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The biggest advantage of foldable drones is that are extremely portable. Another important thing is the way are foldable drones controlled. In addition to the classic way (Physical RC), most of them can be also controlled through APP installed on your tablet or smartphone.

Surely in 2107 the most most popular foldable drone was the JJRC H37 Elfie.

List of best foldable quadcopters

SG906 MAX1 Beast 3+

ZLL Beast 3+ aka SG906 MAX1: Same design, new features!

The Best 3 was ZLL's first drone with an obstacle avoidance system. The new 'Plus' edition comes with an upgraded communication system. While the...
Zino Mini Pro review

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro review: Incredibly small and versatile

The Hubsan Zino Pro was probably the most expected drone of 2021. It is the first quadcopter with a 4K camera and obstacle avoidance...

FUNSKY ZD6 PRO: Foldable GPS enabled 6K drone

The FUNSKY ZD6 PRO is a nice entry-level done with pretty nice features. It has a dual-positioning system (GPS + OFP), fail-safe return to...
Photo of SJRC F7

SJRC F7 drone: New design, super-long range

The SJRC F7 adopts a completely different design from any other drone features in our drone news section. Somehow mixes the design of a...
Photo of MJX B16 Bugs

MJX B19 MINI 4K / EIS: Bugs under 250 grams

Together with the recently reviewed Bugs 16 PRO, MJX released another drone named B19 MINI. This sub-250g class drone is available with two camera...
Photo of Zino MINI SE

Hubsan Zino Mini SE: More affordable, less versatile

While Zino Mini Pro was officially released on April 2021 and is still not available for orders, Hubsan announced another iteration of their sub-250g...

BEYONDSKY B6SE 4K foldable GPS drone

While the BEYONDSKY B6SE has a completely different design than the MJX B16 Pro, it has almost identical features. It also comes with a...
Photo of C-Fly OBTAIN 2

C-Fly OBTAIN 2 features and specs

C-Fly has two main product lines, Faith and Obtain. Both share similar features but a different design. Apparently, the biggest upgrade of the second-generation...
MJX B16 PRO drone review

MJX B16 PRO review: Best BUGS for now

The MJX B16 Pro is the very first drone of its kind. Many Bugs series drones have been released with many good choices, but...
Photo of Eagle ONE drone

HITORQUE Eagle ONE: 6K drone w/ obstacle avoidance

The HITORQUE Eagle ONE looks like any regular drone but with multiple front cameras. It has a 2-axis gimbal 4K camera under the nose...
Photo of DJI MINI SE

DJI Mini SE: True upgrade or just a facelift?

A few days ago, Walmart leaked some pictures of the upcoming DJI MINI SE drone. Usually, in the case of drones, 'SE' comes from...