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The biggest advantage of foldable drones is that are extremely portable. Another important thing is the way are foldable drones controlled. In addition to the classic way (Physical RC), most of them can be also controlled through APP installed on your tablet or smartphone.

Surely in 2107 the most most popular foldable drone was the JJRC H37 Elfie.

List of best foldable quadcopters

Mavic Air 2 Alternatives

Mavic Air 2 Alternatives: Entry level, mid range and high end

Today, the Mavic Air 2 was officially revealed and most of the leeks and rumors proved to be true. It looks like DJI didn't...
Funsky X1 Pro quadcopter

Funsky X1 Pro: Brushless 4K GPS drone under $200

Funsky X1 Pro has not just the same design and features like the L109 PRO drone, but unfortunately also same price tag. These two...
ZD6 drone

ZD6 GPS folding drone for less than $100

For this week, the ZD6 will be the third GPS enabled introduced in our news section drone under $100. While the ZD6-GPS with 4K...
F3 Pigeon Pro - Mavic Air 2 clone

F3 Pigeon Pro GPS 4K drone: First Mavic Air 2 clone?

Despite the fact that are still 4 days till Mavic Air 2 official launch, first clones are ready for orders. Even the F3 Pigeon...
SMRC M20 4k GPS drone

SMRC M20: All you can get under $70

If the SMRC M20 had come equipped with brush-less motors, instead of less reliable brushed ones, it would be easily nominated as best Mavic...
Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air 2: Expectations, Leaks & Final specs

While we all are worried about the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, DJI is preparing to surprise us with a new product on April...
GW90 Pro GPS 4K quadcopter

Global Drone GW90 GPS drone with 4K camera

For less than $200, the Global Drone GW90 has all the latest quadcopter features. It comes with a nice foldable desing, brushless motors, on-board...
FIMI X8 SE 2020 edition

Coming soon: FIMI X8SE 2020

Wee Tsai, social media representative of Xiaomi, just rumoured few photos of the upcoming FIMI X8SE 2020. The pictures show pretty nice upgrades, most...
JX 1811 drone

JX 1811: Cheap foldable 4K toy drone

Like the Eachine E58, the JX 1811 also features nice Mavic alive foldable arms. In addition to the cool design it comes with on-board...

AOSENMA CG036 Shadow Pro: Excellent specs, bulky design

The newly announced AOSENMA CG036 drone is advertised with 3 variants of cameras. According to your phone's WiFi type, you can opt between 2.4G...
L109 PRO Easoul

L109 PRO Easoul 4K GPS quadcopter

The Easoul L109 PRO is an upgrade version of the popular MATAVISH 3 drone. The newer version comes with 2-axis mechanical gimbal, extended control...