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Coming soon: FullSpeed TinyLeader 75mm Whoop

FullSpeed TinyLeader FPV Drone

As winter is near to blow up any outdoor fun, I already started to reorient from large racing quads to compact Tiny Whoop brushless drones. Thanks to its large blade protectors and only 75mm wheelbase, the FullSpeed TinyLeader allows to practice indoor as well as outdoor.

According to your existing remote controller, you can opt between 3 types of radio receivers (Frsky, Flysky, or DSMX).

In order to allow easy maintenance, the 11000KV brushless motors are equipped with connectors. As crashes are inevitable, good to know that all electronic parts are well protected by the nylon canopy.

Another great thing about the FullSpeed TinyLeader is the IRC Tramp feature of the VTX. It allows to remotely change channels and transmission power. The 48CH VTX is paired with the popular Caddx Micro F2 FPV camera or Caddx Turtle V2 (HD version).

FullSpeed TinyLeader micro FPV racing quad features

  • Whoop alike ducted blade propellers and protective canopy;
  • 75mm wheelbase;
  • 1103 11000KV brushless motors;
  • FullSpeed FSD408 (1-3S ESC) BLHELI_S 4in1 ESC;
  • FSD408 (F411 FC) flight controller w/ built-in OSD;
  • Caddx Micro F2 camera or Caddx Turtle V2;
  • Camera angle adjustment;
  • FSD TX600 Pit/25/100/200/400/600 switchable 5.8G 48CH VTX (support IRC Tramp);
  • Optional Frsky, Flysky, or DSMX radio receiver.

Price & availability

Shortly, after I published my news about the TinyLeader quad, most of the important online retailers started to list it for pre-orders.  At BG, the status is “coming soon“, but you can subscribe for “in-stock alert“. The predicted price for the “HD” version will be around $170 and for the “Standard” edition $120.

last updated on 12/4/2018



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