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Foxeer Predator V2 Standard FPV camera

Foxeer, one of the most active player on the FPV camera market, just announced a new camera called Predator V2. Let’s check what new features brings this second edition of Predator camera.

The Foxeer Predator V2 is available in two variants, Standard and Mini. Both versions are available in four colors (Red, Black, Blue & Purple). While the Predator Standard V2 measures 28.0mm x 21.8mm, the Predator Mini V2 only 21.8 x 21.8mm. There is also a third version called Predator Micro V2 which has the size of only 18.6 x 19.0mm and weights 5.5g grams.

Compared to its predecessor, the Foxeer Predator V2 Standard comes with LED mode (OFF/MID/DARK) and Super WDR. Through the OSD menu you can easily fine tune the image quality and also to perform voltage calibration.

Foxeer Predator V2 Standard: Features and specs

  • Specialty designed for racing FPV drones;
  • Resolution of 1000TVL;
  • 4:3 image format;
  • Wide range of input voltage (5~40 volts);
  • Low latency (minim 4 ms);
  • Jello free;
  • OSD adjustment;
  • Image Flip (OFF, H-FLIP, V-FLIP or HV-FLIP);
  • Super WDR function;
  • Easy installation (Multi-Functional Bracket included);
  • LED modes: OFF/MID/DARK for different LED Track racing;
  • Size: 28.0mm x 21.8mm;
  • Weight : 8.7 grams (excluding mounting bracket).

Due to the wide range of input voltage (5-40V) the Foxeer Predator V2 camera can be used with almost any FPV drone (from 2s to 8s). In case of 1s LiPo batteries you will need a voltage booster (3.7v to 5v).

Foxeer Predator V2 Standard accessories

Foxeer Predator V2 camera: Package content

  • Predator V2 camera;
  • OSD control board;
  • OSD servo cable;
  • Power & Video cable;
  • Mounting bracket;
  • Gasket ring ;
  • Bracket screws;
  • Case screws;
  • User manual.



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