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Osmo Pocket vs FiMI Palm: Best alternative

Side by side view of Osmo Pocket and FiMI Palm

Till yesterday, the Osmo Pocket was a quite unique product on its market segment. There was no other handheld gimbal with similar specs and features. The just rumored Xiaomi FiMI Palm could be a good alternative for the Osmo Pocket, but only if Xiaomi will offer it for at least $100 less – especially that it has only 30fps at 4K.

If you look at the image above, you can see that these two handheld gimbals share a similar form factor. While the DJI Osmo Pocket measures 36.9 × 28.6 x 121.9 mm and weighs 116 grams, the Xiaomi FiMI Palm has 30.5 x 22.7 x 127 mm and 120 grams.

The biggest cons found during my Osmo Pocket review was the lack of native wireless connectivity. The FIMI Palm seems to solve this drawback by featuring built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Furthermore, it has a tripod mount and a standard 3.5mm external microphone port.

DJI Osmo Pocket vs Xiaomi Fimi Palm: In-Depth Comparison Guide

In the table below I will try to compare the most important specs of both pocket gimbals. I highlighted with red were the Osmo Pocket excels and with green were the FiMI Palm shines. Note: I reserved the third column for another Osmo Pocket alternative which will be revealed next month.

  Osmo Pocket FiMI Palm ?
Size 122 x 37 x 29 mm
4.8 x 1.5 x 1.1″
127 x 31 x 23 mm
5 x 1.2 x 0.9″
Weight 116 g / 4.09 oz 120 g / 4.23 oz N/A
Stabilization 3-axis mechanical 3-axis mechanical N/A
Gimbal range Pan: -230° – +50°
Tilt: -95° – +50°
Roll: -45° – +45°
Pan: -245° – +65°
Tilt: -105° – +105°
Roll: -90° – +90°
Gimbal modes Follow, Tilt Locked and FPV Follow, Pitch Lock, FPV and All Locked N/A
Controls Mode + Shutter buttons 5-way joystick + Shutter button N/A
Display 1.08″ Touchscreen 1.22″ Touchscreen N/A
Image sensor 12M – 1/2.3″ CMOS 12M – 1/2.3″ CMOS N/A
LENS FOV 80° 128° N/A
Max resolution 4K@60fps 4K@30fps N/A
Max bit-rate 100 Mbps 100 Mbps N/A
Audio Built-in dual-microphone + external USB Type-C Built-in dual-microphone + external 3.5mm N/A
Active tracking Yes Yes N/A
Creative modes Panorama, Time-lapse, Motion-lapse and Hyper-lapse Panorama, Time-lapse, Motion-lapse and Hyper-lapse, 8x slow-motion and 3x stabilized zoom N/A
Battery 875 mAh 1000 mAh N/A
Run time 140 minutes 240 minutes N/A
Wireless connectivity WiFi & Bluetooth with an external accessory Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth  N/A
USB port Type-C Type-C N/A
Tripod mount No Yes N/A
Price $309 – Order from DJI $179.99 – Order from GearBest N/A


  1. Maybe you can compare the FIMI PALM with the first generation Osmo Pocket, but DJI tomorrow will officially reveal the new OP2 with a bigger image sensor

    • Considering the lowest price of each of them ($309 for DJI vs. $99 pre-order for FIMI a couple weeks ago), the comparison doesn’t seem fair. There’s a $200 price difference. Even at a $149 price point, I’d still compromise on the material.

    • Personally I own the OP, it is an excellent portable gimbal for traveling. I paid $399 of it, but now during DJI winter sales is only $309. I know that the $199 price of the FiMI Palm is very attractive, but without some sample videos I would not never buy it. Also for slow-motion videos the higher bitrate is a must have.

  2. With 60fps, Osmo Pocket is the winner for me. FiMi should reconsider the outdated specs of the Palm. Ok it has WiFi, but we want a camera to record videos in best quality available at the time.

    • Agreed that people want videos in the best quality available. But honestly speaking, that means we have to pay like $200 more for 60fps. And that’s the only pro I found in the Osmo Pocket. Anything else seems similar. The pocket even doesn’t have as many features…

  3. DJI products are always better than Xiaomi ones. They are leader in drone imaging technology, so I’m sceptic that the Palm can be better than Osmo Pocket.

  4. Osmo pocket features Hasselblad image sensor and professional grade mechanical gimbal with longer lifespan. You should check out video quality before you order any of these two gimbals.


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