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JDRC JD-22S ultralight GPS enabled drone

If you are in search for a cheap GPS camera drone, the JDRC JD-22S could be a good option for you. It is a well-designed foldable drone that weighs just 245 grams and comes with some amazing features. Just like the Mavic Mini, being under 250g does not require FAA registration (at least for now).

JDRC JD-22S quadcopter features GPS and altitude-hold for a more stable flying experience. Furthermore, for the delight of newbies, it has removable blade protectors and multiple flight speed rates.

The on-board camera is advertised as to be “4K”, but the specs say that is capable to record only with 2560 x 1440 pixels on a micro SD card. The camera features WiFi real-time image transmission with a range of up to 250 meters.

Thanks to the high capacity (7.4V/1200mAh) LIPO back, this quadcopter can stay in the air for about 16 minutes. The battery can be conveniently recharged with the included USB cable.

Like many modern drones, the JD-22S features several smart flight modes (like circle hovering and Way-point flight).

JDRC JD-22S quadcopter highlights

  • Ultralight foldable design (only 245 grams!);
  • Removable blade protectors;
  • GPS positioning for stable outdoor flights;
  • Barometric air-pressure altitude-hold for stable hovering;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • Smart flight modes (Waypoint and circle hovering);
  • Triple flight speed rates;
  • On-board 4K camera (2560 x 1440 on SD card)
  • WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • Around 200~300 meters control range;
  • Up to 16 min of flight autonomy.

JDRC JD-22S box content

  • Included accessories with JDRC JD-22S drone;
  • emote controller with phone holder;
  • 2s/1200mAh flight battery (1, 2 or 3);
  • USB charging cable;
  • 1 pair of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • 1 set of blade protectors;
  • Drone instruction manual.

Bottom line

The JINGDATOYS JD-22S is a very capable drone that comes with some amazing features, on-board camera and is very easy to fly. Amazingly this drone costs just a little over $100 and is great for beginners and intermediate drone pilots.



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