IdeaFly like many other quadcopter brands is located in Shenzhen.

Probably the most interesting models from Idea Fly are the Grasshopper F210 and the Hero-550.

IdeaFly quadcopters and drones

Lately Idea-Fly announced their first waterproof quadcopter, the Poseidon-480.

Ideafly Octopus F90 aka RoboWhoop

Ideafly Octopus F90 mini FPV drone
IdeaFly Octopus F90 micro FPV quadcopter with F3 flight controller Like many Chinese drone manufactures, IdeaFly also announced their own TinyWhoop clone called Octopus F90. While its name suggests that we are dealing with an octocopter, it has only 4 rotors. The IdeaFly Octopus F90 comes in a nice black/green color combination. In front of the drone is located a bright LED light that...

IDEA-FLY Poseidon-480 waterproof quadcopter

IDEAFLY Poseidon 480 waterproof quadcotper
IdeaFly Poseidon-480 - Fisherman's best RC drone :D I bet that every pilot is a bit afraid to fly above a lake or river with his precious drone. The IdeaFly Poseidon-480 is advertised with IP68 waterproof rating and the fact that it can safely land on a surface of water. Of course, without too big waves. Unlike other waterproof drones that require a waterproof camera, the Poseidon-480 is suitable for...

Ideafly Grasshopper F210 with insane flight speed

Ideafly Grasshopper f210 racing quadcopter
Ideafly Grasshopper F210 racing quadcopter for advanced pilots When it comes to racing quadcopters my first question is "what is the highest achievable speed". Frankly, before this Ideafly Grasshopper F210 drone I never heard about flight speeds above 200 Km/h. Most of the racers that I reviewed till now had maximum speeds around "only" 100 km/h and for me it was very difficult to control them at their...

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 quadcopter for GoPro

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 quadcopter
Idea-Fly Mars 350 - poor man's Phantom quad Till this Mars 350, Idea-Fly had other nice quadcopters but none succeeded to become popular and frankly I don't now exactly why. It could be something like weak marketing or poor after market support. In the age of DJI Phantom 4, the features of Idea-Fly Mars 350 seem to be from the dinosaurs era. Without offering fancy features like...

IdeaFly Hero-550

IdeaFly Hero 550 big sized quadcopter
IdeaFly Hero-550 standard and Hero-550 deluxe The IdeaFly multi-rotor manufacturer recently announced a new big sized quadcopter, the Hero-550. Compared to the IdeaFly Apollo with white color finish, this new model has an outstanding full black finish with red colored front arms for better orientation. Looking on its takeoff weight, features like telemetry and retractable landing gears, we know that we are dealing with a...

IDEAFLY Apollo FPV GPS quadcopter review

The Apollo from IDEA-FLY is a ready to fly quadcopter perfectly designed for aerial video hobbyists. This aircraft with integrated flight control system guided by GPS and wireless 5.8Ghz image transmission for FPV can be a very powerful substitute for the much expensive Dji Phantom 2. The onboard GPS can provide advance flight modes like: precise position hold, fail safe auto return and semi-autopilot mode. Flying with the Idea-Fly Apollo quadcopter...