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Cases for Eachine E58 and other small drones

Cases for Eachine E58 drone

One thing you realize after purchasing an Eachine E58 drone is that, at times, you will use it in different locations and this necessitates a carrying formula for it. Not only that a hard case helps you travel together with your Eachine E58 comfortably, but also helps you to conveniently store it.

When it comes to shopping for a drone case there are multiple options. You can find dedicated backpacks for a certain drone model as well as universal drone backpacks. Most handbags have soft padded carrying straps in order to make it comfortable for owners to carry their gears. Usually, hard cases are designed from water resistant materials, ensuring that the entire system is moisture free, making them an excellent choice for casual RC enthusiasts.

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Hard shell waterproof carrying case for Eachine E58

As you can see in the image below, this hard shell case is specially designed to store the Eachne E58 drone and its remote controller. There are few other extra small compartments that allow to store the spare batteries.

On the frontal flap there is a mesh pocket which allows to store smaller accessories like charging cable and spare propellers.

Features and specs

  • Suitable for the Eachine E58 drone;
  • External material: ABS+PC;
  • Internal material: EPP;
  • Color: Black;
  • Size: 22*17*8 cm;
  • Weight: Approx. 300 grams;
  • Check price and availability here.

Handbag carrying case for Eachine E58 and VISUO XS809HW drones

This handbag is a great option for someone looking for a relatively low-cost way to carry his quadcopter without feeling too bulky. It’s light, smartly designed and makes drone transportation easy.

Thanks to the Velcro dividers, the internal space can be freely adapted to your needs. It is suitable not just for the Eachine E58, VISUO XS809HW, but also for many similar sized/shaped drones. It can store the drone, transmitter, about 5 flight batteries, prop guards and many spare propellers.

Like the other Eachine E58 case, this one also has an internal mesh pocket to store smaller accessories.

Features and specs

  • Suitable for Eachine E010, E013, E50, E51, E52, E55, E56, E58, VISUO XS809HW and other similar small and medium factor drones;
  • Configurable interior space (Velcro dividers);
  • Conformable handles and shoulder Strap;
  • Internal mesh pocket;
  • Size about 30*20*10 cm;
  • Color: black;
  • Check actual price and availability here.

Happy flying!


  1. I do not know what you expect more, the box protects the E58 drone from dust and mild strokes and a little drop of water or other liquids. You did not buy a submarine


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