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HS700E GPS enabled 4K EIS Camera Drone

Photo of HS700E drone

The new Holly Stone HS700E is a definite upgrade over its predecessor (‘D’ edition). It is smaller (380*230*125mm vs 434 x 434 x 151 mm), lighter (557g/19.65 oz vs 630g/22oz), and it has an improved camera with electronic image stabilization (EIS). Also, now the camera is capable of recording 1080p@60fps videos, not just 4K@30fps ones.

HS700E drone is packed with two modular LIPO batteries, which allow a total of 46 minutes of flight time. According to the manufacturer’s technical specs, it has about a 1KM flight range and up to 500 meters WIFI FPV range.

Its 4K EIS camera has 130° field of view (FOV) and can be tilted from ahead view to ground view.

The HollyStone HS700E is extremely stable and easy to fly thanks to the dual-satellite positioning system combined with Optical Flow Positioning (OFP) and an Air Pressure sensor. The “Return To Home” safety feature protects your investment, but more importantly, takes away the “fear factor” of losing your drone. 

Holly Stone HS700E features and specs

  • Dual Satellite Navigation System (GPS + GLONASS);
  • Optical Flow Positioning and Air Pressure Sensor;
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • 4K EIS camera with 130° FOV lens and 90° adjustable mount;
  • 4K@30fps or 1080p@60fps video recording;
  • Intelligent flight modes;
  • Precise emergency return to home function;
  • Up to 1000 KM (2624~3277 Feet) flight range and 500 meters (1640 Feet) WIFI FPV range;
  • 22 minutes of flight time per battery.



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