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Syma X5C Explorers worst to buy it?

The X5C Quadcopter with 2MP HD Camera is the newest in RC multi-rotor from Syma. It’s new design will allow you to fly faster, be more agile in the air and simultaneously make aerial photography or record video.

Syma makes RC helicopters and Quadcopters for many years and we have always read good reviews on the reliability, quality and flight characteristics of their aircrafts.

I found this model being available to all of the major online sellers of RC Helicopters and RC Quadcopter and I ordered it from BangGood at a very attractive price.

This Syma X5C multi-rotor can be flied indoors or outdoors on low wind condition. Luckily for the beginner flyers, the rotor blades are protected with a plastic frame guard and also you will receive 4 extra rotor blades.

The 4ch 2.4 MHz remote controled quadcopter with gyro auto stabilizes during flight and allows you to go up, down, left, right, forward, backward, left aileron (roll), and right aileron (roll).

It’s a ready to fly quadcopter, you have to fallow only these few steps before your first fly with the Syma X5C:

  • Step 1: Press the ON/OFF, power switch up;
  • Step 2: Open the battery cover and insert the battery into power port;
  • Step 3: Close the battery cover and turn on the quadcopter;
  • Step 4: Push the throttle lever to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position. There will be one clear sound from the transmitter, this shows that the quadcopter has entered into the pre-fly state;
  • Step 5: when syncing your quadcopter keep it in a horizontal position to start to a horizontal stable flight;
  • Step 6: Ready to fly!

On the video below you can see how easily you can fly the Syma X5C Quadcopter.

Syma X5C Quadcopter features:

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor fly;
  • Onboard HD Camera with 2 million pixels for aerial photography;
  • 6-Axis stabilization, allows the quad to be hand launched;
  • The 6-Axis Gyro offers strong stability, stronger wind resistance and easier to control for beginners;
  • 4-channel, 2.4GHz radio control adopted for anti-interference;
  • Two mode remote controller: Mode1 and Mode2;
  • LED Effects for night fly;
  • Flight functions: up/down, left/right sideward fight, forward/backward, turn left/right;
  • 360-degree 3D eversion and throwing flight function;
  • Rechargeable 3.7V 500mAh Li-poly Battery;
  • Easy and convenient charging through included micro USB cable.

Syma X5c Specification:

  • dimention: 31×31 cm;
  • height: 8 cm;
  • battery: Li-Po 3.7V 500mAh
  • charging time: about 100 Minutes
  • flying time: about 7 Minutes
  • remote distance: ~50m
  • radio frequency: 2.4G
  • 2Mp HD Camera


  • Very attractive price;
  • Onboard 2MP camera;
  • You can easily do flips in the air;
  • You can find easily replace parts on the market.


  • No First Person View;
  • Short distance range;
  • Short flight time;
  • brushed motors.

After I will receive my Syma X5C, I will post more images with this quadcopter, also I will upload some videos with it.


  1. I bought a syma x5c but I have problems with fully backward by himself, does anybody know a solution for this.?
    The tuning button pressed but the tuning is going fully backward by himself…. plz help here…

    • I had mine for one week. got stuck in a tree and stayed there for a couple of hrs. now has same problem ( backwards all the time) gyro will not reset via sticks down and left. just keep flashing fast.
      did you find a solution for it?

  2. We purchased the X5C and was very happy until the wind took hold and carried it away. It was lost so we purchased another without the remote. We thought we could use the original remote since we purchased the same quadcopter, but it does not work. The instructions talk about changing the band, but no instructions on how to do this.
    Can you help us change the band on the remote controller ?

    • turn your remote on.
      turn your drone on.
      push the 2 joysticks into the bottom right position
      until the drone responds.

  3. Have Issue, When I plug in the Battery 3.7 500 Ah onto the USB socket to charge, the red light remains ON forever and does not go off? How do I know it is charged?
    Left it 4 hours and only got 2 min flight time.

  4. Hi brought the copter and I can’t get it to sync.
    I’ve charged it for the recommended time and the charger light is off. It just flashes when on. I don’t know how to check the voltage and don’t have any tools.
    Any suggestions? How can you change the channel as suggested in the instructions?

  5. I received my X5C quadcopter but the instruction manual is for the X5 version with no camera instruction!
    Please e-mail me instructions for the camera operation!


  6. Hey, when i connect the drone and the controller everything goes as it should, but as soon as i try to fly it just stopps and the drone starts to rapidly blink for a few second until i move the left stick. I have tried everything to get it to work, but nothing works. Anyone her have a tip or have had the same problem?

  7. Hey I just got the x5c and I can’t get it to sync. Also the transmitter has a loud high pitch buzzing sound. Is this normal what should I do or try

  8. My syma x5C explorer just arrived and am having problems with the camera. it simply does not work. I’ve tried using the button at the top right of the remote control but it triggers the 3d rollover. I tried the “c” button on the remote control, but it does not record videos or take pictures.
    I read in some places that once the camera is plugged, the 3D rollover should disable. To me it seems that is not working.
    Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem.
    I accessed the sdcard and there were two folders (Photo and Video). I deleted them and put back them. Already formatted the card and nothing to solve the problem.

    Please help me.

  9. I just received my X5C and am unable to get a sync. I’ve got charged batteries. The quadcopter just blinks fast no matter what I do with the transmitter. The instruction book says to change the transmitter channel if this problem exists. How do I change the transmitter channel?

  10. HI everyone.
    Just got my SYMa X5c and problem is with charging the battery.
    When I plug charger with battery into USB port red light stays on for few seconds and goes off. Looks like it is not charging as the quad will not fly, it switch off after about 3-4 sec.
    Anyone knows what it is?

  11. Guys, please…

    It is NOT ready to fly out-of-the-box.
    Yes, it works, but I tried my ass off to fine tune it and you will never get it 100%.
    It takes off and then slightly and slowly goes no matter which direction.
    Besides there is NOT difference between H and L modes, I mean speed and not controller modes 1 and 2.

    But what else you can expect from 60$ toy right?

  12. Greetings, i’ve just unboxed mine and found that 3 of the blades turn beautifully. the fourth turns but seems to ‘stick’ at one area of the larger gear that goes from hole of gear to hole of gear (about 1/5 rotation of the large gear). other than that area the blade turns freely. i turn it on and of course it ‘pulls’ to that side. when i power down the blades that is the first one to stop spinning. the gear looks clear and uniform in shape. i tried recalibrating which didn’t change anything. i would be grateful for any suggestions you’d care to offer. thank you for your time.

  13. Hey, I purchased my syma x5c and it arrived. But there is a problem… I charged the battery for a good 74-80 minutes and put it into my quadcopter. I closed the power port and every thing like that but when I turned on the quadcopter none of the lights turned on or any of that. I tried charging it again same problem. Please help!

  14. I bought my Syma x5c 5 days ago, I enjoy flying it, its addictive. You cannot avoid to crash, bang and have hard landings on the quadcopter in indoor areas. If the quadcopter does abnormal movements I trim the forward/ backward, left and right movement. I also reset the quadcopter by pulling down the to levers then turn right until the LED blinks goes steady. Now I got this problem, my X5C cannot lift off, it tends to crawl backwards left side movement and a whistle sounds comes from the aircraft I thinks one of the motor.
    Can someone suggest me what is the problem and what is the best way to do.
    Appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

  15. Hi,

    I feel so disappointed today, I just bought my Syma x5c-1 today and lost it in a 1st flight.
    Does any one know how can it be tracked and traced, it was night time in a residential area, how can I find it with the controller??
    Any ideas?


  16. J’ai le meme probléme depuis ce matin.Impossible de faire la syncronisation avec le drone.Si vous avez une idée je suis preneur.Merci encore jp

  17. yes,
    the voltage seems to be ok. maybe the current is fucked up.
    can i use a 3.7 1400mah battery instead the 3.7 500mah i got with the device?

    • Yes you can make a try with the 3.7V 1400mAh battery.
      If will bind the X5C with the transmitter then your stock battery is dead
      I won’t bind then probably is something wrong with the receiver board or the transmitter.

  18. hey,

    i need help!!!
    i bought X5C a week ago. i have issues with the syncing part.
    when i turn on the power the quad is flashing really fast. when i turn on the controller and pull up the throttle it does not sync.
    only once in a while it flashes normally and agrees to sync.

    what can i do?

  19. i bought a syma x5c but i have problems with the finetuning, the finetuning goes fully forward or fully backward by himself, does anybody know a solution for this.?

  20. i damage my syma in water, ordered new board motors…after all soldering fine.. the board won’t bind. I try many ways but still nothing, can not find on internet same problem resolving. The quad leds is blinking rapidly after turning on, after i turn on the transmiter put throtile up-down the sound is here from the transmiter but the quad start to blink slowly and no bind…any solution ?

  21. After 5-6 charges one of my spare battery of my Syma X5C is dead, I contacted the seller, I got an interesting and disappointing answer: “I just confirmed with the supply, it is charged by 40 times usually. It was used for about 1 month so we can’t replace it. We can give you a discount for you if you order next time. Hope you can understand it.

    Normal life of the lipo battery is only 40th charges?

  22. Calibrating the gyro on the Syma X5C: put the quad on a flat surface, power on the quadcopter and the transmitter, hold both control sticks in the lower right corner until the LED lights start blinking rapidly then release them, done you are ready for some test flights.

  23. It’s fly very good, no problems with hovering, you can easy fly in your yard. It has high and low speed, the size is smaller than the Cheerson CX-20, so it’s not a rocket.

  24. Hello everyone, I just got my Syma X5C in the mail. Very easy and fun to fly, I haven’t tested the camera yet, probably tomorrow I will make my first aerial video :)

  25. I just bought the Syma X5c from EBAY for under $69, It finally came in and so far it’s awesome!
    I’m going to take some videos later today Kevin

  26. The actual range of X5C is only 50 m? Maybe we can extended with an external 2.4Ghz antenna. Anyone tried to hack this quadcopter?

  27. After few days of usage, I broke one of the prop guard…The Syma X5C is the perfect quadcopter for beginners.

  28. Its fly very steady, no problems with hovering, you can easy fly in your living room.
    The remote control has high and low speed. The size of the X5 is bigger than Syma X3. Very good buy.

  29. Crappy video quality. Can’t fly it in a windy day. It’s more a toy not a real quadcopter / drone for outdoor fly.

  30. The Syma X5C is definitely the best quacdcopter that you can get for $65. It has a stable flight. It is very entertained of flying. Good video quality in day light. Recommended 100%!

  31. Out of the box, connect the battery and fly! The Syma X5C is the best quadcopter I have. It’s very stable and flying perfect.


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