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Walkera QR X350 User manual

Walkera QR X350 User manual download page

Walkera have been manufacturing a lot of radio controlled helicopters and quadcopters over the years. One of their cheapest First Person View and GoPro ready models is the Walkera QR X350 quadcopter. They also developed a newer version, the QR X350Pro, with extended flight time.

The Walkera QR X350 has an onboard altitude sensor and GPS module that allows to hover in a exact position and altitude. The auto return function can be triggered by the pilot, loss of RC signal or low battery. The quadcopter guided by the GPS will fly itself back to its take of position and land safety.

Like DJI Phantom, QR X350 quadcopter works with GoPro cameras. They even added an anti-vibration camera mount so that you can capture more clear pictures and stable videos during your flight.

If you are interested in more details about this quadcopter please download the  Walkera QR X350 User Handbook, it contains many interesting chapters like:

Safety matters that need attention

  • Far away from obstacles and people;
  • Away from highly spinning parts;
  • Keep away from humidity and heat;
  • Avoid flying alone.

QR X350 Assembly Instruction

  • Propellers Installation;
  • Compass & Landing Gear installation;
  • Camera mount and camera installation.

Basic Flight Instruction

  • Main Control System  – Control Mode;
  • Code binding;
  • Motor unlock/lock/ Stop rotating;
  • Walkera QR X350 Compass Calibration;
  • Gyro Calibration;
  • QR X350 Accelerometer Calibration.

Advanced QR X350 flight functions

  • Failsafe to Return & Landing;
  • One Key Go Home;
  • Position Hold;
  • Low Voltage Protection.

 Walkera QR X350 User manual Download

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After you read the Walkera QR X350 instruction manual, make sure you carefully and correctly mount the propellers on the aircraft (not suggested to use thread glue), otherwise the quadcopter will not take off the ground.

Happy flying with your QR X350!



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