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Resetting and calibrating the Syma X5C

In case of flight disorder or sideward flight, restore factory default settings will be help to restore the default gyroscope settings.

Resetting and calibrating the Syma X5C in four steps:

Step 1: Press the power switch to turn on the transmitter;

Step 2: Press the power switch to turn on the Syma X5C;

Step 3: When the aircraft indicator quickly flashing to slowly flashing, please push the throttle lever to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position.

Then the quadcopter indicator changed from slowly flashing to normal lights up.

Step 4: Place the aircraft on a horizontal postion, then push transmitter both left and right lever to lowest right conner for about 2-3 second,  indicator on the Syma X5c changed from normal lights up to quickly flashing; After 2-5 seconds, the indicator changed to normal lights, it means the quadcopter restarted /reset successfully.

When syncing your Syma X5c keep it in a horizontal position to start to a horizontal stable flight.


  1. Hello all,
    Could someone help me?
    I have a Syma X5UC. I have bought 13 batteries for this drone, all of which work for about 20 seconds then the lights on the drone start to flash indicating low power. After another 30 seconds the drone will descend.
    Now, the one battery that came with the drone works perfectly. Flies for 5 to 6 minutes. All batteries have been fully charged.
    What could be the problem?

  2. I had issues with my cheap quadcopter as when it would run while still in launch position, the motors were off sync as you could hear one side of the props speed up and then the other side would speed up, going back and forth. When I would go to launch the drone, it would lift to the side really fast causing it to crash all the time. When I looked up this website I saw that you needed to try and recalibrate the controller which fixed the problem. Holding both the right and left stick to the bottom right re-calibrated the controller and drone and fixed the problem. Now it flys like a champ again. For $20, this mini drone is awesome compared to my $900 DJI drone. Keep on flying. Hope this helps.

  3. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. No matter what I do this thing will not hover. It either goes forward as fast as it can or goes to the left as fast as it can. Yes, I’ve re-calibrated several times with no change. I have several Syma helos that fly just fine but this thing will not. I’m sorely tempted to see how far it will fly with power supplied by a 5 iron. This was supposed to be fun but it is anything but. Any suggestion? Maybe a different club?


  4. Hey. Thank you for this instruction. I tried this tutorial, but the quadcopter won’t fly properly still. I have to hold down the right lever to the right to get the quadcopter to elevate, but controlling it in the air is impossible.
    Please help, I’d like to use it for a conference next week. Thanks

  5. So I got recently got the X5C and from what these posts tell me its been around for some time. Can anyone trouble shoot this: With remote OFF ( or on w/ power down ) when I turn it on one of the blades spins at top speed. The other 3 don’t spin at all even when remote powern and throttled move idle to high.

  6. if my syma x8hg is at low voltage then he drops himself and i can’t go down but i only flyed at 2 meters high Idare not go high thereby. can i do something to do him back good but the both batteries are bad and can’t fly sometimes not after charging :(

  7. My experiences with my Syma X5C were as bad as everyone else. My fixes for my X5. I removed the On/OFF switch so the battery is always connected. I removed the camera and replaced with a tactic wifi camera with its own battery.
    My transmitter loses significant power with one particular brand of battery. The rabbit brand gives me full control for the entire flight time, which is close to 10 minutes with the self powered camera.

  8. Hi,
    Can i pair below transmitter and receiver with each other? I had an X6 quad but its receiver below. i bought the receiver from banggood which was a little different from original. then i bought the transmitter which was exactly similar to my original one.

  9. Hi Guys,
    Sorry for the off-topic coz I need help with a different drone quadcopter

    I bought WLToys V262 last week. It was flying perfectly until i had a poor landing. Currently the V262 is not responding to the controller.
    I tried power down and up both the controller and V262 but nothing works.
    I removed the cover and noticed that when i switch on the V262, it keep on flashing even I have signal sign on the remote controller (Push up the throttle and down).

    Please advise if anyone know the solution..
    Problem 1) Throttle Trim indicator is at the lowest -> I adjusted the throttle trim while troubleshooting. It is now on the decrease and i cannot normalise it to the center. The pitch, roll and yaw trim are fine.
    Problem 2) Unable to bind – could this due to V262? Maybe a bad soldering?

    Is there anyway, I can reset the remote controller? so it will go back to default setting?
    Please advise.

  10. Hi Knowlegeable people.
    I read somewhere that “X31.0 Expolres camera wifi” is the same as the X5C drone … is this true.
    Will make it easier to order spares if it’s true

  11. Hi,
    So I bought a Flx Nano Drone for christmas (those tiny drones) and it always goes foward at high speed. Even when I have the left stick up just a little!
    Any help? Anyone?

  12. I get my X5C to about 25 % throttle and it then the blades stop spinning have tried new batteries have tried recalibrating, have even bought 2 more and they all have the same issue please help

  13. Having an issue with the trim on my new Syma X5hw.. videoed it here https://youtu.be/b51xyqbyg7A
    This seemed related so hoping someone has a thought it solution. In short, the trim automatically, but gradually, beeps itself completely to the right (strafe) and no other trim buttons work.

  14. My 3rd drone flight with the X5C (practice drone, i’m a newbie) and it went randomly into the “fly really fast in one direction” mode… I was surprised that removing the batteries from both transmitter and the drone didn’t solve the problem ; so I came here for the reset procedure ; and it worked! Thanks for posting this.

  15. Buy a X11C, Its a great copter and You can still use the transmitter with the X5C, throw ur X5C transmitter in the bin!

    Good luck!

  16. Good morning, my X5C drone this not obeying the commands, I have done the calibration him and not solved. It flies up to a certain height and turns upside down and down at once with all speed bump coming to upside down floor.
    I could not even solve the problem.
    Can you help me????

  17. Had the same problem as many on here, Syma X5C wouldn’t connect with the controller, lights on the quadcopter flashing very quickly…..

    Well, the answer is, make sure your quadcopter is on level ground, NOT in your hand, and it will sync!

  18. The X5 would suddenly not sync. Just fast blinking. Right now I found the answer.
    My Syma X5C has to be level to sync with the controll. I know now that I removed the landing gear becauce it was in the way of the camera strangely enough.
    Without the landing gear the X5 will lean in some direction on the ground.
    Place it level and the X5 will sync.

  19. ho humm mugged again, syma x5sw regardeless of start up sequence same result quad lights flashing furiously

    is there a solution

    is replacing the board worthwhile

    is the bin the best place

  20. Syma companies in the construction quad copter X5 series has thought only to make a profit. Products after a few days, they’re crashing for unknown reasons. And no one is answerable. I doubt your next choice, do not choose products Syma and her friends also suggest that they do not buy from the company.
    This quad-copter is very poor and without support :(
    I’m really sorry for Syma – for x5sw models.

  21. I have the X8W and i a having a really big problem with my quad not flying this is the 3rd one that doesn’t fly. 2 propellers go Clockwise and the other 2 go Counter ClockWise therefore it will not lift off the ground for flight.
    I have been trying to calibrate the machine but I am unsuccessful
    Can anyone help me with the procedure please?

  22. i have a syma x5sw, it says in the manual that headless mode is acivated by pressing and holding down the b botten (top left) but the same botten changes speed, so when i press the b botten it just changes the speed, what do i do ?

    I also could NOT get the X5c controller to bind with the copter after following the directions and changing batteries about 10x. It seems like my Controller OFF switch was not working. So I opened up the back, popped out a battery and popped it back in so “fake” and off/on condition. THEN – following the directions the copter synced no problem. So make sure the controller is totally OFF…then turn it on using this battery out/in trick.
    That works for me…these things are lots of fun!
    I crashed this thing a bunch of times…kept on flying. If you have nearby trees like I do – go to the hardware store and by the longest piece of 1″ copper pipe you can get – about 15 feet for me….comes in very handy!

    Why does the X5c “OFF” switch not work? No answer – but this solution worked for me, hopefully for someone else?

  24. Nobody seems to answer the same question asked all the time.
    Brand new X5c out of the box. full batteries, lights just continue to flash fast on the copter and will not pair at all with the controller no matter what i try.
    copter on first, remote on first, batteries in and out. throttle up and down or down and up.
    Does anyone know the answer

  25. So for some reason my controller randomly changed channels and now the throttle stick controls strafing and my strafing stick controls rotation.
    Any help??

  26. Hello,
    I have problem with my syma x5sc. 2 of blades rotate in clockwise and other 2 rotate anti clockwise. it make my syma crash. normal it should fly in 4 of the blade rotate in anti clockwise. how i can reset or repait it?

  27. My Syma quadcopter worked magically for a week but soon afterwards was only controllable when less than 1 foot off the ground.
    If I tried to make it go straight up it would dive to the Right (or Left). So lots of fun flying 1 foot off the ground but no fun when trying to fly higher.

    So I picked it up, threw it as high in the air as I could and pushed the throttle lever up.. It went like a rocket but dived to the right and hit the ground with a thud and bounce. I ran to it and jumped on it for a full 1 minute! That’s how I fix crud. Sure it’ll never ever dive to the right again, nor will the piece of crud ever fly.

    It ended up in the recycle bin so one day it may come back as a robot and kick my bottom lol

    Good Luck

  28. If i rotate the quad-copter 0 degree to 180 degree direction control are reverse for example if i move on left side the quad move on right is there any solution about this problem.

  29. My syma x5sc-1 has randomly changed all of the controls into reverse. So when I try to go forward it ends up going backwards.
    I have tried resetting it many times but the problem still continues.
    Any suggestions?

  30. I have the Explorer 2 X5S…only flown it twice and the front right rotor has packed up…returning it to the shop and buying a different brand…itseems to be a common problem !

  31. Just received my X5SC. When I turned it on – the lights come on, but they do not blink and it doesn’t do anything. I charged the battery and the indicator on the transmitter shows that everything is fully charged. I tried resetting it and still nothing. Right now I am just leaving the X5SC on to fully discharge the battery and try to recharge. Is there something else I should be doing? This is very disappointing.

  32. The lights flash when I try to reset and keep stick in right corner and stop flashing after I release. Is this correct procedure

  33. The quadcopter doesn’t fly normally for those initial 30 seconds; it’s just able to lift off the ground a bit, which it isn’t the rest of the time.  In that time, the drone was able to take off to a height of 5-10 feet for about a minute and turn slightly, but after that would not even take off. Before this problem began, it would easily fly around for 7 or 8 minutes without difficulty at quite a height.

  34. Hi, I have a KOOME K300C i think its just a re-branded Syma.
    It was great. Took video (no audio, i assume this is normal). When the 2G SD card got full. I deleted the video files off it (deleted trash too). It will not take video since. I tried resetting as described in this tutorial. It reseted fine but no video. I then re-formated SD card as FAT, FAT32 exFAT (via computer). Still no joy.
    Any ideas? thanks Peter.

  35. I have a quad SGM JY-X5 that after a few flights and a roof landing (nothing broken) the lights are now always up and do no flash when I turn in on.
    The remote has the light always flashing and they are not communicating. Any idea what I might so to repair it? I have already followed the reset steps but these did not work.
    Thanks in advance,

  36. A;sp I would have had a really cool video of the freeway incident but when i try to play it back the files wont open Any suggestions

    • Jon, did you stop the recording before powering off the X5C quadcopter? Unfortunately the video files get damaged if you forget to stop recording.

  37. Ok This is the second time Ive flown this thing and BOTH times it does great around 10-15 up then takes off higher and higher and i lose all control the only way is to shut off the controler and it will fall and i go look for it Both times it Nearly was lost. Subdivisions and a freeway But i got it back Any Ideas on what could be the problem?

  38. Anyone know what pressing and holding the mode button (top left) button and powering on the controller does? It beeps rapidly so it has to be a function of some sort.
    Also noticed powering up the lower left trim button left beeps on power up as if it too does something special.

  39. I have the x5sc. When i switch on the quadcopter the lights don’t flash, they stay normal. And it doesn’t respond to the remote control. I’ve charged the battery on the quadcopter and also changed the batteries in the controler. Anyone have an idea how i can make it to fly? Seemed fine this morning

  40. Hi,
    Does the switching-on sequence matters – first transmitter and then model, like in manual, or copter first and then transmitter? The problem is that after a week or two my copter has refused to sync/bind – there is no reaction to throttle lever movement and indicators still flashes.
    But in case the copter is switched-on first, it binds instantly just after switching-on the transmitter (without throttle movement from lowest to highest and then to lowest position) – and it starts flying at once, responding to throttle increase!
    What could happen to electronics and how to fix it?

  41. I bought a Syma x5c for my kid for Christmas it was working fine for the first few days now when I try to turn left or right it keeps rotating instead of turning and when I turn the throttle left or right it turns. It seems the controls on the right switched over to the left and vice versa tried recalabrating and still the same any suggestions much appreciated.

  42. I think the keyword to resetting and recalibration is HORIZONTAL, and that actually meaning LEVEL. First time I tried flying mine it kept veering off to the right and no trim was able to correct it.
    I did a reset and calibration on a perfect level surface and its a lot better now. Does anybody know if a reset and recalibration includes the parameters of the gyroscope?

  43. There are a lot of questions about the quadcopter not responding and the lights not changing on attempted recalibration or resetting, but I’ve yet to see a successful solution.
    Is anyone monitoring this forum?

  44. My quadcopter will not operate at all. The lights flash on both the controller and the copter but it will not respond to any control. It is a new unit. Please help

  45. I finally got my Syma X5SW from China. Is not normal that when I throttle it up, it instantly goes backwards and I need to “push it” forward to keep it in place?
    Blades are installed correctly. I also tried to calibrate it, but didn’t notice any difference before and after it.

  46. My Grandsons Syma X5C the rear blades spin slower than the front making the front to lift and slide the machine across the floor and not lift into the air any idea’s how to fix this problem

  47. Please help my syma x5 light stay on when I cut my from on,they never flash for me to pair with the Remote.the remote still beeps like it pairs but drone does nothing.any help would be appreciated

  48. Hello, I need your help I have got a syma X5C quad and one of my moter is dead or slightly slower can one please help me but I would prefer a email.. I’m only 13 so I might need a little extra tips

    Thank you!

  49. Could someone help me about my x5c?
    As i turn on the copter, the lights are just stable. It does’nt have any response when i sync it to the transmitter.

  50. Hi, flew my X5C once whithout crash it, after recharge the battery it does not blink the leds when power up quad, even when remote is off.
    I switch quad on and off several times, recharve the battery longer but nothing.
    I have a second X5C and it worksfine.

    What could be the problem?

    • I assume that not only is the copter not blinking its lights on power on, but not coming on at all?
      Sounds like the copter is not getting power. Check that the pins on the copter where the battery connects aren’t bent/broken.

  51. I just received a X5C and installed new Duracell batteries and the transmitter constantly beeps and the battery indicator in the LCD display flashes. I tried other batteries and they test fine, 1.6VDC each.
    Is this a bad transmitter? What else should I check?

    • I believe one of the buttons is stuck. When I was playing around with what the transmitter would do if I powered it up with various buttons pressed, I believe it did what you describe.
      I believe that was the mode button but could be the lower left trim pressed left.

  52. Hi,

    I bought a replacement Syma X5C-1 and I can’t get the remote to connect……the lights will respond to the binding……..but then nothing….help please

  53. I just got my new x5c-1 in the mail and the lights wont stop flashing I cant connect controller to the quad copter can anybody help me with that?

  54. I have the Syma X5SC, I had a few minor indoor crashes and now one of the props seem not to turn as fast as the rest and it will not lift off the ground. Thought it was a motor problem, so I replaced the two back motors. Not a power problem as I have fully charged batteries. At times it tips over from the other props spinning to take off and the back one doesn’t move enough for it. I did the recalibration with the remote (down to the right) and that seemed to make it worse. Not sure what else to do. Any ideas???

  55. Need a new remote for my x5sw explorer one. I see instructions on how to recalibrate but how do you sync a different remote? My buddy has same looking remote.
    Will it work or what remote do i have to buy? Is there such a thing as syncing a brand new remote?
    Newbie here. Thanks

  56. For the record. I took mine on a trip with me and decided to take off the prop guards and props to avoid hurting anything while packed. It is imperative that you put the blades back on correctly or the quadcopter will not lift off. Use common sense when looking at the props and hit the remote to spin the cogs that hold them to see which go where. Two props spin one direction and the other two spin in the other. Make sure the props match when putting them on their two respective cogs, and if it doesn’t lift off, swap those to out with the other. I hope this makes sense.

  57. My syma x5sc can not fly because balance not good I try to calibrated. I check when motor running if 1 of 4 motor log all motor shut off led flashing you must be reset, but 1 motor be log it not shut off. That the problem my coppter can not balance how should to do thanks

  58. Good day!
    I recently own a Syma x5c… I dont know how this happens but whenever I try going left the quadcopter goes to right and when i try to control instead of going right, it the quadcopter goes left.
    Its in opposite direction but the up/down is normal… anyway or how to fix this please help me.

  59. I just got this as a first quad-copter to start me out as a new hobby but when I tried to fly the LED indicators on the copter wouldn’t work when I switched it on even after I left the battery on the charger for about two hours…help

  60. Hi,

    My problem is that it is turning clockwise. I tried to calibrate it with the buttons below the left stick, but either it didnt work or the effect was to weak, because there is a limit of about 10 “calibration steps”. Any Ideas?

  61. Can anyone tell me why my son’s x5c-1 doesn’t start? Charged all 4 batteries, nothing. Indicator lights don’t even turn on.
    Please help, I live overseas.

  62. I had a couple of problems, one of them was erratic flying, I found that the receiver board was only connected with 3 screws, and had worked its way out of balance, so I pushed it down and now it flys again. My other problem, is the camera, when I turn on the quad the camera lights up red and stays red, it will not record. Not sure the issue, any help would be appreciated.
    I did replace motors on the quad, and they are easy to replace, and it doesnt matter if you buy CW or CCW motors, the polarity of the solder points creates the motor direction.

        • Same issue here, red camera light stays on.
          When I format the SD, and put it back into the camera, a video and image folder is created, so the camera recognizes the SD card I would say.

          Could it it be that there is a problem with the wifi connection between camera and the remote?

          Any solutions so far?

  63. My eleven year old son received a Syma x5c-1 for his birthday a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly.
    He decided to clean it last night and he took off the propellers, wiped them clean and reinstalled them. It would only lift off the ground on one side, so I found that he had put the propellers on incorrectly.
    I fixed the propellers and now it will not lift off the ground at all. Can anyone walk me through what I can do to make his very favorite birthday present work again?
    Thank you!

    • Are you sure you have installed the blades on correct order? If your standing behind your Syma (you can read Syma and it’s not upside down), the blades go as follows, the front blades have the warning sign on the outsideof the quad-copter and the lettering is just like Syma. You can read it without turning the unit around. The rear blade warning sign is again the same way as your Syma logo exceot the warning signs are in the inside of the copter, the opposite side from the top.

      When everything is on, your Syma logo and warning signs with be readable from the rear of the quadcopter. Again, the front blades have the warning sign on the outside, the rears on the inside.

      If you are still having issues and it won’t fly more than a foot up, have you reset it? Tried another battery? Check to make sure all propellers are free to spin?

      Finally, you said he cleaned it. How and with what? He might have damaged the receiver board cleaning it. It is highly unlikely all moters began failing at the same time?

      • Thank you for your reply Mike.
        I did install the blades in the correct order – they are exactly as you say above.
        I did change the battery and reset it. He wiped just the propellers and the body with a paper towel.
        I contacted Amazon and they are willing to exchange it for another one.
        Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

  64. my Syma x5c-1 got stuck up in a tree & finally got it to fall out, to the ground. The on/off switch appears to be broken off or jammed.
    Anyone ever had this problem? Were you able to find another way to turn it off/on, get another switch? thanks

  65. Hello, first question here :)
    My Syma x5c-1 is descending on full power on a fully charged battery. The battery is fully charged although the grass that it landed upside down in is wet.
    I cannot get it to fly higher than a few meters on full throttle. :( Any thoughts would be great.

  66. I just got a new x5c and i got it out and followed all the startups and such in the manual but as soon as I plugged the battery in one rotor started spinning full speed. no matter what I do it wont stop whether the switch on the copter is on or off. Only by pulling the plug on the battery. Does this have to do with the syncing somehow or is it another problem?

    • Any news on this? I have the same problem. Ordered a replacement motor and attached it fine but it will not stop spinning once the batt is plugged in. Did I burn out an esc or something?

  67. I bought a Syma x5c quad copter without the transmitter, as I have a Syma x6 quadcopter’s transmitter, and was hoping they would bind !
    Does anyone know if they wil bind or not? So far, It will not bind !

  68. Anyone know why my syma randomly falls out of the air I have tried calibrating and after a few sec to mins it just blacks out and if u leave it so it will come back on its own I have tried to figure if it may be a lose connection however sauds seem fine and when leaving it I have check to see if it could be movment causing but the movement dont affect random power??? :(

  69. Hello, I got a Syma X5C. When I trying to recalibrate why my light still like normal it didtn change? (it means the recalibrate fail)
    Somebody help me, I can’t play my quad because it keep go straight.

    Help me ASAP

  70. My X5C-1 Was stuck up in a tree in the wind and rain for three weeks. When I was finally got it down it fly’s only in a forward nose down direction? I have tried re calibrating . Putting the props on every which way and I still get the same unflyable result. Any ideas? I would love to fly my Syma again.

  71. I have bought a new BNF Syma X5C-1 (no controller or camera). I already have a complete X5C-1 including controller, which won’t recognise the second unit has anybody any ideas why.
    It makes all the appropriate noises when you switch ON the transmitter and the quadcopter lights flash and I cannot get them to go solid.
    Help would be appreciated

    • Position of the throttle stick.
      Mode 2 has the throttle stick is on the left and Mode 1 has throttle stick on the right.
      Mode 1 is recommended for left-handed pilots.

      • Not the throttle (motor speed affecting height), that’s always on the left. What the modes swap is turn (rotate) left (counterclockwise)/right (clockwise) and slip left/right.

  72. I was out flying my X5C-1 when it lost binding and it just started to fall out of the sky. It hit the snow and now it won’t fly with out trying to flip over on take off. I have reset to factory settings and still does the same thing. I have not tried to trim it yet. It didn’t seem possible that that could be the problem

    • Perhaps the top right button is stuck? That’s the button to flip. If you have the camera installed and connected though, the flip function is disabled so if it is doing what you say with the camera connected and functioning, the flip button probably isn’t the problem

  73. There was some problems with Syma x5c the new version X5C-1 is a much more reliable craft, I have a Syma X6 and it has survived numerous crashes getting stuck in high trees during wind gusts!!! yet I have repaired the foam with silicone (doesn’t work) so I use strapping tape (light and strong )remember if you add even a small amount of weight out on the edges it gets out of balance,So be sure to either move battery forward (I have a 1000 Mah pack ) and straps. If you don’t balance it the motors work harder on heavier side,plus syma don’t have much control in wind if you give it power to fight wind even though you have it going into wind it will rise instead of making forward progress So I tilt one corner down toward me cut power and use weight to fly against wind as it gets lower add power and you’ll get it back, if gust catch it you can cut power 100% let it fall and hit throttle when its 15′ above ground,and land!!
    Ps.I cant take foam blade protectors off as kids love me chasing them with it, Fun for grandpaw too!!!

  74. karamou ,
    You must turn quadcopter on set on level surface, then turn on transmitter when it syncs light flashing should change, then push throttle to lowest position ,then highest throttle position, till you hear beep 2 seconds, then lower to lowest throttle position, again a beep now give it throttle slowly and it will fly!!! If not turn off transmitter on switch then back to on and repeat lowest throttle—–to Hihghest throttle —–Then to lowest throttle ,Then it will work!!! just listen for beep at highest then lowest and you”ll be flying!! >Marvin

  75. hello..
    the transmitter doesn’t connect to the syma x5c-1
    so please help me if anyone has information about this problem.

  76. You must have the blades positioned correctly. If the copter just noses down and scoots along you have the blades incorrectly installed. I don’t have a picture to help but if you change the blade position on the side that doesn’t have lift you will correct this condition.

  77. Hello, my Syma x5c will go 1 foot in the air then just cuts out then throttle. Up again up 1 foot then cuts out again cant stand this.
    I love my Syma, whats wrong?

    • Battery could not be fully charging or throttle is not going to full position,The ground effect of the air hitting ground and cushioning quad will allow a low power battery or low throttle setting to keep quad up but not rise, lots of little small batteries inside helicopters will exhibit this even though they might fly 5 minutes like this its called ground effect and not enough power to blades, ie bad motor or weak battery.
      Also on indoor heli with small batteries and engines if you lubricate gears (plastic) with a graphite #2 pencil by holding lead against gears and turning them by hand until they are well lubricated!!!
      Hope this helps>Marvin

    • the gyro is messed up and drone thinks it is too off center to fly therefore shuts off engines for safety, like when you hit an object. switch to mode 2 and see if it stops cutting off but is extremely difficult to fly straight. I do not believe it is repairable or resettable. at least it was not in my case… new main board

  78. This works but you have to push the left throttle to the left and the right one to the right. The other thing didn’t work for me.

  79. Hi Just like Amanda i have the same problem my batteries are fully charge and my Syma x5c only hovers 1ft above the ground at full throttle and sometimes the front right motor doesn’t spin up but if i drop the throttle up and down fast it spins up.
    Any help would be great much thanks.

  80. I bought a X5C Quadcopter and it will not come off the ground to fly? one of the blades seems to quit spinning way before others and some times it wont spin at all, any suggestions on what needs to be repaired?

  81. After flying for two minutes I crashed (nothing broken) and now the X5C LEDs won’t stop rapidly flashing. I tried all the procedures,…owering both quad and controller on/off – throttle up and then down – also the reset procedure. Nothing will make the rapid flashing stop. Any ideas on how to get it flying again? It is brand new.

      • I’ve had this same issue, which seemed to disappear the first few times. After that, the issue was permanent. Got a replacement, which showed the exact same issue after a week. Opened both up, all soldering contacts seem good. Resoldered most, replaced the batteries on both, still nothing. Put the X5C ‘s engines through a series of tests (not great engines, but good enough), and can’t find anything wrong. I suspect a programming issue.

          • I agree with DanMan32. The reset procedure only works correctly on the X5C-1 when the aircraft is powered on BEFRE the controller.

    • I found holding both trim buttons to the far right will clear the rapid flashing of lights (over current alarm) and allow you to synchronize and fly again. Power on the SYMA, than hold trim tabs right, power on box, and wait a few seconds. The lights will go from rapid to slow in a few seconds.

      Found the fix by accident.


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