FIMI X8 MINI V2: Upgraded in almost every way!


Yesterday, I was contacted by FIMI regarding the possibility of reviewing their upcoming X8 MINI V2 sub-250g drone. They sent me a complete list of features and some product photos.  While in terms of design, there is not much change from the original X8 MINI under the shell, most of the hardware has been improved.

The FIMI X8 MINI V2 features a 3rd generation TDMA RokLink communication system that provides a range of up to 9KM. The promised flight time was also extended compared to its predecessor. Now, with the standard battery, it lasts 31 minutes, and with the Plus battery, it lasts 37 minutes. The better range and more flight time are nice upgrades, but to be honest, I would expect some more real upgrades, such as an obstacle avoidance system. 

Despite its small size, the drone is equipped with GPS technology and a number of intelligent flight modes, such as Follow me and Fail-safe RTH. The most significant advantage of 250g drones such as this X8 MINI V2 is their compliance with safety regulations. In most countries, you can use them without special registration or a pilot license.

FIMI installed the X8 MINI V2 with a new camera that features a 12MP 1/2.5″ CMOS image sensor with 80° FOV. The 3.54mm f/2.0 lens has a 26mm EFL and 6X zoom even when you shoot in 4K. By comparison, the first-generation FIMI X8 MINI has a 1/2.5″ CMOS sensor and only 3x digital zoom.

Pricing, availability, and options

The second-generation FIMI X8 MINI is available at Banggood with two types of batteries: Standard (31min flight time) for $459.00 and Plus (37min flight time) for $489. Both variants include a remote controller, spare propellers, charging and phone cables, and a gimbal cover. If you need a longer flight time, the fly more combo kit includes two batteries.

FIMI X8 MINI V2 key features

  • [250g-Class Ultralight Design] Featuring a 250g-class ultralight foldable design, the palm-sized FIMI X8 Mini V2 lets you be free to fly wherever you are.
  • [RokLink 9KM Image Transmission Distance] Adopting the latest third-generation TDMA image transmission system, higher sensitivity, and more robust anti-interference performance, flight operation is optimally flexible and convenient, and the transmission is stable and smooth.
  • [37-Minute Flight Time] The Intelligent Flight Battery Plus uses a higher energy density cell with a capacity of up to 3,100mah, and with the adaptive intelligent BMS battery management solution, you can enjoy up to 37 minutes of long-lasting flight.
  • [Type C Fast-Charging Battery] The Type C charging port on the battery allows or 9V/3A rapid charging.
  • [Smart Tracking Modes] New SOC technology and built-in 2T AI computing power can identify and stably track up to 30 kinds of targets, such as human beings, cars, boats, and animals.
  • [4k Camera with Three-Axis Mechanical Gimbal] The FIMI X8 Mini V2 combines a micro-three-axis mechanical gimbal weighing only 28g and the latest professional control algorithm for a much-improved accuracy of 0.005°, providing smooth and stable aerial images even at high speeds and in strong winds.
  • [Level 5 Wind Resistance] With its small magnetic gap-reduced motors and highly efficient and silent propellers, the X8 Mini V2 can resist Level 5 winds, offering a better thrust-to-weight ratio and faster response speed.


  1. Could you maybe make a video comparison between this Fimi MINI V2 and the DJI MINI 3? I want to order a drone for my 15 years old boy and don’t know which would be more suitable for him.


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