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ZLL SG908 MAX (KUN2) and Pro (KUN1) 4K drones with OA

For Christmas 2021, ZLL announced two new drones, the SG908 Max aka KUN 2 and SG908 Pro aka KUN 1. Both quadcopters feature an identical folding design, a 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal, and a laser-guided obstacle avoidance system (OA). In addition to the primary camera, they have a second one on the belly of the fuselage that serves as an optical flow positioning sensor.

Apparently, the only difference between these two ZLL drones is the communication system. While the ZLL SG908 Pro uses standard 5GHZ WIFI Drone to Phone video transmission, the ZLL SG908 MAX’s transmitter has repeater mode (Drone > RC > Phone) that doubles the range (1200meters vs. 3000 meters).

Design of ZLL SG908 MAX and Pro

Both drones are powered by a 2S 3400mAh battery that provides around 26 minutes of flight time. The LIPO pack has 4 charging level indicator LEDs and a USB charging port.

In addition to the standard flight modes (Fixed point around, Dot hovering, Smart Follow, and Waypoint flight) they feature Soaring, Far away, and Spiraling Upward creative flight modes.

ZLL SG908 MAX\Pro features and specs

  • Backpack friendly cool folding design;
  • Strong brushless motors;
  • 360° Laser obstacle avoidance system;
  • Dual positioning system (GPS + Optical Flow);
  • 4K camera with 3-axis gimbal;
  • 5GHz WIFI real-time image transmission;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Fixed point around, Dot hovering, Smart Follow, Waypoint flight, Soaring, Far away, and Spiraling Upward);
  • About 26 minutes of battery life;
  • 1200 meter (SG908 Pro) or 3000 (SG908 MAX) meters flight range.

Price and avalialbiltiy

Both ZLL SG908 Pro and SG908 Max can be ordered from Banggood with a starting price of $209.99\240.99. This price includes a remote controller, one flight battery, a set o spare propellers, and charging cables. If you need longer flight time you can also opt for the ‘Fly More Combo’ pack with 2 or 3 flight batteries.

Product images

4K camera with 3-axis gimbal
Obstacle avoidance sensor
Battery life


  1. I have got my SG 908 max everything is quite fine except the two batteries I got was very bad after just few flight the batteries got swollen very badly and I can not use them any more, because deformity it can not be placed in the drone, I need new batteries can you please let me know if the 5000 mAh that I found in internet fits to sg 908 max, or I have to use only 3400 mAh moreover can you please guide me where I can buy the spare batteries in UAE perhaps in DUBAI

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

  2. Is there a replacement remote control for this drone? Mine will no longer accept a charge. Is there an equivalent controller from previous models?

  3. How do I obtain a copy of the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF my SG908MAX drone, to be able to homologate it with ANATEL?

  4. I’ve just purchased SG908max drone and have problem with range and xilmax application. Maximum range i reached in free area was only 300m.video transmission range up to 200m, but video could be lost just if altitude is above 100m. So where is 3km range? XILMAX application stops and dissapesres from the screen when video rdclrding is on and communication between drone and smartphone gets lost. Before i had sg906 drone and See that 3 Times more expensive SG908 is not much better in terms of range.
    I am using Huwey P30 pro Phone. Maybe Xilmax application requires other android version.

  5. Hi There
    I bought a SG908 Max drone and during my learning curve crashed it into my garage door, when I went pick up the unit there was smoke coming out from the front of the drone above the gimbal. The Drone still flies perfectly but the gimbal doesn’t work and the camera resolution is very bad.

    I suspect that the little pc board that controls the gimbal and camera has been severely damaged. I need assistance to find out where to get spares for this drone, I have searched the internet and cannot find any electronic spares for the drone. I live in South Africa and will probably be able to fix the craft myself if I can find the spares.

    Can anyone help with an email address or contact details of the company so that I can request the necessary spare parts?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  6. Hello,
    I’m a little confused about frames per second in UK vs USA. I want to buy a SG908max but the specs say it shoots in 25fps, which I’m seeing is the standard for 50hz in the UK.

    Will this be a problem with playback on a 60hz tv in the USA? Why would they sell a drone that would only shoot in 25fps and not 24 or 30 fps? Hmmmm

    Everyone is saying to get a drone that shoots in 30fps and then convert the video into 24fps to make it slower and smoother. I believe most of my playbacks would be on a phone, tablet, or computer and maybe some will be on my TV.

    Can you give me some guidance here? I have tried to contact a couple different people but no answers to this as yet.

    Rick K


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