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Quadcopter tuning. Improve your favorite quadcoper. Increase the range. Make a nice paint on your quadcoper.

Drone strobe light Ulazni DR-01 review

Drone strobe light: Ulanzi DR-01 review

When it comes to night flights, adding an extra light to your drone is a must have. The solution could come from Ulanzi. Their...
Foxeer Razer Micro & Foxeer Razer Micro

Foxeer Razer Micro&Mini: Cheap 1200TVL FPV cameras

Foxeer, one of the most popular FPV rig manufacturer just announced two new extremely affordable 1200TVL cameras. While the super small Foxeer Razer Micro...
Fimi X8 SE accessories & spare parts

FiMI X8 accessories and spare parts

Like in case of most hobbies, buying your desired gear will not give you a full satisfaction. There is always an accessory which can...
ImmersionRC PowerPlay DVR

ImmersionRC PowerPlay-FPV DVR for FatShark goggles

Like the FXT DVR, the ImmersionRC PowerPlay-FPV is also self powered. By default it comes with two 18500 type 1400mAh batteries, but for longer...
Donut 3inch DIY CineWhoop Drone Kit

Donut 3″ DIY drone kit: CineWhoop for less than $100?

CineWHOOPs are cool and fun, but expensive too. If you already own a RunCam Hybrid style 4K camera, using the Donut 3" DIY drone...
RunCam Hybrid 4K camera

RunCam Hybrid 4K camera for FPV drones

In order to obtain 4K video quality and super low latency, the newly announced RunCam Hybrid 4K camera also features dual-lens, just like the...
FXT DVR Review

FXT DVR review: 60FPS WIFI FPV recorder with battery

When it comes to record the journey of your FPV flights, there are two main approaches: on-board and ground station. The FXT DVR is...
Eachine Tyro69 drone quadcopter

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro69 mini DIY FPV drone

Like we are used with the Tyro series, the number included in the name of Eachine Tyro69 drone means its price not its wheelbase...
VIFLY Camera Switcher review

VIFLY Cam Switcher review: Two FPV cameras on one drone

In a nutshell the VIFLY Cam Switcher is a tiny device which allows you to toggle between two video inputs remotely from your transmitter....
RC832HD HDMI AV 5.8G FPV receiver

RC832HD 5.8GHz HDMI AV FPV Receiver

The RC832HD is a quite niche FPV gear. In a nutshell, it is a standalone 5.8G video receiver with analogue and digital video/audio out....
RunCam Split 3 Nano & Micro FPV cameras

RunCam Split 3 Nano & Micro FPV DVR cameras

Back in 2017, the first generation of RunCam Split camera was considered a true game-changer product on the FPV market. Now, they are planning...