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Quadcopter tuning. Improve your favorite quadcoper. Increase the range. Make a nice paint on your quadcoper.

Foxeer Apollo camera

Foxeer Apollo Digital camera for DJI HD Digital FPV

Foxeer is the third brand that started manufacturing DJI HD digital FPV system compatible cameras. The Foxeer Apollo works with both Caddx Vista and...

BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX Module (for JR/SLIM bay)

While the ELRS Nano TX Module was designed for transmitters with 'Lite' bay such as Frsky Taranis X-Lite, Taranis X9D Lite, TBS Tango 2,...
Caddx Polar Nano

Caddx Polar Nano: Small camera, Big sensor

The Caddx Polar Nano is currently the smallest DJI digital FPV compatible Starlight camera with a 1/1.8” image sensor. Measuring just 15.8*14*14mm it can...
BetaFPV 1506 3000KV motors

BetaFPV 1506 3000KV motor review: Perfect for CineWhoops

A few months ago, I tested the BetaFPV Pavo 30, a very capable CineWhoop. Unfortunately, I needed to replace the flight controller and two...
RunCam Link Phoenix

RunCam Link Phoenix HD Kit for DJI FPV Goggles

After Caddx, RunCam also started a cooperation with DJI in order to manufacture digital cameras and FPV transmitters. The RunCam Link Phoenix is advertised...
HGLRC Herme ExpressLRS TX and RX

HGLRC Herme ExpressLRS: ELRS TX/RX (900MHz/2.4GHz)

After Happymodel and BetaFPV, HGLRC also announced their first ExpressLRS enabled radio system. Like its contenders, the Herme ExpressLRS also has 900Mhz and 2.4GHz...
HGLRC Zeus25 flight controller review

HGLRC Zeus25 AIO review: F722 Flight Controller + 25A ESC

The HGLRC Zeus25 AIO flight controller is full of features, including a high-performance STM32F722 processor, 25A BL32 ESC, OSD, 4x UART, 10V BEC, easy...
BetaFPV ELRS review

BetaFPV ExpressLRS review: High Performance drone Radio Link

Starting with July 2021, BetaFPV introduced a new product line based on LoRa powered ExpressLRS radio communication. Their offer ranges from radio receivers and...
Insta360 GO 2 review

Insta360 GO 2 Review: Still tiny, but more versatile

The Insta360 GO 2 is a tiny camera that you can mount on almost any size of FPV drone, allowing you to capture high-quality...
Caddx Vista Nebula Nano review

Caddx Vista Nebula Nano kit review: Lighter but not better

The CaddxFPV Vista Nebula Nano is the most affordable and probably the lightest HD digital transmission system compatible with the DJI FPV goggles. With...

BETAFPV radio ELRS Series (RX + TX)

BetaFPV is about to release its first radio communication system based on the ExpressLRS opensource project. ExpressLRS aims to achieve the best possible link...