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Moza Air 2S review: My first DSRL gimbal

Moza AIR 2S gimbal review
A few weeks ago, Gudsen officially revealed the Moza Air 2S gimbal as the newest addition to their heavy-duty Air series. Our review covers initial impressions, marketed features, honest user experience, and lots of test footage. Moza has become a major force in the camera stabilization market, developing new technology making their products easier to use. The first-generation of Moza...

Rayshot RiderShot: First Android Pocket Gimbal

Photo of RayShot gimbal
Rayshot recently listed on Kickstarter their upcoming project. The RiderShot Android-based smart gimbal camera comes with some pretty interesting features, including 4G mobile connectivity. Established in 2017, RayShot Tech is the pioneer of smart pan-tilt mobile phone cameras, focusing on the design and development of innovative smart pan-tilt cameras and AI smart electronic products and providing overall solutions. Rayshot integrates 4G...

Moza Air 2S: Heavy-duty Camera Gimbal

Photo of MOZA Air 2S gimbal
Gudsen Technology, the market leader in professional image stabilization solutions, announced the launch of their most powerful 3-axis gimbal. The new MOZA Air 2S is the iteration of the MOZA Air 2 stabilizer, which was released two years ago. The Air 2S is an evolutionary upgrade of the previous model, featuring a whole new set of gimbal technologies. MOZA's newest...

MOZA MOIN 4K Pocket Gimbal 2.5″ live-view screen

Photo MOZA MOIN 4K Gimbal
Featuring a large articulating live-view screen, the newly released MOZA MOIN 4K gimbal is considered the best DJI Pocket 2 alternative that you can buy in 2021. Let's find out what other features makes the Gudsen MM the ultimate stabilized vlogging camera. Gudsen's first pocket gimbal has a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing 12MP photos (JPEG or...

FiMI Palm 2 vs DJI Pocket 2: In-depth comparison guide

Xiaomi FIMI Palm 2 versus DJI Osmo Pocket 2
Last year, we reviewed both FIMI Palm and Osmo Pocket gimbals, now it's time to take a closer look and an in-depth comparison of their 2020 version. While the new DJI Pocket 2 comes with upgraded image sensors, the FiMI Palm 2 with improved battery life. Both stabilizers have CMOS image sensors, but the FIMI Palm 2 has 12 MP...

FIMI PALM 2 gimbal: Still only 4K@30fps?

Photo of FIMI Palm 2 stabilizer
Xiaomi is about to release their second generation of FiMI Palm gimbal. Apparently, the FIMI PALM 2 is more just a facelift than a real upgrade compared to its predecessor. Also, featuring only 4K@30fps recording, can't be counted as DJI Pocket 2 alternative. The Palm 2's grip has been completely redesigned compared to its predecessor. If you put them side-by-side...

MORANGE M1 Pro gimbal: True DJI Pocket 2 alternative?

Key features of MORANGE M1 Pro gimbal
Featuring 4K@60fps recording and 5X digital zoom, the new MORANGE M1 Pro gimbal can be considered as a true DJI Pocket 2 alternative. The M1 Pro will be available in 3 colors (black, orange, and grey). According to the first rumors, it's 2s/875mAh LI-Ion battery allows more than two hours of continuous recording, when the gimbal is set at FHD@30fps....

Osmo Pocket 2 alternatives: Best 4K gimbals

Best Osmo Pocket 2 alternatives
The new improved Osmo Pocket 2 was officially released today. Unfortunately, the great specs are paired with a spicy price tag too. In this article, we will try to discover if there are any good Osmo Pocket 2 alternatives for less money.  DJI is best known as the dominant market leader in drone technology, but it also has a wide...

LEDISTAR F3 phone gimbal for only $69.99

photo of LEDISTAR F3 phone gimbal
Featuring a folding design and priced for only $69.99, the LEDISTAR F3 could be an affordable alternative for the new DJI OM4 gimbal. A basic tripod can be handy for recording still videos, but to capture a walkthrough without annoying shake requires something more advanced. There are tons of 3-axis professional gimbals and stabilizers for smartphones on the market, but...

Zhiyun Smooth XS super-mini phone gimbal

Photo of Zhiyun Smooth XS gimbal
Zhiyun-Tech, one of the most popular phone stabilizer brand, has just released their new Smooth XS gimbal. Like its predecessor, it provides to 2-axis mechanical stabilization for smartphones. Despite that, the new Smooth XS is actually even smaller, it has the same excellent battery life and pack of features. Zhiyun Smooth XS is available in four colors (Ivory White, Pearly...

Osmo Mobile 4 gimbal with magnetic mount

Photo of Osmo Mobile 4
DJI's 4th generation phone gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 4 comes with innovative quick-release magnetic mounts. One is a clamp type magnetic mount that wraps around your mobile device and a second one attaches to the back of your smartphone and doubles as a finger ring for a better grip. Like its predecessor, the DJI OM4 is also controlled by the...