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Quadcopter tuning. Improve your favorite quadcoper. Increase the range. Make a nice paint on your quadcoper.

Spare parts for Eachine E58 drone

Spare parts you need to fix your Eachine E58 drone

Surely, the E58 is the most popular toy drone from Eachine. I loved it from the first flight. It has pretty cool Mavic alike...
FPV Goggles repair: Eachine EV900 motherboard replace

FPV Goggles repair: Eachine EV900 motherboard replace

Everyone who read my Eachine EV900 review,  could find out that I had the bad luck to receive a faulty headset. Because it is very...
AKK X2 & FX2 Ultimate VTX review

AKK X2/FX2 Ultimate review: Long range 1200mW VTX

Four months ago, AKK announced their new, more powerful, VTX series with up to 1200mW broadcast power. In this review we will have a...
RunCam Micro Eagle camera

RunCam Micro Eagle: Best FPV camera of 2018 (yet)

RunCam strikes-back to Foxeer's Predator Micro with their new release. With 6 levels of global WDR, wide range of input voltage and image flipping&mirroring possibility,...
Foxeer Predator V2 Standard FPV camera

Foxeer Predator V2 Standard FPV camera

Foxeer, one of the most active player on the FPV camera market, just announced a new camera called Predator V2. Let's check what new features...
Foxeer Predator Micro 1000TVL FPV camera

Foxeer Predator Micro 1000TVL FPV camera

FPV flying means that you see what your drone is seeing in real-time. In order to provide a fully immersive experience, besides a good...
AKK EIO Review

AKK EIO review: Cheap FPV camera with DVR for mini drones

AKKTek released their first all-in-one camera with on-board DVR unit, called AKK EIO. I was lucky enough to snag one from the first production...
Eachine ROTG02 5.8G OTG receiver review

Eachine ROTG02 review: Cheap Android FPV receiver

These days everyone has at least one smartphone in their pocket which can be used as 5.8G FPV display along with this Eachine ROTG02...
Jumper T8SG 2.0 Plus remote controller

Jumper T8SG Plus transmitter: Rumored specs and features

Following the success of the T8SG transmitter, Jumper announced an upgraded version called T8SG Plus. In addition to the open-source software and adjustable transmission...
AKK FX3 5.8G VTX review

AKK FX3 5.8 ghz video transmitter review

When it comes to FPV flights, besides the quality of the camera and goggles, the performance of the video transmitter (VTX) is also very...
Tattu 100C R-Line HV LiPo Battery review

Tattu 100C HV LiPo: Extra boost for your racing drone

When I review niche products like this Tattu R-Line 4s HV LiPo battery, it is very hard to find an exciting introduction. I already rewrote...