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Yuneec International Co. Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 1999 and claims to be a world leader in electronic aviation.

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In 2014, Yuneec comes out with a highly capable ready-to-fly drone. The Typhoon Q500 drone had a 1080p@60fps camera, a 3-axis gimbal, and Smart Transmitter with a built-in FPV screen. Their first selfie drone called ‘Breeze’ was announced in 2016.

Yuneec drones roadmap

Yuneec H520 series Yuneec TYPHOON H series Yuneec TYPHOON Q series Other Yuneec drones
H520 Standard TYPHOON H3 powered by Leica TYPHOON Q500 Breeze
H520E Flexible UAV TYPHOON H PLUS with 1” camera Typhoon Q500+ MANTIS Q

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YUNEEC MANTIS Q drone: First rumors

YUNEEC Mantis Q drone
While the little Breeze was Yuneec's answer to DJI's Spark, the MANTIS Q wants to be the contender of the popular Mavic Pro. Equipped with 4K camera and up to 33 minutes flight autonomy, the YUNEEC MANTIS Q seems to be one of the best foldable drones of 2018. When it is folded together, the Mantis Q measures only 168 x 96 x...

Yuneec H920 Plus professional hexa-copter

Yuneec H920 Plus drone
Yuneec Tornad o H920 Plus drone for unmatched aerial filming After the HT520, Yuneec announced a more professional hexa-copter called Tornado H920 Plus. This new drone is suitable for industrial applications and professional aerial filming. In order to allow easy transportation, the Yuneec H920 Plus features foldable arms. The landing gears are retractable, which is a must have for professional aerial videos. The...

Yuneec Breeze trendy selfie drone

Yuneec Breeze selfie quadcopter
Yuneec Breeze selfie quadcopter with UHD camera First time I read about this Yuneec Breeze selfie drone I hesitated to publish a product news because I'm mad a bit on the manufacturer. One of my Yuneec 4K's battery started to swollen. Their service team requested me to send it back, even if its not safe to transport LI-POs in this state... Anyway, overall Yuneec products...

Yuneec Q500 4k vs DJI Phantom 3

Yuneec Q500 4k vs DJI Phantom 3
Frankly, I would have preferred to compare the Yuneec Typhoon H with the Phantom 4 but life isn't that generous, I own "only" this Yuneec Q500 4K and DJI Phantom 3 Advanced (for the moment >:)). Lately, I found many quadcopter reviews and comparisons made by ones that didn't even see in reality the product. In my opinion, it...

Yuneec Typhoon H with 4K camera

Yuneec Typhoon H hecacopter
Yuneec Typhoon H with collision avoidance When Yuneec reveled its incredibly Typhoon H hexa-copter at CES 2016, everyone was amazed by its capability to avoid obstacles. Contrary, I was more impressed by the capability of Yuneec Typhoon H to land even if one motor fails. Typhoon H’s six-rotor design automatically switches to five rotor mode in case one motor fails allowing to remain in air and have a...

Yuneec Q500 4k review

Yuneec Q500 4K review
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 quadcopter with 4K camera reviewed Yes, I know!  How can it be interesting anymore to review the Yuneec Q500 4k, which is an one year old model, when the new Phantom 4 has been just revealed? First off all, this Typhoon Q500 4k is a stable platform which was already tested by many customers and it's firmware was improved over the...

Yuneec Typhoon price drop

Yuneec Typhoon price drop
Typhoon 4K quadcopter for only $847 After few weeks from the moment DJI announced their price drop it was time for Yuneec to announce more attractive prices. The guys from Yuneec revealed at CES the new Typhoon H with obstacle avoidance and it was clear that they will reduce the price of the existing product line. It is a "fierce war" between these two manufacturers in order to grab...