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4DRC V5 Light Mini drone for kids

4DRC V5 Elf

If you are searching for a Christmas toy drone for your kids, the 4DRC V5 Elf could be a great option for under $50. It comes with cool multi-color LED lights and a 360° protective blade guard. To be easily controllable by younger pilots, it features multiple speed rates and barometric altitude hold.

The 4DRC V5 measures just 9x9x5cm and can be controlled conveniently via your smartphone (gravity control). It is available without a camera ($26.99) or an onboard 4K camera with WIFI FPV ($36.99). Both variants are available in orange and blue colors.

According to the advertised specs, the modular 3.7V 700mAh battery allows up to 10 minutes of flight time. You can opt to purchase it from Banggood with 1, 2, or 3 batteries in the box.

4DRC V5 Elf features and specs

  • Micro size (9X9X5cm) with 360° blade protector;
  • Gravity phone control;
  • Cool multi-color LED lights for night flights;
  • Optional ‘4K’ HD WIFI FPV camera;
  • One-click take-off/landing;
  • Modular battery (About 10 min of battery life);
  • Multiple flight speed rates;
  • Up to 100 meters control range;
  • Two-color options (blue and orange).



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