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ND Filters for Autel EVO Nano by FORFOCUS

ForFocus Autel EVO Nano ND filters
If you’re anything like most new Autel Nano owners, you’re likely already searching for compatible accessories such as chargers, cases, spare batteries, or ND filters. In this review, we will have a closer look at the ForFocus Autel Nano filter kit. Neutral-Density (ND) filters are optical glasses that are placed in front of the camera lens to obtain particular effects....

Drone landing pad review (Universal & LED from CYNOVA)

CYNOVA landing pads
Eight years ago, when I started this hobby, the first drone accessory that I purchased was a landing pad. Drone aprons give you a safe take-off and landing every time, regardless of the terrain you fly. For example, sand is even more dangerous than water to a drone's sensitive motors. I would never risk taking-of from a beach without...

Caddx Air Unit Micro review: Better than DJI?

Caddx Air Unit Micro
About four months ago, I purchased a Caddx Air Unit Micro kit with the intention to review it. Usually, when I get a new product on my test bench it takes no more than two weeks to publish my evaluation. In the case of this HD digital system, the time was much longer because first I had to build...

Best GoPro 10 accessories from PGYTech

PGYTech GoPro 10 accessories
GoPro's latest Hero 10 is a superb action camera, but to get the best footage, you'll need the right GoPro accessories. Many of the best PGYTech GoPro 10 accessories listed here will work not just with all models of GoPro cameras, but also with other action cameras including 4K handheld gimbals like the DJI Pocket. 1. PGYTech GoPro 10 cases The...

FreeWell Autel EVO Nano ND filter kit review

If you are serious about getting the greatest photo and video results from your Autel EVO Nano drone, you should invest in Neutral Density (ND) filters. In this review, we will have a closer look at FreeWell's 'All Day' kit which includes 6 filters to cover all light situations that you can encounter from sunrise to sunset. Being a hobbyist...

Holy Stone HS175D: Nice Little Drone under 250g

Holy Stone HS175D
I know that the Holy Stone HS175D is not a new model, but it is the company's first drone reviewed on FirstQuadcopter. The 'D' edition is the second iteration of the original HS17 and the biggest differences compared to its predecessor are the more reliable brushless motors and the upgraded camera. At a glance, the Holy Stone HS175D looks like...

GoPro Hero 10 accessories bundle review (HSU 72 in 1 kit + extras)

HSU GoPro10 accessories kit
After I published my GoPro Hero 10 review, I started looking for some compatible accessories. HSU had the most comprehensive bundle that includes 72 pieces of GoPro 10 accessories. Practically, contains everything you could ever need for this action camera, from plenty of mounting accessories to storage, diving, and protective cases. GoPro accessories can take your videographer skills to a...

PGYTECH OneGO shoulder drone bag

Most drone manufacturers, including DJI, Autel, FIMI, and Hubsan, offer their drones in two package options. Only the 'Premium/Fly More Combo' edition includes a dedicated bag/case. The PGYTECH OneGO looks to be a great storage and transportation solution for those purchasing the more affordable 'Standard' kit. The PGYTECH's OneGO series includes a backpack, two shoulder bags, and a sling bag....

Kovol Sprint 120W 4-Port USB PD GaN charger review

Kovol Sprint 120W USB PD GaN charger
Nowadays, most drones weighing less than 250 grams are charged via USB. Laptop manufacturers are also moved from dedicated power adaptors to more convenient PD USB chargers. Often, I have to charge 3-4 devices at the same time and I borrow my wife's and kid's wall charger which makes them unhappy if they have to charge their phones too....

RadioMaster Zorro review – Conquer the Sky!

RadioMaster Zorro
From my point of view, the selling point of the RadioMaster Zorro transmitter is its big screen. When you are over 40 years old, you are losing the focusing ability for near vision and due to that, the lens inside your eye becomes less flexible. My actual radio controller has a small LCD that makes the configuration part quite...

GoPro Hero 10 Review (Not Sponsored!)

GoPro Hero 10
GoPro is the action camera industry leader and the Hero 10 Black is the company's new flagship for 2022. I’ve spent more than two months with this camera in order to find out if the on-page specs and features translate to real-world usage. My in-depth review includes what I loved about the GoPro Hero 10 while using it with...