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Foxeer DigiSight Digital/Analog FPV camera

Foxeer claims that their new DigiSight FPV is the smallest dual-mode camera that you can buy right now. The Foxeer DigiSight camera can be used with, both analog and digital FPV transmissions systems. It is compatible with the affordable FatShark Shark Byte 200mW digital VTX.

The Foxeer DigiSight camera measures 14×14 mm and weighs just 4.3 grams (without cables). The camera has two interfaces, one for analog connection (VCC, GND, and Video OUT) and for digital wiring. There is also a connection pad that needs to be wired with the flight controller camera control port.

While in analog mode, the DigiSight camera has 1000TVL resolution, in the digital mode 720P (1280×720 px). Advertised latency is only 4ms.

Foxeer DigiSight camera features and specs

  • Smallest dual-mode FPV camera (14x14mm);
  • Can be used in Analog and HD digital FPV systems;
  • 1/3″ CMOS image sensor;
  • 1000 TLV analog and 720P digital resolutions;
  • Super LOW latency (~4ms);
  • Super WDR;
  • Low light illumination (0.01 Lux);
  • Wide range of input voltage (4.5~20 Analog/3.3V Digital);
  • Built-in OSD (Elapsed time and craft name);
  • OSD configuration menu via 5D keyboard;
  • Camera telemetry (control via BetaFlight OSD).

Included accessories with Foxeer DigiSight camera

Included accessories with the Foxeer DigiSight

  • Servo cable for analog VTX;
  • Ribbon cable for digital VTX;
  • Mounting bracket (19x19mm) with screws;
  • OSD cable;
  • OSD control boards.




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