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Hubsan ACE SE Refined Carbon Fiber Edition

Hubsan ACE SE R

The Hubsan ACE SE R comes with a nice carbon fiber-like finish. This 5th generation ACE SE Refined has a 4K camera with a big 1/2.6inch image sensor and a 3-axis gimbal that allows 3840×2160/1920×1080@30fps recording with up to 100Mbps.

Thanks to the high capacity 4S 3200 mAh intelligent battery, the Hubsan ACE Refined has up to 37 minutes of cruising time. The SyncLeas v2 transmission system provides a range of up to 9km, in both FCC and CE modes. When the drone is out of range, or the flight battery is too low it will return autonomously to the take-off point.

When folded up, the Hubsan ACE SE R can quite easily slip into a large pocket – think cargo pants or a big jacket. Weighting 600 grams, needs to be registered in most countries including the US.

Besides the dual-satellite positioning (GPS+GLONASS), it also comes with Tof, Barometer, and Visual Optical Flow sensors for stable hovering.

Hubsan ACE SE R features and specs

  • Cool folding design with carbon fiber-like finish;
  • Outward Rotation 1503 – KV2820 brushless motors + 4 x 20A ESC;
  • Third-generation flight controller;
  • Tof, Barometer, Visual Optical Flow, and GPS positioning system;
  • 4K camera with 1/2.6inch CMOS sensor and 3 Axis gimbal;
    • 4K: 3840×2160@30fps
    • 2.7K: 2720×1530@30fps
    • 1080P: 1920×1080@30fps
  • Failsafe return to home (RTH);
  • Intelligent flight modes (Surrounding, Waypoint, Following, Creative, and Line to Fly);
  • Third-generation Tracking Technology (ATVT 3.0);
  • Up to 9Km flight range (SyncLeas v2 transmission system);
  • About 37 minutes of flight time (4S Smart lithium battery);
  • About 600 grams take-off weight (with battery).

Test video


  1. I had good success with my first hubsan. Regrettably – I purchased the Hubsan Ace SE refined in December. It flew beautifully for 3 short test flights. Starting up for 4th flight. The drone stopped communicating with the controller. Have tried everything including trying to slave to another Hubsan controller. No luck.

    I have emailed Hubsan support 4-5 times and not a word back from them.

    The 3 successful flights are now the most expensive drone flights I have ever made!

    A company is as good as their support and Hubsan’s support is non-existent.

    Buyer beware.

    • I just ordered one. because they EXO Blackhawk 2 is basically the same device you might be able to find assistance in the EXO community. Honestly that’s why I ordered the Hubsan over the EXO. Get the same unit cheaper and if something goes wrong, I could use EXO parts as replacements


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