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KF101 GPS drone with 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal

Over the last few years, we published drone news about KF quadcopters from various brands such as KFPLAN, KaiFeng, and Kylin. This KF101 features Mavic Pro-like backpack-friendly folding design.

The KF101 drone is equipped with 4K EIS camera installed on a 3-axis gimbal that allows remote angle adjustment. It is capable to record 2560*1440P@25fps videos and to take 3840*2160 photos.

According to the advertised specs, the 3 cell 2500mAh battery allows up to 30 minutes of flight time. Based on my experience and taking into consideration that it weighs more than 500 grams I expect a real battery life somewhere between 18-22 minutes.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home function (RTH), the drone will automatically return to the take-off point in case of RC signal loss or low flight battery voltage. RTH can be triggered manually as well.

KF101 remote controller

KF101 drone features and specs

  • Mavic-like folding design (200 x 110 x 80mm / 578g);
  • GPS/Optical Flow positioning system;
  • Strong 3200RPM motors with Level 8 wind resistance;
  • 4K EIS 3-axis gimbal camera (2560*1440P@25fps video resolution);
  • Fail-safe RTH (Low battery and RC signal loss);
  • Intelligent flight modes (Smart Follow and Waypoint);
  • About 1KM flight range;
  • Up to 30 minutes battery life.


  1. Well Todd… I am an RC pilot for about 20 years, an actual FAA licensed pilot for 42 years. New to drones and I find that the throttle and rudder on the left stick is like most RC set ups. Not sure if this is unusual for a drone as I’m inexperienced there. But I wouldn’t crawl into a plane and take off without positively knowing and controlling my flight surfaces. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  2. I am an experienced pilot have been flying for seven years I am immediately noticed that the KF10 one controller is backwards throttle is on the left side completely ridiculous after doing all my calibrations and satellites I begin to fly the drone at flips on the ground and rips up the propellers will be packing this piece of crap up and sending it back

    • there are at least 4 different remote controller layouts. most commonly used are mode 1 (throttle on right) and mode 2 (throttle on left)

  3. The 1km flight range and decent camera mean this could almost be a decent option for a beginner looking to get into drone mapping and surveying. It’s a shame about the battery life though.


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