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Coming soon: Diatone 2019 GTR549 FPV racer

Diatone GTR549 FPV Drone

2019 comes with another new racing drone from Diatone, called GTR549. Based on a large 230mm carbon fiber frame, it is definitively for outdoor fun only.

Like most of the actual drones, the Diatone 2019 GTR549 also features versatile F405 Mamba flight controller. At the end of each arm there is a Mamba MB2207 2650KV brush-less motor paired with a 5″ propeller.

In front of the Diatone GTR549 drone is located the popular Caddx SDR2 FPV camera. The real-time image transmission is achieved using a TBS UNIFY video transmitter with max 800mW broadcast power.

Diatone 2019 GTR549 features & specs

  • Robust 230mm sized 3K carbon fiber frame;
  • 3D Printed TPU canopy;
  • F405 Mamba flight controller (MPU6000, AT7456 OSD, 16M flash and 5V 2A BEC);
  • Mamba F40 / 40A 4-6S ESC (Dshot600 compatible);
  • MB2207 2650KV Mamba Racing brushless motors;
  • TBS UNIFY video transmitter w/ max 800mW power;
  • Caddx SDR2 FPV camera;
  • 4S compatible;
  • PNP package (Without Receiver, battery and transmitter).

Needed to Complete

Being sold as PNP (Plug N Play) version, you will need, besides battery and remote controller, a compatible radio receiver.



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