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For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.  Why? Flying a super-fast FPV racing drone is an otherworldly experience!

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If you’re asking “What is an FPV drone?” or “What FPV drone you should buy?” this is the place for you. In this category, you can find the cheapest as well as the best FPV quadcopters on the market right now.

FPV racing is growing rapidly as a competitive sport, and it’s become commercialized through events like the World Drone Racing Championships. Best pilots around the globe compete to make it to the top of the international rankings and to win big money.

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FPV or First Person View is the most unique experience of interacting with your drone through the highest level of immersion. Piloting a drone through your FPV goggles makes the feel like you’re in the cockpit of the aircraft.

To be honest, flying FPV racing drones isn’t easy at all, till you become a master of this hobby you will crash thousand of times.

FPV drones can send the live video signal to your Remote Control screen, FPV monitor, smartphone device, tablet, or FPV goggles. Currently, there are two main approaches 5.8G analog (most widespread) and HD digital by DJI.

Find below the best FPV drone brands

FuriBee KingKong AuroraRC
Diatone Happymodel Emax
iFlight FlyWoo SkyStars
HolyBro Axisflying GeeLand

Axisflying Blue Cat C35: CineWhoop for GoPro 10

Axisflying Blue Cat C35
Axisflying's new CineWhoop style FPV drone, the Blue Cat C35 was specially designed to capture outstanding aerial footage using your GoPro Hero 10 camera. It is available with 4S and 6S power options. In addition to the 3 FPV systems variants, the Axisflying Blue Cat C35 is also available as a frame kit for those who want to build their...

DarwinFPV Tiny APE review: Best budget FPV drone

DarwinFPV Tiny APE
The DarwinFPV Tiny APE is perhaps one of the best pre-built budget-friendly FPV drones I’ve reviewed. It comes with a high-quality RunCam Nano 4 camera, a powerful 600mW VTX, and a versatile F4 flight controller with an onboard ELRS receiver. Let me show you the pros and cons of the TinyAPE 2.5" freestyle quadcopter. FPV drones offer the most immersive...

STP Hobby Armor 5″ Freestyle FPV Racing drone

STP Hobby Armor 5inch
STP Hobby's new 5inch Armor FPV drone comes with two FPV options. While the Analog edition comes with a high-power 5.8Ghz TANK MINI VTX and Caddx Ratel2 camera, the HD digital version with Caddx Vista and DJI FPV camera. The 215mm size carbon fiber frame has 2mm top and bottom frames, respectively 3mm removable arms. In addition to the onboard...

Happymodel Mobeetle6: Smallest & Lightest brushless FPV drone

Happymodel Mobeetle6
With a wheelbase of 65mm and a weight of just 17.5 grams, the Happymodel Mobeetle6 claims to be the lightest and smallest brushless FPV drone. Adopting a removable 360degrees protective frame, it can be turned easily from a Toothpick style drone into a veritable TinyWhoop. Happymodel's new micro-size brushless drone is built on a toothpick carbon fiber frame and a...

Diatone Roma F6: Long-Range 6″ drone for GoPro

Diatone Roma F6 HD
Diatone one of the most popular FPV drone brands recently announced a new 6S longe-range quadcopter. While the digital Roma F6 HD comes equipped with DJI Air UNIT and DJI FPV camera, the analog Roma F6 with RUNCAM PHOENIX X2 camera and MAMBA Ultra 1W VTX. Both variants come with an onboard GPS module (M22 - Digital and M8Plus...

DarwinFPV TinyAPE Plus FPV drone w/ RunCam Thumb camera

DarwinFPV TinyAPE
The DarwinFPV TinyAPE Plus is a 2.5" FPV drone offered in a bundle with the RunCam Thumb camera. DarwinFPV's first 2.5" freestyle quadcopter is built on an F411 AIO flight controller with an integrated 15 ESC and ELRS 2.4G radio receiver. By default, it comes with 4.3.0 Betaflight software. Factory firmware only supports ELRS_V1.0 and if you want to use...

HGLRC Sector X5 and D5 FPV drones for GoPro 10

HGLRC Sector X5 and D5
HGLRC's latest FPV racing drone designed to carry a GoPro 10 camera comes with two frame design options. While the Sector X5 features an X-type frame structure with a wheelbase of 210mm, the Sector D5 has a 'Dead Cat' frame with a 225mm wheelbase. Both variants are equipped with the same Zeus F722 Mini flight controller and Zeus 45A...

STPHobby Aquila 7″ Long Range FPV drone

STPHobby Aquila 7" Long Range FPV drone
The STPHobby Aquila 7" is built on a robust 295mm size carbon fiber frame. Seven-inch FPV drones can provide better flying feel and larger load, can mount a larger battery, improve battery life better compatibility, have a variety of action camera mounts, easy to deal with special design structures to reduce vibration in flight and make the flight more...

GEPRC MARK5 New Generation Freestyle FPV Drone

GEPRC's new generation freestyle drone, the MARK5 claims to be the best freestyle quadcopter in the market. Many pilots already compare it to the epic iFlight Nazgul5 quadcopter. The GEPRC MARK5 drone was released in three versions: HD AIR UNIT, HD VISTA, and Analog. While digital versions have a DJI Air Unit camera, the analog edition has a Caddx...

Rekon35 Nano Long Range GPS FPV Drone

Rekon35 drone
RekonFPV, HGLRC's long-range quadcopter subdivision just announced a new sub 250g drone powered by two 18650 LIION batterie. The Rekon35 has a similar design approach as the Eachine LR3 but instead to have one battery on top and another one at the bottom, both batteries are on the top. You can simply use cheap off-the-shelf 18650 batteries and the...

Holybro Kopis Cinematic X8: Heavy-duty drone for professionals

Holybro Kopis Cinematic X8
Holybro's new Kopis Cinematic X8 is a powerful and heavy-duty 7" FPV drone designed for professional aerial video makers. With a full carbon fiber frame that provides a good shock absorption performance, Kopis Cinematic X8 offers a perfect platform with an adjustable installation angle available from 0 to 25 ° for both Mirrorless and Cinema cameras such as Comodo,...