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DJI Osmo Mobile 6 gimbal for smartphone video stabilization

Unfold Your Creativity!

DJI OSMO Mobile 6

DJI has just announced the latest model in its smartphone-stabilisation lineup, the Osmo Mobile 6 gimbal. The six-generation OM is packed with many new creative features. It is compatible with all the latest high-end smartphones, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung S22, HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro+, OnePlus 10 Pro, and Pixel 6 Pro.

At a glance, the most significant upgrades of OM6 from OM5 are the new wheel control that makes zooming and focusing easier and a status panel to show the gimbal’s battery life at a glance. Weighing in at just over 340 grams (including the magnetic phone clamp), the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is small enough to be carried in a pocket and has a built-in extension rod that lets users achieve better angles more easily.

The OM6 gimbal comes with ActiveTrack 5.0 which promises more stable tracking at longer distances and also allows the front camera to track subjects that may turn to the side or spin. The smartphone stabilizer features four operation modes.

Four perfectly tuned gimbal modes

  • Follow: The camera view follows the gimbal’s pan and tilt movements and stays level during rolls. This mode is excellent for shooting up, down, and diagonally.
  • Tilt Lock: The camera view only follows the gimbal’s pan movement and stays stable during tilts and rolls — ideal for shooting horizontally or moving around a subject.
  • FPV: In FPV mode, all three gimbal axes follow the handle’s movement. This mode works best for still subjects.
  • SpinShot: Push the joystick to the left or right to control the rotation of the camera view and create dynamic footage. This mode is suitable for shooting push, pull, and high-angle shots.

Intelligent features

  • Timelapse: Warp time and space with Timelapse, Motionlapse and Hyperlapse to blend moments together.
  • DynamicZoom: Use Move In and Move Out modes to get stretching and compressing visual effects.
  • Gesture Control: Simple gestures make taking a selfie or a group photo easy.
  • Panorama: Three variants of panorama modes – 3×3, 240, and CloneMe – are available to help capture landscapes or create compositions.
  • Story Mode: Various templates help to combine camera movements, transitions, soundtracks and more.

Pricing, Availability, and Options

The Osmo Mobile 6 is available in a basic kit for $159, including a magnetic clamp, tripod, power cable, and storage pouch. It’s ready to order through DJI and Amazon starting on 22 September 2022. The DJI OM6 is also offered in a ‘Vlog Combo’ kit for content creators. For $488, you get in the kit the professional DJI Mic with powerful anti-interference and 250 m wireless transmission.


    • The OM6 is powered by a 2s 1000mAh battery that provides approx. 6 hours and 24 minutes of working time. The max battery life is widely affected by the camera weight!


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