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GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix: Compact FPV drone w/ 120km/h+

GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix FPV drone quadcopter
Surely, with flight speed of up to 120Km/h, this new GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix FPV drone is recommended only for experienced pilots. While it can be powered by 2s and 3s batteries, the max speed can be achieved only by using 3s LIPOs.Like most of the recent FPV racing quadcopters, the GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 is also based on the versatile Omnibus F4...

Helifar FUUTON 2 FPV drone: Features & Specs

Helifar FUUTON 2 FPV drone
At first look, the Helifar FUUTON 2 is a rebranded HOLYBRO KOPIS 1, it has similar design and features. While the Kopis 1 is based on the first generation Kakute F4 flight controller, the Helifar FUUTON 2 has the upgraded one (second generation). Both adopt the same Holybro Atlatl HV 5.8G video transmitter.Helifar offers their FUUTON 2 drone in two...

JJRC H68 Bellwether: Cheap drone w/ long flying time

JJRC H68 Bellwether quadcopter
In addition to the latest functionalities (altitude hold & headless flight), the JJRC H68 Bellwether drone features up to 20 minutes flying time. Of course this can be achieved only "in optimal flying conditions", as JJRC says.The 720P camera is attached under the belly of the drone using some vibration damping balls. In order to obtain the best field of view,...

Hubsan H123D X4 JET: Affordable starter FPV drone

Hubsan H123D X4 JET
At first sight, the new Hubsan H123D X4 JET seems to be the perfect lean-to-fly FPV drone. It comes with on-board 5.8G camera and multiple flight modes (including Acro). Hubsan, released the H123D JET in two variants. While BNF package includes only the drone, flight battery and spare propellers, RTF package comes with a nice remote controller with integrated 5.8G...

Best GearBest drone deals for June 2018

Best GearBest drone deals for June 2018
There are some truly amazing drone & quadcopter deals at the moment but nowhere more than on GearBest - many's favorite online retailer.GB's mega deals have been going all summer long. We're seeing nice discounts on DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, Xiaomi Mi 4K, Hubsan H501S X4, and Helifar X140, just to name a few. They also have some great...

BAYANGTOYS X22 Dual GPS drone w/ 3-axis Gimbal

BAYANGTOYS X22 dual GPS drone
In order to allow smooth, vibration-free aerial videos, the BAYANGTOYS X22 drone comes with 3-axis gimbal. Hopefully the gimbal is capable to room not just the 1080P stock camera but also GoPro cams.Due to the on-board dual GPS system and versatile flight controller, the BAYANGTOYS X22 is capable to perform intelligent flight modes like follow me or circle hovering.According to...

FPV Goggles repair: Eachine EV900 motherboard replace

FPV Goggles repair: Eachine EV900 motherboard replace
Everyone who read my Eachine EV900 review,  could find out that I had the bad luck to receive a faulty headset. Because it is very complicated to send back to Chine a product, I opted to try to repair my FPV goggles.The FPV goggles worked perfectly with wireless 5.8G input, but on HDMI I got only black image. I tried...

Cheerson CX-43 foldable selfie drone: Features & Specs

Cheerson CX-43 drone quadcopter
For long time we heard nothing from Cheerson. Now, they announced a new foldable drone named CX-43. At first look, in terms of size and features, the Cheerson CX-43 is very similar to the popular Visuo XS809HW drone. Let's discover what brings new this wannabe selfie drone.In addition to the barometric altitude-hold sensor, the Cheerson CX-43 features optical flow positioning sensor...

IFlight iH3 FPV drone quadcopter: Features & specs

IFlight iH3 FPV drone
The IFlight iH3 is advertised by the manufacturer as aerial filming drone. They claim that, due to its special design, there are no visible propellers in the captured footage. The IFlight iH3 comes equipped with the Runcam Split Mini camera which provides not just high quality live video feed, but it is also capable to record full HD videos at 60...

Rcharlance Tiercel 215mm FPV quad: Features & Specs

Rcharlance Tiercel 215mm FPV drone
Like the Kopis 1, the Rcharlance Tiercel is also based on the versatile KAKUTE F4 flight controller. By default it comes with BetaFlight, but it can be also flashed with CleanFlight firmware. The FC can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can opt for Angle mode, expert pilots can have fun with Acro mode.Everything you can find on flagship 5"...

GEPRC Elegant 230mm FPV Racing Drone: Cool design & Top notch features

GEPRC Elegant FPV Drone
Elegant 230 is a high-performance and ultra-durable FPV racing drone from GEPRC. Its low-profile design allows centralized weight which means excellent stability. Built around the SPAN F4 AIO flight controller, the GEPRC Elegant quadcopter features multiple flight modes. According to your flight skills you can configure 3 types of flight mode. While beginners can start with Angle and Horizon modes, professional...