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LYZRC 011 Pro MAX with obstacle avoidance


Apparently, the LYZRC 011 Pro MAX is a rebranded ZLRC SG906 PRO 3 MAX. It features a similar folding design and set of functionalities. The basic LYZRC 011 Pro comes with a 1KM range and the ‘MAX’ edition 3KM range, thanks to the inbuilt repeater.

Powered by a 7.6V 3400mAh battery it has about 23-26 minutes of flight time. The battery is removable and can be conveniently charged via a USB port. The LIPO pack has 4 charging level indicator LEDs.

The ‘laser’ avoidance sensor is mounted on top of the aircraft and rotates to achieve 360° degrees coverage. With folded arms measures 17.4×8.4x7cm and weighs 585.6 grams.

Its main camera has a 1/3.2″ CMOS sensor and it is capable to record videos with 2048*1080@25fps. Thanks to the 3-axis gimbal, the camera angle can be remotely adjusted.

LYZRC 011 Pro MAX features and specs

  • Space-saving design with folding arms;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance system (≤20meters detection range);
  • 1806 1700KV brushless motors with level-5 wind resistance;
  • 40km/h flight range;
  • 4K EIS camera with 1/3.2 inch sensor 3-axis gimbal;
  • 2048*1080 video and 4096*3072 photo resolutions;
  • 1Km range for Standard and 3Km for MAX edition with repeater;
  • 23-26 minutes of battery life.



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