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Flight controller for drones, is like brain for humans. They are the central nerve system of multi-rotors.

Drone flight controls are many and very varied. In nutshell there are two type of flight controller. One for brushed and one for brushless drones.

Flight controllers for drones and quadcopters

RushFPV Blade F722 V2 digital flight stack

Looking for a versatile and easy-to-use flight controller stack for your next digital FPV drone? Check out the RushFPV F722 V2 + 5A ESC Stack which has just been released and seems a reliable option. The biggest advantage of this flight stack is that it requires minimal soldering due to the onboard connectors. This modular design is also great...

SKYSTARS F722HD Pro FC for DJI O3 Air Unit

SKYSTARS F722HD flight controller review
With the release of the new DJI O3 Air Unit, everyone started to look for a compatible flight controller. The SkyStars-RC F722HD Pro has impressive specs and a dedicated digital VTX connector. SkyStars offers the F722 MINI HD Pro in a bundle with three types of ESC boards, 40A, 45A, and 55A -shown in this review. In a nutshell, a...

BETAFPV Flight Controller Series: For 1S-6S FPV drones

BETAFPV Flight Controller Series
Besides the frame and motors, the flight controller (FC) is an essential part of an FPV drone. Flight controllers are the brain of drones, they control the speed of each motor based on the input of various sensors and the pilot's stick movements. BetaFPV has many FCs, including Brushed, Brushless, Standard, AIO, 1S-6S, with/without a built-in receiver, and more....

SpeedyBee F745 35A Wireless AIO flight controller

SpeedyBee F745
SpeedyBee F745 35A BLS claims to be the world's first AIO flight controller with built-in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and WiFi). It allows changing everything right on the flight field using your mobile phone. You can configure a new radio receiver, motor layout, PIDs, and other things. The flight controller measures 36.5x36.5x7 and it has a 25.5x25.5 mounting pattern. Weighting just...

Happymodel X12 AIO 5-IN-1 Flight Controller

Happymodel X12
The Happymodel X12 is a highly integrated brushless flight controller with onboard ESC, RX, and VTX. Its integrated 4in1 ESC (DSHOT300) can handle 12A continuously or 15A peeks if needed. The onboard OpenVTX FPV transmitter features up to 400mW broadcast power and SmartAudio remote configuration. The FC can be powered with 1S and 2S LiPo batteries. According to your existing...

HGLRC Zeus25 AIO review: F722 Flight Controller + 25A ESC

HGLRC Zeus25 flight controller review
The HGLRC Zeus25 AIO flight controller is full of features, including a high-performance STM32F722 processor, 25A BL32 ESC, OSD, 4x UART, 10V BEC, easy soldering layout with large pads, and much more. Zeus25 AIO supports PPM (FlySky), Serial RX (including FrSky, S.BUS, DSMX, etc.), and ExpressLRS (RX/TX) radio receivers. It has dedicated pads for Caddx Vista or DJI Air Unit...

BetaFPV Toothpick F722 flight controller review

BetaFPV F722 review
A few weeks ago I reviewed the BetaFPV Pavo30 drone that was based on this Toothpick F722 flight controller. Due to some accident, a few of the MOSFETs on the board fried and I decided to order a new one. In a nutshell, a flight controller (aka FC) is the brain of the drone. Its central processor receives data from...

F4 flight controller review: First piece of your DIY drone

F4 flight controller review
F3 flight controllers are outmoded, they have half of the processing speed of the latest F4 flight controllers. But up to 32 kHz loop-time and more, UART ports are really making a difference? Let’s find out in our AKK F4 FC review. Flight controllers are the nerve center of drones. They are using various sensors to stabilize your aircraft by...