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F007 GPS enabled 4K brushless drone

Photo of F007 GPS 4K

Looking for a budget Mavic Air 2 alternative? Maybe you should check this “F007” GPS enabled 4K drone. For only $113.99, it comes with some pretty nice features including space-saving foldable design. Of course, being more than five times cheaper than its DJI contender, can’t provide the same flight performance and image quality.

According to the advertised specs, the 2s/1500 mAh battery pack allows up to 25 minutes of flight time. You have the option to order it, in a bundle with 1, 2, or 3 flight batteries. While its control range is close to 2000 meters, the 5G WIFI is limited to 1200 meters. Thanks to the fail-safe RTH feature, the F007 drone will automatically return to the take-off point in case of low battery or RC signal loss.

Fith folded arms, the aircraft measures just 8×16 cm and weighs approximately 270 grams. Under each brushless motors, there is a navigation LED light, which will guide you during night flights.

F007 quadcopter features and specs

  • Mavic Air 2 alike foldable design;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • Optical flow positioning for precise indoor hovering;
  • 4K camera with electronic self-stabilization anti-shake lens;
  • Remote camera angle adjustment;
  • Level 7 wind resistance;
  • Around 1.2Km FPV range and 2KM max flight distance;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Smart follow and Fixed-point surround);
  • Fail-safe auto return to home (low battery or RC signal loss);
  • Up to 25 minutes of battery life.

F007 drone details

Up to 25min battery life
4K stabilized camera
1604 type brushless motor
Remote controller




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