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Zhiyun Smooth 5S: Duracell bunny of Smartphone Gimbals

With all-day-long continuous video stabilization, the new Zhiyun Smooth 5S can be considered the Duracell bunny of Smartphone Gimbals.

The SMOOTH 5S is the latest addition to ZHIYUN’s iconic SMOOTH series. As well as offering several upgraded features that make it more powerful, with superior image stabilization and support for larger smartphones, it features a new, high-performance fill-light built-in, plus two modular magnetic LEDs for 360° all-around lighting, providing an integrated yet simplified filmmaking experience for any content creator.

Zhiyun promises superior anti-shake footage, which preserves the original quality of the shoot. The magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithms provide firm support for even larger-sized smartphones, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro Max (compatibility list). Furthermore, the wider phone clamp supports external lens options.

Vloggers have complete control thanks to ZHIYUN’s iconic, intuitive control panel and wheel, allowing easy adjustment of gimbal parameters. Visible shooting modes combine with a round-cap joystick to get shot-ready with an effortless one-handed operation. Achieve Dolly Zoom and Shot Reverse Shot by switching between zoom and focus. Focus and focal length control at ease with the control wheel.

Zhiyun Smooth 5S: Key features

  • [Pro 3-Axis Design] SMOOTH 5S stands out with its professional structure of 3 orthogonal pivot axes that bring you more possibilities with greater vision. The wider space between each axis facilitates extreme-angel shootings, allowing you to make cinematic shots without limits.
  • [Sturdy Motor Performance]The magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithms firmly power up phones of large sizes. The wider phone clamp supports external lens options for your next-level creation.
  • [Built-In Fill Light] A new fill light with the 650 lux peak illuminance is added to the tilt axis, making SMOOTH 5S an all-rounder for better telling your story.
  • [Intuitive Panel Control] A versatile panel is designed for overall control, allowing you to adjust parameters smoothly at your fingertip. Get you ready in an instant for an effortless single-hand shoot.
  • [Duracell Bunny] Getting a 100% power-up gimbal only takes 2 hours. A maximum of 24 hours guarantees you a non-stop fluent creation.

360 degrees fill light

Unleash your creativity with ZY Came APP

The ZY Cami mobile APP offers multiple templates, filters, music, transitions, and stickers, including:

  • Multiple quick switch shooting modes, including PF, L, F, POV
  • Zoom and focus switch support and focal length adjustment via the control wheel enable entry-level to film professional dolly zoom effects.
  • SMART FOLLOW – secures the spotlight for your subject. Remotely control the camera via gestures.
  • MagicClone Pano, Slow Motion, Timelapse features.

Video shoot using Smooth 5S gimbal

Pricing and availability

At ZHIYUN online store, the standard SMOOTH 5S is available for the price of USD$169, and the Combo kit includes a membership card, wrist strap, protective bag, and two magnetic fill lights is a ready-to-go kit available for just USD$219. You have two color options: black and white.



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