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Zhiyun SMOOTH-X ultra pocket phone gimbal

Promo banner of Zhiyun SMOOTH-X gimbal
Zhiyun-Tech, one of the biggest players in the video stabilizer industry just announced its smallest phone gimbal. When folded-up Zhiyun SMOOTH-X fits easily in any pocket. It’s even smaller than the recently reviewed SMOOTH-Q2. Furthermore, its grip can be extended up to 260mm allowing to capture from the perfect angle. Thanks to its instant landscape/portrait transition, no matter you’re an...

P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal Camera: The FiMI Palm killer

P6A Pocket Gimbal Camera
At first, look, priced for only $165.99, the P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal looks like an affordable alternative for the FiMI Palm. It features a similar size and design. Both pocket gimbals are capable to record 4K videos with up to 30 frames per second. While the FiMI Palm has up to 100 Mbps, the P6A only 60 Mbps. Based...

Feiyu Pocket vs Osmo Pocket vs FiMI Palm: Best handheld gimbals

Feiyu Pocket vs Osmo Pocket vs FiMI Palm gimbals
Priced for only $249, the just rumored Feiyu Pocket could be a good alternative for the expensive Osmo Pocket. In addition to the much friendly price tag, it features a higher bit rate at 4K@60fps recording, larger LCD display, and built-WiFi connectivity. Furthermore, Feiyu Pocket has a wider gimbal range (movement freedom) than its DJI contender. Feiyu-Tech’s handheld gimbal...

Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis phone gimbal stabilizer for $39.99

photo of Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis gimbal
Xiaomi’s sub-brand Yuemi Technology is about to release its first phone gimbal. Despite that, the Xiaomi Yuemi features only one motor claim to allow smooth footage due to its powerful 32bit ARM process and 6-axis gyro sensor. The gimbal can easily be switched between portrait and landscape mode. According to the advertised specs, the Yuemi 1-axis gimbal weighs just...

FiMI Palm vs Snoppa Vmate: What are the differences?

FiMI Palm and Snoppa Vmate side by side
Both, FiMI Palm and Snoppa Vmate gimbals want to be an affordable option for the Osmo Pocket. These two OP alternatives are about $100 cheaper than their DJI rival. If you look at the image above, you can see that these pocket gimbals share similar design and form factor. While the FiMI Palm measures 127 x 31 x 23 mm...

Snoppa Vmate 4K gimbal: Osmo Pocket for less?

photo of Snoppa Vmate 4K
After the FiMI Palm, another pocket 4K gimbal is about to be released. Like many awesome gadgets, the Snoppa Vmate also started on IndieGoGo. While the project goal was set to HK$400000, they managed to raise more than 3 million HKD from about 2000 backers – and the numbers are growing hour by hour. Vmate promises not just pocket...

Osmo Pocket vs FiMI Palm: Best alternative

Side by side view of Osmo Pocket and FiMI Palm
Till yesterday, the Osmo Pocket was a quite unique product on its market segment. There was no other handheld gimbal with similar specs and features. The just rumored Xiaomi FiMI Palm could be a good alternative for the Osmo Pocket, but only if Xiaomi will offer it for at least $100 less – especially that it has only 30fps...

FIMI PALM 4K Handheld Gimbal Camera: The Osmo Pocket killer?

FIMI PALM 4K Handheld Gimbal Camera
After DJI has announced their OSMO Pocket, it was only a matter of time for other manufacturers to come up with similar ultra-compact handheld stabilized cameras. The FIMI PALM is Xiaomi’s response to DJI’s Osmo Pocket. At first sight, there is not much design difference between these two handheld 4K gimbal cameras. Also, both have similar size and weight...


Like many awesome gadgets, the ZHIYUN SMOOTH-Q2 also started on Kickstarter. While the project goal was set to $100050, they managed to raise more than $300k from about 2300 backers - and the numbers are growing hour by hour. SMOOTH Q2 promises not just to be one of the smallest phone gimbal, but also the most easy to use....

ZHIYUN CRANE M2 review: The Universal Soldier

Older guys like me probably still remember the movie named "Universal Soldier", it was about enhanced super troopers good for all the jobs. When I saw the first rumors about the ZHIYUN CRANE M2 gimbal, that movie came in to my mind. It is compatible with a versatile range of photo/video equipment. You can use it with smartphones, action...

DJI Osmo Pocket review: Wingless drone camera

Osmo Pocket Review & Ratins
The DJI Osmo Pocket was announced at the end of last year and from the first rumors we wanted to get one and test it here on FirstQuadcopter. The plan was to offer a real user experience based review. I spent the last couple of days with the Osmo Pocket 4K, trying to test it in different situations. From...