This site is dedicated to the technology and engineering hobbyists (beginners to advanced flyers) and professionals (aerial photography to accurate orthophotos and mapping) that take into consideration buying a quadcopter or simply to help explain what a quadcopter actually is!

What is a quadcopter?

A common kind of small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) has four rotors oriented horizontally like a helicopter.

A quadcopter is a multi-rotor copter with four arms, each have a motor (controlled separately) and a propeller on its end.  On a quadcopter, two of the propellers spin in one direction (clockwise) and the other two spin the opposite direction (counterclockwise). Variants are hexacopters and octocopters.

Why Are Quadcopters so popular?

Quadcopter-style sUASs are the most popular because of their ability to hover and stability as they are using 3 to 6 axes gyroscopes.

The thing that seems to be the most attractive to many people is the quadcopter’s ability to lift decent payloads.

For recreational flyers, this means being able to carry cameras like GoPro for aerial photography and first-person view (FPV) systems that allow you to fly as if you are sitting inside the aircraft like a pilot.

A few years ago, various factors led to unlimited possibilities in more capable flying quadcopters and lower cost – most importantly.

As I recently decided to achieve a quadcopter, I wanted to share my experience with the general public, hoping that the information contained on this site could help at least one person.

In short, I will talk about where it’s worth buying a quadcopter from, which model to choose, quadcopter news and reviews.

I will dedicate a download section for quadcopter and drone user manuals and the latest firmware.

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