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For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.  Why? Flying a super-fast FPV racing drone is an otherworldly experience!

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If you’re asking “What is an FPV drone?” or “What FPV drone you should buy?” this is the place for you. In this category, you can find the cheapest as well as the best FPV quadcopters on the market right now.

FPV racing is growing rapidly as a competitive sport, and it’s become commercialized through events like the World Drone Racing Championships. Best pilots around the globe compete to make it to the top of the international rankings and to win big money.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

FPV or First Person View is the most unique experience of interacting with your drone through the highest level of immersion. Piloting a drone through your FPV goggles makes the feel like you’re in the cockpit of the aircraft.

To be honest, flying FPV racing drones isn’t easy at all, till you become a master of this hobby you will crash thousand of times.

FPV drones can send the live video signal to your Remote Control screen, FPV monitor, smartphone device, tablet, or FPV goggles. Currently, there are two main approaches 5.8G analog (most widespread) and HD digital by DJI.

Find below the best FPV drone brands

FuriBee KingKong AuroraRC
Diatone Happymodel Emax
iFlight FlyWoo SkyStars
HolyBro Axisflying GeeLand

BetaFPV Cetus X FPV drone: Take It To The Next Level!

BetaFPV Cetus X
The BetaFPV Cetus X FPV drone is a 2S brushless Whoop drone specially designed for beginners who want to get advanced flight skills. It features a stronger propulsion system for a speedier and more violent flight, which is capable of performing diverse freestyle tricks. The Cetus X has a wheelbase of 95mm and is powered by two 450mAh 1S...

Axisflying KOLAS 7″: Foldable Long Range FPV drone

Axisflying KOLAS 7"
The Axisflying KOLAS 7" is the company's second folding FPV frame kit. While the KOLAS 6 adopt a vertical folding mechanism, the new Kolas 7 horizontal one. Axisflying claims that the volume of the drone is reduced by 40% when folded, making it travel-friendly. It has two versions: Standard (analogue FPV) and Air Unit (HD Digital). Intended for long-range aerial...

DarwinFPV HULK Waterproof FPV Drone

Celebrating the Chinese National Day, DarwinFPV announced their first waterproof cinematic FPV drone with an IP67 rating for harsh environments. Like Marvel's muscular humanoid superhero, the DarwinFPV HULK also has green colour. The DarwinFPV HULK has two floaters that allow landing on the water's surface. The floaters also prevent sinking completely underwater. According to the manufacturer's specs, the max takeoff...

Axisflying CineON series: C30 & C35 CineWhoops

Axisflying CineOn C30 & C35
Axisflying's new CineON series comes in two sizes. While the C30 is equipped with 3" propellers, the C35 uses 3.5" ones. Both versions adopt Whoop-style blade guards and are available with analogue or HD digital FPV equipment. This all-new Axisflying CineWhoop series is lighter, stronger and, thanks to the 4-screws guard swap, also way easier to maintain! They also...

BetaFPV Meteor75 Walksnail: First 1S HD digital Whoop

BetaFPV Meteor75 Walksnail
The BetaFPV Meteor75 Walksnail is probably the world's first 1S Whoop style FPV drone with an onboard HD digital transmission system. It is compatible with the compact Walksnail Avatar Digital HD FPV Goggles. The 75mm carbon fiber frame is equipped with upgraded 1102 18000KV brushless motors and a protective injection molded canopy. The Walksnail Avatar Mini HD VTX board uses...

AIKON (GoFly) GEEK 35CF CineWhoop for GoPro

The GEEK 35CF is a new CineWhoop style FPV drone sold under GoFly and AIKON brand names. Intended for cinematic aerial videos it can carry a full-size GoPro 10 camera. The HD digital edition comes with Caddx Vista VTX and Nebula Pro camera. While the 6S version with racing capabilities is equipped with 1800KV motors, the 4S variant with...

Foxeer Foxwhoop 25: From frame kit to flying CineWhoop

Foxeer FoxWhoop25
The Foxwhoop25 is advertised with the 'Unbreakable drone' headline. Foxeer even promises a lifetime warranty for the protection guard. Some dude on YouTube did a car-crushing test. Being strong and slightly flexible at the same time passed the torture. Of course, this does not mean, that if you fly at full speed in a concrete wall nothing bad will...

DJI AVATA: Beyond my expectations!

DJI Avata
DJI always tease us a few weeks before they officially release a new drone. Considering that DJI has a serious NDA Agreement with those who receive early test units for review, they would not risk leaking details or photos. The DJI Avata is set to launch in the next few months and would be the Chinese company's second FPV drone....

Sub250 Nanofly16 Ultralight (28g) FPV drone

Sub250 Nanofly16
Sub250 is a completely new name in the drone industry, and their first quadcopter is the Nanofly16. This little FPV drone has a wheelbase of 77mm (motor to diagonal motor distance) and weighs just 28 grams without a battery. The take-off weight of a drone with a 1S 380mAh high-voltage LIPO is only 38.0g, and the flight time is...

iFlight BOB57 6 Inch Cinematic LR Long Range

iFlight BOB57
iFlight's new BOB57 6" FPV drone was specially designed for long-range flights. It comes with GPS positioning and an optional ELRS or TBS Crossfire radio receiver. The 6-inch frame has an H-shape design and 6mm thick arms. In addition to the onboard FPV camera, can be equipped with GoPro 10 for cinematic 4K recording. According to the advertised specs, with...

SpeedyBee Flex25: Tiny CineWhoop style FPV drone

SpeedyBee Flex25
SpeedyBee's new CineWhoop has a super tiny size and lots of power. The SpeedyBee Flex25 is available with Analog and HD digital FPV options. While the Flex25 HD comes equipped with a RunCam LINK digital VTX and a RunCam Falcon Nano camera (1920*1080@120fps), the analogue version with SpeedyBee TX800 5.8G VTX and RunCam Phoenix2 Nano camera (1000TVL). In addition...