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HGLRC Rekon10 PRO Long-Range FPV drone frame kit

Rekon10 PRO

The HGLRC Rekon 10 Pro LR is an absolute beast designed for the most challenging long-range missions. The weight and momentum of a 10” quadcopter give it stunningly high cruising speeds and wind resistance for high-altitude mountain dives. Equipped with powerful 31xx/32xx brushless motors, 10″ propellers, and 60A ESC, the Rekon10 drone can fly in windy seaside with no issue. In addition to the onboard FPV camera, it has a GoPro-compatible action camera for 4K recording.

The 8mm carbon fiber arms are reinforced with bracelets on both sides. It has a size of 476x298mm and a wheelbase of 455mm. The frame kit weighs about 400 grams and can accommodate 20x20mm flight stacks. It is intended to be matched with 6S batteries with a capacity of 2000-5100mAh.

Recommended parts to finish the Rekon10 PRO LR FPV drone

  • Flight control: Zeus F722 HD
  • ESC: ESC:60A
  • Motors: 31xx/32xx
  • Propeller: 10 inches
  • FPV Camera: 20X20mm
  • VTX: HD Digital DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Radio receiver: Dual-Diversity ELRS 2.4GHZ
  • Battery: 6S 2000-5100mAh
  • Optional: GPS module and Drone finder buzzer

A 10″ FPV drone offers the following advantages over smaller quads:

  • Increased stability: A larger frame provides increased stability, allowing the drone to fly more smoothly and resist wind better.
  • Longer flight time: With a larger frame, there is more space to accommodate a larger battery, which means longer flight times compared to smaller drones.
  • Greater payload capacity: A larger frame can also support a greater payload capacity, such as a higher-quality camera or additional equipment.
  • Better performance in outdoor environments: The larger size and increased power of a 10″ FPV drone make it better suited for outdoor flying in windy or more challenging environments.
  • Improved video quality: The larger size of the drone allows for a more stable platform, resulting in smoother, higher-quality video footage.


  1. The biggest problem with these big FPV drones (10″ +), is that they e trembles very much if de design is not made correctly, those side braces could help with this issue.


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