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The biggest advantage of foldable drones is that are extremely portable. Another important thing is the way are foldable drones controlled. In addition to the classic way (Physical RC), most of them can be also controlled through APP installed on your tablet or smartphone.

Surely in 2107 the most most popular foldable drone was the JJRC H37 Elfie.

List of best foldable quadcopters


MSRC U99 PRO: Affordable brushless 4K drone with OA system

The MSRC U99 PRO drone has some exciting features that make it a great option for first-time pilots. Besides that is affordable. It features...
DJI Air3

DJI Air 3: Any more than a second camera?

When I read the first leaks about the DJI Air 3, I thought that the only improvement from its predecessor would be the dual-camera...

SJRC F5S PRO Plus: The New Way to Fly!

SJRC's latest F5S PRO+ drone has some pretty exciting features, including GPS positioning, a 3-axis stabilized camera, and many creative video modes. Adopting a collapsible...
Fist photo of DJI Air 3

Coming soon: DJI Air 3 dual-camera drone

In the last two weeks, rumors by rumors revealed all the key features and technical specs of the upcoming DJI Air 3 Drone. Some...

ZLL SG105 MAX dual-camera drone under $100

For a drone under $100, the ZLL SG105 MAX has some amazing features, including GPS positioning, a dual-camera system, an obstacle avoidance sensor, and...

YLR/C S155 Teng 2: Beginner Drone with Obstacle Detection

Drones have become a highly desired gadgets by various people for fun or professional purposes. Beginners should start their journey in the world of...

FUNSKY B3 PRO: Fun to fly drone under $100

If you're searching for a cheap beginner drone, I recommend you look at this FUNSKY B3 PRO. It features brushless motors, a 360° automatic...
HS280 drone

Holy Stone HS280: Camera drone under $100

The Holy Stone HS280 is the company's latest camera drone. When it comes to budget drones, Holy Stone is one of the favorite brands...
Autel EVO Max 4T

Autel EVO Max 4T Enterprise drone

Autel Robotics has added another drone to its Enterprise lineup, featuring four cameras, Lase range finder, a Millimeter-wave radar, and a 5D Visual sensing...
Walkera T210 Mini

Walkera T210 Mini: Reinvented DJI Spark

The new Walkera T210 Mini resembles the 5-year-old DJI Spark's design. To be more portable, they replaced the fixed arms with foldable ones. In...
Syma W3

SYMA W3: Cheap camera drone under 250g

Syma has revealed its latest drone and one that many hobbyists will prefer on a budget. The SYMA W3 is priced at just $149.99,...