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LN-motor FS2812 and FS2306 brushless motors for FPV drones

LM-Motor FS2306 and FS2812
Commonly, the product name of FPV motors is formed by a group of two numbers. The first one refers to the dimensions of the motor and the second one to the speed of the motor. Brushless motors have two main parts: the rotor with permanent magnets and the stator with copper coils. After learning to decipher the numbers on...

SUNLU AntiString PLA filament for high quality 3D prints

Stringing is a common 3D printing problem that can be annoying when you want quality results without post-finishing. To solve the root of the problem, SUNLU came on the market with the first AntiString PLA filament, an upgraded version of the regular PLA filament. Stringing occurs mainly when the extruder moves between two different locations; during that move, the filament...

BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX: First GEMINI ELRS transmitter

BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX
Since I built my first ExpressLRS-enabled FPV drone, I converted all existing drones to ELRS due to the excellent range and link stability. BetaFPV's new SuperG Nano TX module is the first GEMINI-compliant transmitter with dual-frequency diversity communication. The module was developed by BetaFPV in cooperation with the ExpressLRS team. It is based on ELRS V3.3 and promises improved...

ELEGOO Neptune 4 Max: Speedy XXL 3D printer

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D printer
The ELEGOO Neptune 4 Max is the largest 3D printer that I reviewed. With a massive 420*420*480mm build volume, you can print big models at once without the need to glue multiple parts together. The Klipper firmware will also be a first for me. Klipper is an advanced open-source 3D printer software developed by KevinOConnor that allows you to...

Skystars Bolt5 (Foxeer Caesar) racing drone frame

SkyStars Bolt5 \ foxeer caesar
Racing frames like the Skystars Bolt5 or Foxeer Caesar prioritize light weight and aerodynamic efficiency for maximum speed and maneuverability. Their geometry is optimized to have the smallest friction in the air, and the battery is mounted underneath the frame to obtain the optimal center of gravity (COG). My review refers to the SkyStars-RC Bolt5 frame kit, but as the...

JHEMCU GF30F722-ICM: Most affordable F7 flight controller

JHEMCU GF30F722 flight controller
A few months ago, I built an iFlight Nazgul5 V3 FPV drone, and being on a tight budget, I looked for a cheap but versatile flight controller (FC). While most F7 flight controllers from reputable brands such as Diatone, SpeedyBee, RushFPV, HGLRC, or iFlight were priced close to $100, I found this JHEMCU GF30F722-ICM for only $38. F7 flight controllers...

SUNLU PLA and PLA+ 3D filaments: Is it Worth it?

SUNLU PLA+ and PLA review
When I show my 3D-printed objects to friends, the most common question is, "How much does the filament cost?" SUNLU is known for its affordable 3D printing materials. In this review, we tested their PLA and PLA+ filaments. To check the quality and usability, I printed various things that I needed in the house. PLA (Polylactic Acid) and PLA+ (also...

DJI O3 Air Unit Waterproof case from DarwinFPV

DarwinFPV DJI O3 Air Unit waterproof case
The DJI O3 Air Unit is probably the most expensive component of any FPV drone, and you will probably want to protect it from crashes and harsh weather conditions (rain and snow). DarwinFPV's CNC aluminum case provides IP68-level waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistance. Additionally, this enclosure allows the use of one O3 AU kit on multiple drones or VTOLs. Currently,...

VIFLY WhoopStor 3: 1S Charger for Whoopsters

ViFly WhoopStor 3 charger
Micro CineWhoop style FPV drones drain the battery very fast and have only 2-4 minutes of flight time. This means that you will need about 20 batteries for one hour of fun. The VIFLY WhoopStor 3 allows you to charge up to six batteries at once, so you can fly while the empty batteries are recharged. The unit is...

Holystone HS360S SpyDI: Sub 250g GPS-enabled 4K drone

Holystone HS360S
The Holystone HS360S is an entry-level drone with some serious capabilities. While it is relatively affordable, beautifully compact, and lightweight enough to be classed alongside toy drones without the need for registration or pilot license in most countries, it’s no child’s plaything (it has powerful brushless motors, the battery supports 20 minutes of flight – over a range of...

Walksnail Avatar HD Nano V3: Digital FPV for all your drones

Last month, Caddx introduced its fifth digital FPV kit, the Walksnail Avatar HD Nano V3. Although its name is suggested to be super small, it is one of their most sophisticated video transmission systems suitable for small CineWhoop drones and bigger racing/freestyling FPV quadcopters. This new release introduces racing mode, which promises to improve latency stability. Being able to switch...