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Quadcopter flying tips

Reading the FY-X8’s user manual, I found some interesting and useful tips for all quadcopter flyers.

If you are a beginner flyer or you just bought your new quadcopter, firstly try only with basic movements, up and down, back and forth. Once you know those movements properly move up to repeating the same movements with nose in, tail out.

The configuration of the remote controller usually includes two joysticks. The left one is for controlling the altitude of the quadcopter and the right one is for controlling heading.

When you are flying any new aircraft, keep to the rule of fly low and fly slow.

Remember, your rudder, ailerons and elevators are reversed when the quadcopter is facing you (in case your aircraft doesn’t have headless mode).

Do not fly indoor unless you are really skillful.

Know where you fly, learn about the location you are in.

Try and find a large grass field and take off gently the aircraft.

Firstly, always fly with the sun behind you to avoid getting the sun in your eyes and losing sight of your quadcopter.

Never fly the quadcopter behind you or above you, make sure it is always in front of you.

Don’t use other batteries apart from they shipped with the quadcopter, always use genuine spare batteries with your aircraft.

Try to not over charge your battery as it will degrade over time, resulting in shorter flights. Continue, and they will puff up causing serious damages.

Don’t over kill the batteries! One battery is never enough, always have a few spare batteries charged and ready for your next fly.

Always take a rest after you switch the batteries, give it enough time for the motors to cool down.

Store the batteries at half charged in metal containers.

Quadcopter tips in case of crash landing

If you land your quadcopter on grass, you are unlikely to inflict any serious damage. Nevertheless,  after any crash landing, be sure to check carefully for any damage of your aircraft.

In case of crash land please check the propellers making sure they spin freely.

Try not to fall inverted as the chances of damaging your motors are greatly increased.

Always re-calibrate your quadcopter after crashes.

When you fly in small areas, your muscle memory develops and you can learn throttle management after your hands get the right feel of the remote control.

Do not disturb other people or animals when you are flying outdoor with your quadcopter.

If you are taking aerial videos, respect other people’s privacy.

The last tip for the beginner flyers is, even if they have enough budget, that I would recommend them to get a small and cheap quadcopter firstly. After they have mastered the flying skills with this mini quadcopter, they can move onto something bigger and expensive like the DJi Phantom.

If you have more quadcopter flying tips, please suggest them by using the contact form at the end of this page.


  1. The difference between a 25c and 20 is the available ‘run’ time with the RC unit..a little more punch at the throttle also..

  2. Thanks!
    Please share more flying tips for newbies.
    Please can you tell me the differences between 20C and 25C batteries?

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