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For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

Happymodel Sailfly-X: “Toothpick class” micro FPV drone

Happymodel Sailfly-X FPV drone
Following the great success of the Snapper7 and Mobula7, Happymodel recently released another micro-class FPV drone called Sailfly-X. Thanks to its ultralight 105 mm frame and powerful KV9000 brush-less motors it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights.Like other "toothpick" FPV drones, the Happymodel Sailfly-X is also based on the versatile Crazybee F4 PRO flight controller. According to...

Coming soon: Eachine Cinecan 85mm 4K

Eachine CineCan 85mm 4K drone
Like most popular FPV drone manufacturers, Eachine also revealed their own CineWhoop based on the dual-lens Caddx Tarsier 4K camera. Thanks to the powerful 7000KV brushless motors and large Whoop alike blade protectors, the Eachine Cinecan 4K drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Eachine offers the CineCan 85mm in PNP (no receiver) and BNF (with integrated...

Coming soon: Diatone GT R369 SX FPV drone

Diatone GT-R369 SX Crazy Racing Limited Edition
Although many FPV pilots say that powering their drone with 6S LIPO batteries ads only useless weight to their racing quad, new releases are announced almost every day. While most 6S rated quads come with low KV motors, the Diatone GT R369 SX has 2800KV motors which are rather used with 4S batteries.Besides increased agility and top speed, one...

Coming soon: iFlight TurboBee 120RS FPV drone

iFlight TurboBee 120RS
Following the great success of the TurboBee 77R, iFlight came up with a new larger model called TurboBee 120RS. From the first sight it is obvious that these two TurboBees have completely different design approach. The Whoop alike blade protectors have been removed from the bigger brother. Like most new FPV drones, the iFlight TurboBee 120RS also has two power...

FLYWOO Vampire 230mm features & specs

FLYWOO Vampire 230mm
Although you could expect a Dracula look from a drone which is named "FLYWOO Vampire", it has only a bat wing style spoiler on its top. Rest of the frame looks exactly like any other FPV quadcopter.FLYWOO offers their Vampire 230mm drone with two type of brushless motors. While for 4S LIPOs you need to chose 2450KV motors, for...

Coming soon: Emax TinyhawkS 75mm drone

Emax TinyhawkS 75mm FPV drone
The recently announced Emax TinyhawkS claims to be the perfect indoor FPV drone. In addition to its small size, it features large Whoop alike blade protectors. The newly engineered H0802 type 15500KV brushless motors are installed upside-down which grants a quite unique look for this mini racer.According to the first rumors, the uni-body frame has 75mm motor-to-motor distance and...

GEPRC Mark3 FPV racing quad for GoPro Session

GEPRC Mark3 FPV racing drone
Like the HGLRC Wind5, GEPRC's new Mark3 drone will also come with two power options. While "version 1" aka "low-configuration" is optimized for 3-5S batteries, "version 2" aka "high-configuration" is specially designed for 4-6S LiPOs. Excepting the frame, propellers, camera and the rest of the parts (ESC, VTX and motors) are different between the two versions.In addition to the on-board...

Coming soon: Eachine RedDevil 105mm

Eachine RedDevil micro FPV drone
The newly announced Eachine RedDevi will feature 105mm size carbon-fiber frame and nice red protective canopy. Its supper fast EX1102 KV8700 motors are paired with 2-blade 65mm propellers. According to the first rumors, all electronic parts are 2-3s rated.Thanks to the versatile Crazybee F4 PRO controller it can be configured with multiple flights modes. While newbies can practice on...

HGLRC Wind5: 6S/4S FPV racing drone

HGLRC Wind5 FPV quadcopter
HGLRC's new 5 inch FPV drone called Wind5 will be released in two power options. While the 6S comes 1600KV motors, the 4s version with 2450KV ones. Both variants will come with latest generation F7 flight controller and powerful 60A ESC.Like many FPV drones, the HGLRC Wind5 is also equipped with Caddx Ratel FPV camera. Thanks to the "starlight"...

SkyStars TALON X110 FPV drone (2-4s LIPO compatible)

SkyStars TALON X110
While few years ago we never heard about SkyStars in the UAV industry, this year they become one of the most active player on the racing quadcopter market. Just this month, we introduced in our drone news section 3 more FPV drones besides the SkyStars TALON X110.According to your existing remote controller you can opt to purchase the TALON...

Coming soon: Skystars Ratel 140X FPV drone

SKYSTATS Ratel 140X FPV quadcopter
The Skystars Ratel 140X drone works with 1408 size brushless motors and 3" propellers. The carbon-fiber frame have a motor to motor length of 145mm. In order to be lightweight and durable in the same time, it adopts 4m bottom plate and 1.5mm top plate.By default, the F4 flight controller comes with BetaFlight firmware. According to your flight skills...