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SIRUI Traveler 5C: Carbon Fiber Field Tripod

Sirui Traveler 5C
I purchased my first tripod together with my first digital camera, about 20 years ago. It was a cheap unbranded model that served me well for many years. A few years later, I purchased a more versatile tripod from a trustworthy Italian brand when I started reviewing drones. It was super OK for inside work, but on the first...

ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle (FTDI USB to TTL)

BetaFPV ELRS Recovery Dongle
BetaFPV was among the first drone brands that joined the ExpressLRS team by adopting their high-performance Open Source Radio Control Link. The ELRS Recovery Dongle comes in help for those who brick their radio receiver when failed in updating or flash firmware by using the UART port instead of WIFI. In a nutshell, the BetaFPV ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle is an...

Foxeer Foxwhoop 25: From frame kit to flying CineWhoop

Foxeer FoxWhoop25
The Foxwhoop25 is advertised with the 'Unbreakable drone' headline. Foxeer even promises a lifetime warranty for the protection guard. Some dude on YouTube did a car-crushing test. Being strong and slightly flexible at the same time passed the torture. Of course, this does not mean, that if you fly at full speed in a concrete wall nothing bad will...

Holy Stone HS720G: Advanced yet Friendly!

The Holy Stone HS720G is the kind of drone that any first-timer could wish for. It’s very portable, it has a 4K camera, is easy to fly, and has all the best flight features that a low-cost drone can have. Now, the third iteration of the HS720 drone comes with a 2-axis gimbal stabilization, which is the biggest upgrade from...

Let’s Build a CineWhoop (BetaFPV Pavo25 review)

BetaFPV Pavo25 CineWhoop
Unfortunately, there aren’t many DIY CineWhoop kits out there and, probably, most of you would opt for a prebuild version or to put together your own kit. BetaFPV fulfils both situations by offering the BNF version and all individual parts of the Pavo25. There are two major advantages of starting with the BetaFPV Pavo25. The first is that you’ll...

RadioMaster ELRS EP1 & EP2 Nano RX radio receivers

RadioMaster EP1 and EP2 Nano RX
A few months ago, together with their Zorro transmitter, RadioMaster also introduced two ExpressLRS compatible radio receivers. In this review, we will have a closer look at the RadioMaster ELRS EP1 and EP2 Nano RX ELRS radio receivers. ExpressLRS is a relatively new radio protocol that is focused on range and latency. When it comes to remote drone operation, these...

ToolKitRc M9 review: The talking drone LIPO charger

ToolKitRC M9
In addition to the lots of inbuilt functionalities, the ToolKitRc M9 features cool voice alerts and a multi-angle colour display. With a size slightly bigger than your smartphone and output power of 600W, it is very portable and powerful. Is the ToolKitRc M9 the only charger you need on your drone backpack? Let's find out from this review! Along with...

ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S: Must-have gimbal for vlogging and travel

Zhiyun Crane M2S
ZHIYUN's latest all-around vlogging gimbal, the CRANE-M2S is positioned between the Crane-M2 and the Crane-M3. The M2S has a great balance between camera compatibility, features, and price. High-end smartphones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with built-in image stabilization (OIS) that promises close to tripod-level stability. So why do you still need a gimbal when you have a...

DarwinFPV Tiny APE review: Best budget FPV drone

DarwinFPV Tiny APE
The DarwinFPV Tiny APE is perhaps one of the best pre-built budget-friendly FPV drones I’ve reviewed. It comes with a high-quality RunCam Nano 4 camera, a powerful 600mW VTX, and a versatile F4 flight controller with an onboard ELRS receiver. Let me show you the pros and cons of the TinyAPE 2.5" freestyle quadcopter. FPV drones offer the most immersive...

Elegoo Saturn S: Large 3D prints at friendly price

Elegoo Saturn S
The Saturn S is the newest member of the 4K resin 3D printer series released by Elegoo and it is an improved version of the original Saturn. The screen is now increased from 8.9" to 9.1" and the print height from 200mm to 210mm. Furthermore, now you get an active carbon air purifier included with the S-edition. Our Elegoo...

ND Filters for Autel EVO Nano by FORFOCUS

ForFocus Autel EVO Nano ND filters
If you’re anything like most new Autel Nano owners, you’re likely already searching for compatible accessories such as chargers, cases, spare batteries, or ND filters. In this review, we will have a closer look at the ForFocus Autel Nano filter kit. Neutral-Density (ND) filters are optical glasses that are placed in front of the camera lens to obtain particular effects....