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GEPRC CineLog35 HD & Analog FPV drone for GoPro 10

GEPRC CineLog35

GEPRC, one of the most popular FPV drone brands just announced their new CineLog35 quadcopter specially designed to carry a full-size GoPro 10 camera. Its redesigned Whoop-style blade protectors provide low noise, less vibration, and improved durability.

The GEPRC CineLog35 is available with types of FPV rigs. While the Analog version comes with a 5.8GHz 600mW VTX and Caddx Ratel2, the HD digital edition with Caddx Vista VTX and Nebula Pro camera. Both can be ordered with 4S (2550KV motors) or 6S (1750KV motors) power options. 

GEPRC CineLog35 highlights

  • GEPRC Team’s splendid tuning;
  • 3.5″ integrated protection guard to ensure flight safety. The new design has significant roles in many aspects such as vibration reduction, low noise, and durable high-strength structural design;
  • Two types of FPV systems:
    • HD Digital: VISTA HD VTX and the Nebula Pro camera
    • 5.8GHZ Analog: 600mW VTX + Caddx Ratel2
  • 3D Printed mount to install full-size GoPro 10 or Insta360 GO2/SMO 4K/Naked GoPro Hero 8/Caddx Peanut camera;
  • Improving the damping rings, the shooting effect is more stable without jello;
  • Two power options:
    • 6S LIPO: GR2004-1750KV(6S) motors
    • 4S LIPO: GR2004-2550KV(4S) motors
  • Weighs less than 250 grams without an additional camera.


  • GEP-CL35 frame:
    • Wheelbase: 142mm
    • Top plate: 2.5mm
    • Bottom plate: 2.0mm
    • Arm plate3.5mm
  • GEP-F722-45A AIO flight controller
    • MCU: STM32F722
    • IMU: MPU6000(SPI)
    • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
    • ESC: BLheli_S 45A
  • D90-3 propellers
  • Receiver:
    • PNP (Vista built-in DJI receiver)
    • Frsky R-XSR
    • TBS Nano RX
  • Flight battery:
  • LiPo 4S 850mAh-1500mAh
  • LiPo 6S 850mAh-1100mAh



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