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DarwinFPV CineApe35 with GPS and three FPV options

DarwinFPV CineApe35
DarwinFPV's newest CineWhoop-style FPV drone has three FPV options: Analog, DJI O3 Air Unit, and RunCam Washp. Another exciting feature of the CineApe35 is the onboard GM8 GPS module, allowing BetaFlight fail-safe return to home. The DarwinFPV CineApe35 has two power options: 4s and 6s. The only difference between the two versions is the KV number of the motors. The...

FLSUN S1 and T1: Enclosed High-Speed Delta 3D printers

FLSUN S1 and FLSUN T1 delta 3d pritners
This week, I was contacted by FLSUN on the occasion of the launch of two new 3D printer models. FLSUN S1 and T1 adopt a delta design and enclosed full metal frame structure. Besides the different build volumes, these two machines have many other significant differences, which is expected as the S1 costs two times more than the T1. Besides...

RadioMaster RP4TD: GEMINI ready ELRS diversity RX

RadioMaster RP4TD
RadioMaster is a company that, from the beginning, started to offer ExpressLRS-compatible devices, including transmitters and receivers. Their new RP4TD diversity ELRS RX module comes with a dual-antenna system for improved range and penetration. When paired with TX modules such as the BetaFPV SuperG, you can use the ELRS Gemini mode. To ensure improved stability, regardless of temperature, the RadioMaster...

GoPro 12 vs Insta360 Ace Pro: Which is the best deal for Black Friday 2023

GoPro 12 vs Insta360 Ace Pro
With the Ace Pro, it’s clear that Insta360 wants to offer a GoPro alternative. Even the most popular brands have haters, not just fans, so there is room for new companies in any market segment. Both action cameras were released in 2023, with a two-month gap between them, and are the flagship models of the companies. Black Friday season has...

Insta360 goes after GoPro: Meet Insta360 Ace & Ace Pro

Insta360 ACE and ACE Pro
Insta360, known for its 360° cameras, just released in partnership with Leica, a pair of groundbreaking, wide-angle GoPro-like action cameras. The Insta360 Ace & Ace Pro are powered by AI to allow a smarter way to shoot inside and out. The flagship version of the camera is the Ace Pro. Co-engineered with Leica, it boasts superior imaging performance courtesy of...

DJI Black Friday Sale 2023: UP TO 30% OFF for many DJI products

DJI Black Friday Sale 2023
Like every Black Friday, in 2023, DJI brings some great deals for drone enthusiasts and not only. You can find both their FPV drone, three sub250g class drones, action camera, and more between the discounted products. Furthermore, you can get free premium gifts with your order. The Avata Pro-View Combo comes with a massive price drop from $1428 to $999....

BetaFPV Black Friday Sale 2023: Discount and Gift cards on FPV drones

BetaFPV Black Friday Sale 2023
Black Friday is probably the best time of the year to buy your first FPV drone with a massive price drop. BetaFPV has some fantastic kit options available for newcomers. In addition to the discount, you can win extra coupon codes for your next order by playing Wheel of Fortune on their website. First-person view  (FPV) drones differ from camera...

ZHIYUN Black Friday Sale 2023: Biggest discount on video gears

ZHIYU Black Friday Sale 2023
This year, Black Friday brings up to 50% off ZHIYUN’s professional camera and smartphone stabilization systems (gimbals), video lights, and other professional-grade video creation accessories. Whether you are a vlogger or hobbyist photographer, this is probably the best year to get your new video gear. ZHIYUN's BF sale runs from November 15 till the end of the month. Popular products...

Insta360 Black Friday Sale 2023: Best deals on action cameras

Insta360 BF deals 2023 banner
Whether it's 360° or a unique point of view, Insta360 cameras deliver excellent performance, making them the preferred choice for capturing life's breathtaking moments. If you’re looking for an Insta360 camera deal, this is the best time of the year! Insta360 offers significant price drops on its most popular cameras and accessories during the Black Friday Sale festival. Plus, get...

Pavo25 V2 is BetaFPV’s newest CineWhoop beast

BetaFPV Pavo25 V2
BetaFPV's second-generation Pavo25 V2 has some revolutionary improvements compared to the original Pavo25, reviewed here on FirstQuadcopter last year. The F405 AIO 20A flight controller has replaced a more versatile and powerful F722 35A AIO V2 FC. The propulsion system is also upgraded from 1404-4500KV motors to bigger 1505-4600KV ones. It has a wheelbase of 112mm and GF D63...

X16 is ISDT’s latest heavy duty LIPO charger

The ISDT X16 is a heavy-duty dual-LIPO charger with a massive output of 1100W/channel when powered by an AC outlet. It can discharge batteries for storage with up to 50W/channel. It adopts a cool futuristic game console design with handlers on both sides and a 2.8" color LCD screen. It can charge simultaneously two up to 16-cell LiFe, LiPo, LiHv,...