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Drones from $201-500

In this price range you can find pretty versatile quadcopters from well known drone brands. We will take a look at the DJI Spark, Xiaomi Mi, Phantom 3, many professional racing quads and other option under $500.

List of best drones under $500

NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 O3: Ultra compact 4K CineWhoop

NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 O3
BetaFPV introduced the Pavo Pico a few months ago, which claimed to be the world's first 4K CineWhoop under 100 grams. Now, the NewBeeDrone...

Hubsan BlackHawk1: Features, specs, and pricing

Hubsan BlackHawk1
Hubsan claims to be a "Leading provider of flight control" and brings "new" drones on the market. Just like their other drones, the Hubsan...

SJRC F5S PRO Plus: The New Way to Fly!

SJRC's latest F5S PRO+ drone has some pretty exciting features, including GPS positioning, a 3-axis stabilized camera, and many creative video modes. Adopting a collapsible...

YLR/C S155 Teng 2: Beginner Drone with Obstacle Detection

Drones have become a highly desired gadgets by various people for fun or professional purposes. Beginners should start their journey in the world of...

FIMI X8 MINI V2: Upgraded in almost every way!

Yesterday, I was contacted by FIMI regarding the possibility of reviewing their upcoming X8 MINI V2 sub-250g drone. They sent me a complete list...

UdiRC U39S drone: Specs, Features, & Pricing

UdiRC U39S
The new UdiRC U39S, on paper, is an incredible drone. It has a 4K camera on a mechanical two-axis gimbal. It has a flight...

HGLRC Carry30 CineWhoop drone

HGLRC Carry30
The HGLRC Carry30 is a CineWhoop-style drone with a unique feature. It has an all-in-one electromagnetic suction cup module on the belly that allows...

Walkera T210 Mini: Reinvented DJI Spark

Walkera T210 Mini
The new Walkera T210 Mini resembles the 5-year-old DJI Spark's design. To be more portable, they replaced the fixed arms with foldable ones. In...

4DRC F4S drone with 4K camera for $209.99

In search of a good GPS-enabled 4K video drone, we also stumbled across the 4DRC F4S. The technical specs sound promising for just $209.99,...

SJRC F22S 4K PRO drone with OA system

SJRC has some very promising drones under $500, and this F22S Pro is the best of all. The SJRC F22S GPS-enabled quadcopter has an...

4DRC F13 aka F-XIII Rambler

4DRC F13
The 4DRC F13 (F-XIII Rambler) comes with some top-notch features for a reasonable price. In addition to the handy folding design, it comes with...