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iFlight Wing Fei: Cheap entry-level FPV goggles

Photo of iFlight Wing Fei headset

Flying using FPV goggles is a terrific experience that every pilot should try it at least once. In the past, these gears were pretty expensive, but now you can buy great starter drone goggles like the iFlight Wing Fei for less than 100 bucks. Furthermore, at this friendly price, you will get a nice carry case and some cool iFlight drone stickers.

The goggles measure 113 x 155 x 144mm and weigh 341 grams. All the controls and connectors are easily accessible on the top. In order to ensure stable reception, the iFlight Wing Fei FPV headset comes with a dual-antenna system.

Featuring three-ways adjustable “T” type headband, the Wing Fei FPV goggles can be adapted for almost any head sizes.

iFlight Wing Fei features and specs

  • 4.3″ color display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels;
  • Integrated DVR (can take memory cards with up to 32MB);
  • Built-in 3.7V 2000mah battery;
  • Standard USB charging port;
  • Onboard dual-antenna 5.8G FPV receiver;
  • Three-ways adjustable “T” type headband;
  • Measures 113 x 155 x 144mm and weighs 341g.

Product photos

front view
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