoPro action camera.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUDRAN6-x1YUnfortunately, this is the only video with the new Cheerson CX-22 GPS quadcopter. I hope more will come, including some outdoor test flights.Second video with the Cheerson CX-22 was just published on YouTube.https://youtu.be/x3W_le22ih4

Galaxy Visitor 6 Promo Video

The first and only video (yet) with the Galaxy Visitor 6 quadcopter Some of the features that will help you for a spectacular and easy flight with the Galaxy Visitor 6:Distinctive and pretty patented airframe design; Colorful and bright LED for night flights; Extremely stable and easy to control; Awesome 360° flip function; 2.4GHz Wi-Fi onboard camera for first person view; Compatible with iOS and Android devices; Signal lost protection;Galaxy Visitor 6 Promo Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1v0GhzeDT8You...

UDI U839 Nano outdoors flight video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSFWULHQEQYThe U839 from UDI RC Toys is a super mini size quadcopter, having the smallest volume and the lightest weight and featuring strong stability and operability beyond imagination.You watched a night flight with the UDI U839 Nano quadcopter. You can read more about the UDI U839 Nano quadcopter here on firstquadcopter.com.