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Photo of SHRC H3 Mini drone

SHRC HR iCAMERA3 H3 GPS drone under $100

The SHRC iCAMERA3 H3 comes with 2 types of positioning systems and 3 color options (silver, red, and black). While with optical flow positioning...
JJRC X9P 4K drone quadcopter

JJRC X9P GPS enabled 4K drone for less than $300

Surely, the biggest upgrade of the JJRC X9P compared to its predecessor is the 4K camera and optical flow positioning. The "Pro" version comes...

Coming soon: VISUO ZEN K1 GPS 4K drone

Although only few days ago VISUO ZEN K1 drone was revealed, there are a lot of questions around it: optical or digital 50x zoom?,...
MJX Bugs 4W Technic drone

Coming soon: MJX B4W 2K GPS camera drone

MJX's Bugs series gets a new member called B4W Technic. Based on the first rumors we can say that it is the most versatile...
PIONEER LH-X41F optical flow drone for less than $50

PIONEER LH – X41F: Optical flow sensor for less than $50

Similar to the Eachine E58, the PIONEER LH - X41F also features foldable arms. This approach makes the drone very portable allowing to carry...
UPair 2 Ultrasonic I

Coming soon: UPair 2 Ultrasonic 4K drone

Today, I will introduce you the newly announced UPair 2 Ultrasonic I drone. Compared to its predecessor, the second generation UPair quadcopter comes with...
SHRC H2 Locke drone

SHRC H2 Locke: Tello alternative with 2k camera?

At first sight, the SHRC H2 Locke is an excellent alternative for the DJI Tello, as it has similar design and features. Moreover, the...
SG106 drone

SG106 quadcopter: Entry level drone with 20+ flight time

The time I started my journey in the world of multi-rotors, the expected flight time from an entry level drone like the SG106 was about...
JDRC JD-65G drone

Coming soon: JDRC JD-65G quadcopter

Following the great success of the JD-20, JDRC will come up in 2019 with a new drone called JD-65G. While, usually, the "G" letter...
VISUO XS816 drone

TIANQU VISUO XS816: Optical flow sensor & 20 minutes flight time

Towards the end of 2018, Santa Claus comes with a new TIANQU drone, called VISUO XS816. Following the great success of its predecessors, the XS 816 also...
Lefant Zeraxa Pro Review

Lefant Zeraxa Pro review: FlyAway & R.I.P.

Winter will come with lots of cool drone reviews on FirstQuadcopter. We are expecting this month at least 8 new drones till the end of...