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TUEO RC Football Drone: Bulletproof 360° prop guard

Photo of TUEO RC Football drone
TUEO's drone features a football-like sphere shape propeller guard. This concept offers 100% protection in case you bump into something. Of course, if you hit a concrete wall at top speed the damages will be still significant.  The TUEO RC Football Drone is built on a 3" blade compatible frame. The arms are longer than usual in order to hold...

New members joined to the US Drone Advisory Committee

FAA DAC banner
U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao today announced new appointments to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee or DAC. “The Drone Advisory Committee is key to helping the FAA keep pace with innovation while protecting safety,” said the U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao. Members are executives who represent a variety of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) interests,...

STP FLIGGY 147mm micro FPV drone

Photo of STP FLIGGY 147mm drone
The STP FLIGGY is a micro-class FPV drone with a 147mm wheelbase and protective canopy. In the center of the frame is a 20x20mm Rush flight stack (F7 Core flight controller + 30A ESC). Its tiny 4500KV brushless motors are paired with 2.5" Gemfan 2540 3leaf propellers. In front of the STP FLIGGY drone is an 800TVL Caddx Baby Turtle...

XLURC L106 Pro: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $150

Photo of XLURC L106 Pro drone
To be honest I was a bit clickbait saying that this XLURC L106 Pro is a Mavic Air 2 alternative. Excepting a similar folding design, it is far behind DJI's drone in almost every aspect. While the Air 2 has a range of 10Km, the XLURC L106 Pro less than 1Km. Flight time is also 5 minutes shorter. But,...

M1 PRO GPS enabled EIS 4K drone

Photo of M1 Pro drone
The M1 PRO features a similar camera to the popular F11 4K Pro drone. It also has 2-axis stabilization, PTZ control, and 5GHz WIFI real-time image transmission. Thanks to the triple positioning system, it is very stable in any environment. The Optical Flow positioning and Air Pressure sensor allows stable hovering indoors, and the GPS positioning outdoor. The dual flight...

Eachine VR004: Convertible 2 in 1 FPV goggles monitor

Photo of Eachine VR004
The Eachine VR004 FPV goggles feature a modular design that allows easy conversion from a 4.3" FPV monitor into a veritable FPV headset. Fully assembled measures about 155x96x128mm and weighs 350 grams. IMHO, due to its small size, it will be difficult to be used with eyeglasses. Thanks to the built-in 1300mAh Polymer battery, it can be used for up...

SMRC M21: DJI MINI 2 like drone for less than $100

Photo SMRC M21
For less than $100, the SMRC M21 drone follows almost in all aspects the design of the popular MINI 2 drone. Of course for its price tag, we can't expect DJI-grade top-notch features. Also, the M21 comes with cheap low-lifespan brushless motors, instead of reliable brushed ones. It measures 15x10x7cm with folded arms, and 35x32x7cm unfolded read to fly. With...

HOMFPV Unicorn: 2″ DJI HD Girlish CineWhoop

Photo of HOMFPV Unicorn 2" drone
HOMFPV's latest 2-inch CineWhoop style FPV drone is advertised by a super cute Asian model. Due to its nice pink color, the HOMFPV Unicorn will be probably adored mainly by female pilots. HOMFPV opted to equip their 90mm size Unicorn drone with the Caddx Nebula V2 FPV camera and Caddx Vista HD digital VTX. This setup is natively compatible with...

ZLL SG908 KUN 4K drone: Redesigned Beast

Photo of ZLL SG908 drone
ZLL, ex ZLRC bring on the market a new GPS enabled drone called SG908 KUN. Similar to the Beast series it features brushless motors and excellent battery life. Apart from the more Mavic like design and lack of laser collision avoidance system, the ZLL SG908 inherits most of the features of the SG906 MAX. Even its battery and range...

Happymodel Cine8: DIY FPV Whoop kit for Insta360GO

Photo of Happymodel Cine8
Happymodel's Cine8 DIY kit includes all the parts needed to build your own CineWhoop style FPV drone. The box contains an 85mm size carbon fiber frame, 3D printed Whoop blade protectors, AIO F4 flight controller, FPV camera, VTX, and motors. Happymodel also includes a TPU Insta360 GO camera mount and a Tattu 3s/450mAh battery. According to your existing transmitter, you...

Coming soon: FIMI Mini 4K drone

Photo of Fimi MINI drone
Starting with December 28, a new drone APP, named FIMI NAVI MINI, is available on the Goggle play store. This application was the first clue that predicts a new Xiaomi drone is coming in 2021. Shortly, new rumors appeared about the upcoming FiMI Mini drone, including a photo of it. According to the leaked specs, its design looks very...