JJRC drone reviews

JJRC makes some of the best toy drones money can buy.

Personally, I love JJRC products. In addition to the good price/value ratio, they have very good after sale support.

Best JJRC drone reviews

Over the years we reviewed more than 10 JJRC drone. Find bellow our best JJRC receives.

JJRC X16 review, ratings and sample footage

JJRC X16 review
The JJRC X16 is an affordable excellent looking foldable drone that weighs less than 200 grams. Find out from our hands-on review whether a $100 drone can compete with the four-times more expensive DJI Mavic Mini. On paper, the JJRC X16 drone looks extremely...

Best drone battery life – 20 minutes flight time: JJRC X7 review

JJRC X7 Smart Review
Thinking of buying a drone with best flight time? Check out our JJRC X7 Smart review. Powered by a 2s/2600mAh LI-PO battery, the JJRC X7 has more than 20 minutes flight time. Furthermore it has powerful brushless motors, GPS positioning system and full HD...

Best drone to buy under $150? JJPRO X3 HAX review

Best drone to buy under $150: JJPRO X3 HAX drone review
I often got the question "which is the best drone to buy under $150", my usual answer is depending on what you look for. If you want a racing drone you should skip over this review, but if you need a nice cruising drone...

JJRC H345 pocket drone review: Pay 1 and get 2

JJRC H345 drone review: JJI and JJII
Until recently, remote controlled drones were expensive toys. Now, JJRC H345 offers not one but two drones for the same friendly price. When I say "friendly" I mean less than $30! JJRC includes in the H345 package, a white drone called JJI and a black...

Baby Elfie review: Smaller, more versatile JJRC H37

Mini Baby Elfie drone review
Following the great success of the H37 sElfie drone, JJRC announced a more compact version with innovative one-handed gyro control. The newer generation JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie is with about 2 cm shorter and 16 grams lighter than its predecessor. While the first generation of...

JJRC H37 Elfie quadcopter review

JJRC H37 Elfie review
JJRC H37 - the cheapest smartphone controlled foldable "selfie drone" Usually selfie drones like this JJRC H37 Elfie are very expensive gadgets. Although the design of the JJRC Elfie is very similar with the one ZeroTech Dobby has, they are from completly different league. Actually is a bit exaggerated to categorize the H37...

JJRC H23 drone car in-depth review

JJRC H23 quadcopter car review
JJRC H23 quadcopter car for double fun Recently, JJRC announced their H23 drone car. It is basically the SY X25 but with a much nicer design. Notably is that both models can be easily switched from ground to air operation. Practically you can drive the JJRC H23 like a car...

JJRC H31 wannabe waterproof quad

JJRC H31 quadcopter review
JJRC H31 cheap quadcopter with headless mode and RTH Waterproof  quadcopter means that the aircraft can be immersed underwater. Usually, waterproof drones are extremely expensive because they have different design and require special components. JJRC Toys claims that their $33 H31 quad can be submerged in water and...

JJRC H20C hexacopter review

JJRC H20C eview
JJRC H20C mini hexa-copter with 720P camera Somehow I missed to review the JJRC H20C 's predecessor, which was probably the first affordable mini hexa-copter. These two models have approximately the same design but the newer H20C is slightly bigger and comes with a nicer remote...

JJRC X1 quadcopter review

JJRC X1 review
I started my journey in the world of quadcopters with a cheap brushed drone because, at that time, it didn't exist affordable brushless models like this JJRC X1. Based on my experience, the biggest problem with the cheaper brushed DC motors is that after only 10-15 flights...

JJRC H8C quadcopter

JJRC H8C  - Best quadcopter under $60 This new quadcopter comes under different names: JJRC H8C, JJRC F183 or DFD F183. All of them are offering the same flight characteristics and features. They also have the same design and I think that the spare parts are interchangeable between these models. The JJRC...

JJRC H5C another X5C clone

JJRC H5C - new quadcopter or just rebranding? Looking on the design and the specs nothing new on the JJRC H5C. It's only a rebranded Syma X5C. The only changes on this quadcopter is the logo on the top of the aircraft and the remote controller. Probably...

JJRC JJ-5000A and JJ-5000B Super Voyager

The  JJRC Super Voyager is another small palm sized quadcopter from the Jian Jian Toys Chinese manufacturer. It is available in two different color combinations: JJ-5000A (blue & white) and JJ-5000B (Red & white). Probably the JJRC JJ5000A Super Voyager is one of the cheapest ready to fly quadcopter...

JJRC 1000A micro quadcopter

JJRC 1000A micro quadcopter The JJRC 1000A quadcopter is one of the smallest and the cheapest micro quadcopter on the market. This multi-rotor is really small and cute, nearly a palm size. It's only 12cm x 12cm and 2.5cm in height. Equipped with colorful LED lights, this RC quadcopter...