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BETAFPV LiteRadio 2: One of the cheapest FrSky transmitter

Price for only $50, the BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 is currently the most affordable FrSky compatible 8 channel drone transmitter. It features a similar game controller style design to the Jumper T-Lite. It is available in white and black colors, with a mode2 stick assignment (throttle on left).

The front panel of the BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 remote controller is very clean just the power button and the two joysticks. On each side of the transmitter there two shoulder switches. Setup and Bind buttons are located on the back. The RC is powered by a 2cell 350mAh LIPO battery. As no status screen, all the configurations must be done from your computer via OpenTX computer-based graphical user interface.

By default, the LiteRadio2 transmitter comes FrSky D8, D16 FCC compatibility, but it cane switched also to LBT (Europen) mode.

Thanks to the USB data port, it can be connected to your computer and used with drone simulators like LiftOff. The RC also has an audio port for student mode.

BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 features and specs

  • Gamepad style design;
  • Mode 2 stick layout (throttle on left);
  • 4 shoulder switches (two on each side);
  • Hobby-grade remote with 8 channels;
  • 2.4G System (NRF24L01 or CC2500);
  • Powered by OpenTX firmware ( 2.2.4 version);
  • Bayang/FrSky radio protocol compatible;
  • Can be paired with Frsky D8, Frsky D16 FCC, and Frsky D16 LBT mode (The default version is Frsky D16 FCC) radio receivers;
  • Support for computer FPV Simulators;
  • Internal XH2.54 battery socket;
  • USB charging port (included 2S/350mAh LIPO battery).

BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 vs LiteRadio 2 SE

Just a few weeks after the LiteRadio 2 was released, BETAFPV brings on the market an upgraded version named LiteRadio 2 SE. Find in the table below a comparison of these two editions.

  LiteRadio 2 SE LiteRadio 2
Firmware Customized LiteRadio System Opensource OPENTX
Power Built-in 1000mAh 1S Battery Removable 350mAh 2S Battery
Working time Up to 8 Hours Up to 3 hours
RF Power 100mW 80mW
Protocols Frsky D16 FCC/D16 LBT/D8/Futaba S-FHSS, Bayang Frsky D16 FCC/D16 LBT/D8, Bayang
Joystick Calibration Yes No (Could with OpenTX Companion)
Firmware Update Yes No
Price (US $) $53.99 $49.99

Product images

Front panel
Front panel
Controls (switches, buttons and sticks)



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