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HGLRC Zeus25 AIO review: F722 Flight Controller + 25A ESC

The HGLRC Zeus25 AIO flight controller is full of features, including a high-performance STM32F722 processor, 25A BL32 ESC, OSD, 4x UART, 10V BEC, easy soldering layout with large pads, and much more.

Zeus25 AIO supports PPM (FlySky), Serial RX (including FrSky, S.BUS, DSMX, etc.), and ExpressLRS (RX/TX) radio receivers. It has dedicated pads for Caddx Vista or DJI Air Unit digital FPV transmitters. Its features can be extended with a GPS module or programable LED light.

When you build an FPV drone, the flight controller you select is important because it will be the “brains” of your machine. An AIO solution like the Zeus 25 provides easier implementation compared to FC + ESC approach. The FC needs to be matched with the frame size, motors, and not lastly, the battery type (number of cells) you want to use. If you are just starting with this hobby, I suggest you start with Betaflight because it’s the most widely used firmware with tons of online resources and communities ready to help if you get stuck with your project.

HGLRC Zeus25 flight controller review

Disclosure: I received this AIO flight controller as part of a product review collaboration with HGLRC. Technical specs and quality may vary according to the manufacturer’s reliability, so I cannot guarantee that you will get a product identical as seen in my article.


HGLRC packs the Zeus25 flight controller in a nice transparent box with included connection diagram, 220μF/35V RF capacitor, XT30 battery cable, and four M2 anti-vibration dampers.

The Zeus25 board measures 32.5×32.5mm and has a mounting pattern of 25.5~26.6 x 25.5~26.6mm. Without battery cable and RF capacitor weights about 8 grams. It comes with silicone grommets for soft mounting. It has 4 UART ports, a 10V/1A BEC, and a 5V/2A BEC. The flight controller can be powered with 3 to 6S batteries, remember to match the motors with LIPO pack.

It has large soldering pads but without labeling. For a detailed pinout and wiring diagram check the photo below.


  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Suitable for 65~200mm drones (1.6-5″ prop size);
  • 1103/1104/1105/1106/1404/1606 recommended motors;
  • BetaFlight firmware (HGLRC);
  • Integrated 25A BL32 4in1 ESC;
  • 3-6S LIPO compatible.


  • Size of 32.5×32.5mm;
  • Weight of 8.2 grams;
  • F722 Flight Controller:
    • CPU:STM32F722
    • MPU: MPU6000
    • OSD and LES strip: Supported
    • BEC: 10V/1A and 5V/2A
    • BlackBox: NO
    • UARTS: 5
  • 25A BL32 4in1 ESC
    • Current Sensor: Not supported
    • Constant Current:25A
    • Peak Current:30A(10s)

Price and availability

Like most AIO flight controllers, the Zeus25 isn’t cheap -currently is priced for $74.99 at HGLRC. In the box, you will receive an RF capacitor, battery cable, and rubber grommets. This FC is also available in ready-to-fly drones such as Petrel 120X Pro, Sector 4 FR, Veyron25, and more.

Editor's ratings
  • Price/performance ratio
  • Compatibility
  • UART Ports


The HGLRC Zeus25 is a very capable AIO flight controller with an integrated 25A ESC. It has 4 UART ports, a 10V BEC, and dedicated pins for Caddx Vista or DJI Air Unit. It could be a good option for a 2.5-4″ CineWhoop or Toothpick. The FC can be powered with 3 to 6 LIPO batteries.


  • High performance STM32F722 (up to 216MHz) processor
  • Integrated BL32 ESC;
  • Built-in 10V BEC for digital FPV systems (Caddx & DJI);
  • Included RF capacity, XT30 battery cable and Anti-vibration rubber dampers.


  • NO DJI port
  • Heats up quickly
User Review
3.43 (7 votes)
Zeus25 unboxing video by Gal Kremer


  1. Never buying another AIO flight controller again. One of the ESC’s MOSFET burned out two times and I needed to replace the entire unit :(

  2. The onboard ESC started heating up before I even got to fly, and now all ESCs are all dead :(
    Any reliable alternative for the Zeus25?


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