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SJRC F7 drone: New design, super-long range

The SJRC F7 adopts a completely different design from any other drone features in our drone news section. Somehow mixes the design of a Phantom and a Mavic drone. It has folding arms but also high landing gears. Its 3-axis 4K gimbal camera also looks pretty weird these days.

Besides the unique look, the SJRC F7 promises up to a 3KM WIFI FPV range. The ultra-long range is obtained by bridging 2.4G with 5G bands. This approach is adopted by your home routes in order to increase bandwidth (download speed).

According to the advertised specs, its 11.1V 2600mAh battery allows up to 25 minutes of flight time. The modular battery pack has a USB Type-C charging port.

It can record 3840x2160P videos with 15fps. The onboard micro-SD slot can take up to 128GB memory cards.

Features and specs

  • High ground clearance and folding arms;
  • 33×32.5×13.5cm unfolded and 11.8×16.1×13.5cm folded size (550 grams total weight);
  • Ultra-long 3Km WIFI video transmission using bridged 2.4+5GHZ connection;
  • 3-axis electronically stabilized gimbal
  • UHD 4K camera (3840x2160P @ 15fps);
  • Remote camera angle adjustment (pitch -90° to 0);
  • Intelligent flight modes (GPS follow me, Waypoint flight, and Point of interest);
  • About 25 minutes of battery life.

SJRC F7 box content

Box content

In addition to the usual accessories (remote controller, flight battery, and spare propellers) SJRC includes with the F7 drone a nice shoulder bag that allows comfortable transportation and safe storage.


  1. After a couple of flights with the SJRC F7, I decided to install a GoPro 9 camera. What do you think? It will handle the extra weight?


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